Friday, June 30, 2006

Bush Fought the Law, and The Law Won

Eugene Robinson has a very good opinion piece on the Supreme Court's decision to not let President Bush overinterpret what most people believe to be fairly common-sense laws. Specifically, the SCOTUS said: "Just because you have the title of 'Commander in Chief' it does not mean that use that title to create your own tribunals."

One has to wonder what this means for the rest of Bush's policies, both past, present and future. So far, every outrageous thing he's done has been defended with the phrase "we're fighting the war on terror." This includes actions that have raised concerns abot the privacy of American citizens, the powers of Congress and the Courts, and our overall security. But as Robinson puts it:

"Perhaps the greatest impact of the 185-page ruling is that it rejects Bush's claim that the necessity of waging the 'global war on terror' gives him extraordinary powers that lie beyond the jurisdiction of the courts. The ruling reminds him of 'the court's duty, in both peace and war, to preserve the constitutional safeguards of civil liberty.'"

Sounds like a swipe against the President's signing statements, which he has slyly used to interpret the constitutionality of many bills/laws that have gone through Congress.

Nevertheless, this all goes back to the AUMF. Until the constitutional boundaries of this resolution are defined, it will be used as Bush's security blanket again and again.

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What Color is the Sky in His World?

More Isiah Madness, via ESPN's Daily Quickie:

After picking Renaldo Balkman (in the lamest first-round draft pick since Freddie Weis by the, well, Knicks), Isiah defended the pick, saying that the Suns were about to snatch him up.The Suns mocked that idea:"That's funny," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni flatly told a local radio station. "He wasn't even on our radar."All the more reason to wonder what reality Isiah is living in.

Amen, DQ; Amen.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A River in Egypt

Some Congressmen (like Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) and Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)) still think there are WMDs in Iraq, and GoshDarnIt, they're gonna prove it...even if it does sorta undermines the military.

The Evils of Isiah: A History

Finally: an intense, historical account of every bad thing Isiah Thomas has been involved in. And you thought his turn with the Knicks was gonna be bad.

Maybe the Batteries Got Low

Wanna know who killed the electric car? Well, then go find out.

He Real Weakness Was His Ego

Ex-X-Men director Bryan Singer brings Superman back to the theaters today.

But for those who don't know, Superman wasn't always the "Gay Jewish Jesus Nephew;" he used to be quite the jerk.

"Pay Us to Brainwash You"

In order to discredit the new Al Gore movie about Global Warming, a committee in the Senate has decided to use taxpayer money to to send anti-"Al Gore movie about Global Warming" messages to...the taxpayers.

Hmmm...using the people's own money to convince them that your policies and POV are the right ones. I'm sure there's a word for this.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Cut-And-Paste President

Ok, I'm check this headline:

"Bush Urges Senate to Pass Line-Item Veto"

That states:

"A line-item veto would allow the president to cut certain provisions in spending bills without vetoing the entire measure."

Nevermind that Bush has yet to veto anything. But hold on to that thought for a second.

After that headline, I see this one:

"Bush Ignores Laws He Inks, Vexing Congress"

Which states:

"Specter and his allies maintain that Bush is doing an end-run around the veto process. In his presidency's sixth year, Bush has yet to issue a single veto that could be overridden with a two-thirds majority in each house."

So my question is this: why does Bush need the line-item veto? He's already using the signing statements to declare his immunity (and disregard) to new laws. He cherry-picks the laws and whereas clauses, like "I reserve the right to torture," or "I don't think this proviso is constitutional so I'm not going to enforce it an any way."

What are the odds, that if he gets it, Bush's first line-item veto won't have anything to do with budgets or fiscal responsibility?

After-School Activities

Another day, another kooky, horny teacher who seduces a kid. Seriously, have the standards for hiring in public schools fallen so far? What the hell are these people thinking during the interviews?

