Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Runaway Bride: Are Men Under Attack?

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I believe men are under attack. Take for example, the case of "The Runaway Bride". In case you're one of the 4 people who haven't yet heard, in Duluth, Georgia, A bride-to-be named Jennifer Wilbanks got shook and ran away to New Mexico after ending up in Las Vegas. The groom-to-be, John Mason was the first to be blamed for her disappearing act, having initally been the suspect, and then was subjected to a lie detector test to prove he didn't do anything wrong. And through it all, he said he was happy Wilbanks was alive and that he still intended to marry her. He told Fox-TV's Sean Hannity "Oh man, I was mad".

He wouldn't be the only mad one. Legions of men across this country started to feel that this latest case of women getting the good end of the a double standard was just about all they could take."Does anyone else in this country see a pattern of lying by females about crimes against them?" asked a man named Ray in an online news posting. Imagine, that the script was flipped, that the man went AWOL, taken a Greyhound bus to Las Vegas, then Albuquerque, N.M., and then claimed he had been kidnapped by a Hispanic woman and white man, only to confess it was all a big lie. Would police have gone lightly on him the way they did to Wilbanks? Personally, I doubt it!

No wonder men everywhere are so furious. To many of them, this case represents yet another example of double standards that favor women."The message here is 'women good, men bad,' " said Carnell Smith, founder of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud. "Even when the woman is clearly wrong, it's the guy's fault." "Women always make men out to be the abuser," said Dr. Richard T. Hise, a Texas A&M professor and author of "The War Against Men." "Women are turning men into the enemy. "In relationships, at the workplace, the altar, through divorce, child custody disputes, paternity cases and domestic violence accusations, "men feel they're being victimized," explained Dr. Harvey A. Klein, a psychologist in Wellington with 30 years of experience. "They feel they don't get a fair shake."

Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, believes the case of the runaway bride is yet another example of how the cards are stacked against men. "With this particular bride, the first-blush reaction was, 'Oh, silly girl. She got cold feet. No problem,' " said McCormick. "If a man had done this, the immediate response would be, 'Let's bust him.' There is a legitimate sense of anger that's building up in men over their mistreatment".

And there's a woman siding with Wilbanks. Nancy Grace, the victims-rights advocate turned "CNN Headline News" host, practically crucified Mason in the beginning. Here's a conversation she had with Duluth (GA) Police Cheif Randy Belcher:

"Why would we put this girl behind bars because she got cold feet?" "Because she lied to police," Belcher responded. "I went out on a limb," Grace said, referring to her attacks against the fiance. "She sure tricked me."

She wasted NO TIME blaming John Mason for Wilbanks' gutless actions. And then when she saw she was wrong, she didn't even try to acknowledge that.

Dr. Phil took a shot at Wilbanks, cutting to the chase as he often times does: "I'd really have problems with this woman if I were him," he told CNN's Larry King.

Her family pleaded with the american public not to burn Wilbanks at the stake, saying she was "terribly scared" for all that she went through. Somewhere, a team of psychologists are attempting to come up with a list a mile long of disorders to help get Wilbanks off the hook. Now married men, would you get this backup if you decided to disappear before your wedding? I don't think so! Nobody else needs people to defend them like that, so why does she? Oh well. Anyway, read on.....

There will be no shortage of people making pitches to get Wilbanks in front of the camera to get her version of the story. The bidding wars for first crack will reach a fevered pitch. They'll pitch to her movie and book deals. I can see it now. "The Runaway Bride: A Flight of Fear".

What about poor, poor John Mason? Huh? What would've happened if he had ran away from Wilbanks? Would people even want to know his side, or would they just want to know the jilted bride's side, dismissing him saying "he's a bad, bad man"? Probably, because even when women are caught red-handed, they STILL find a way to make it a guy's fault. But I digress...let us know how you feel about this.

-----------------------Recent Developments:----------------------

June 8th, 2005:

Jennifer Wilbanks turned herself into Duluth County police, pleading no contest to a felony count of making a false statement. The judge recommended she be sentenced to 2 (!) years probabtion, 120 hours of community service, and continuing mental health treatment. Two days prior, she agreed to pay Duluth County back $13,250, waaaay down from the original amount of some $45,000 she was slated to pay back. Part of this plea says she must pay the Sheriff's office back $2,550. Now, would a man have gotten this relatively light slap on the wrist? Didn't I tell you they'd try to find something mentally wrong to excuse her outrageous display of cowardice? She gets almost nothing for planning every little detail of her running away. She's not only a premeditated liar, but she's also a bigot, claiming some of America's finest (Hispanics) kidnapped her and moved her all around the country. How despicable is that?