Another thing: where's the friggin' outrage? A Catholic preist gropes a little kid, then every abused alterboy comes outta the woodwork and we get movies like Primal Fear. A math teacher starts offering their students "extra credit assignments," and the only one who seems pissed off are the kid's parents and the teacher's spouse/SO. And where are the Christian conservatives on this? Why hasn't the religious right made a stink about sex-starved educators who seduce their homeroom class? While they're so busy gaybashing, little Johhny is getting a sex ed lesson from Ms. Krabappel.

Focus, People!

Monday, June 26, 2006

You Don't Want to Make Him Angry...

Via ThinkProgress: A CNBC anchor goes all Incredible Hulk about global warming. Apparently, some people still think there's a debate going on.

Money Quote: "It doesn’t tell me. As old as the planet is and our puny, gnawing little humans, for seventy years we’ve changed the whole - how long have hydrocarbons been around? "

Ye gods.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cheney's Vice

Our Vice President has some explaining to do.

Dick then: "I think we may well have some kind of presence there over a period of time," Cheney said. "The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint, I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."

Dick now: "What the Democrats are suggesting, basically, about a withdrawal -- you can call it redeployment, whatever you want to call it. Basically, it in effect validates the terrorists' strategy."

Ok, I'll bite: if the bad guys have been in their last throes since last year, how can redeployment validate their strategy? Doesn't "last throes" imply that our victory (and their defeat) is imminent? If the bad guys are on the run, shouldn't we be chasing them? How can you "fight them over there" if they move from the first "there" to another "there" and we stay put at the first "there?"

Maybe Cheney can explain this in his next interview.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ready...or Not

Homeland Security reports that the US is still utterly unprepared for...well, everything. Hurricanes, terrorist attacks, you name it.

Good thing Bush and crew decided that working on tax decreases for extremely rich people, gay marraige amendments and resolutions saying we shouldn't have a timetable for leaving Iraq were so important. They might have had to do something that could have actually made us safer from threats both home and abroad.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Iraq's Next Step?

Hmmm. Shiite militias control the prisons in Iraq, according to one official. That would be a good thing, except these militias are freeing Shiite criminals and killing many non-Shiites.

President Bush could delay having control of the prisons transferred from US to Iraq, but the longer we run it the more "Abu Ghraib" stories he'll hear. And since he's trying to make a comeback, I doubt he'll drag his feet on this one.

Meanwhile, Eugene Robinson wonders if Bush knows exactly what the "course" we're staying truly is.

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Ah, nothing like time off to unwind. I got to see my sister for her birthday, say farewell to a co-worker who's moving on, and visit my cousin (who I haven't seen in months). I also had a chance to buy some books and movies. Next stop is Father's Day with dad.

Hope everyone else is getting the chance for some much deserved R&R.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weapons of Mass Distraction

This about sums up the "debate" that's been going on in the Senate for the past two days.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Nothing to Lose

Republicans aligning themselves with President Bush's proposal to ban gay marraige via the US Constitution is a desparate move, to say the least.

For starters, it's not the most pressing issue Americans face. Of the top of my head, fighting terrorism, cleaning up our image with the world, making sure our troops are well-adjusted when they return home, fixing Social Security, addressing immigration as a whole (and not just south of the border), raising the minimum wage, revising health care, dealing with high gas prices, fixing our public educational system, and coming up with a viable plan of action for the avian flu seem to be a tad more important.

Secondly, it just goes back to my statement that Bush can't multitask. In this case, he cannot deal with issues that aren't "black and white." For him, it's got to be clear cut, with no noticeable variations. Otherwise, you have too many dissenting opinions and not enough support. With immigration, there were so many variables Bush became overwhelmed; it wasn't just a case of a group of people working jobs "Americans didn't want to do." Once Republicans began breaking rank on the issue, he saw the light and tried to salvage what influence he had left on the issue with a lousy "Address the Nation" announcement.



Where will NBA coach Larry Brown end up (assuming that he doesn't retire)? I'm pulling for Detriot (they could have really used him), but until then we can always play the new board game (via ESPN).


Friday, June 02, 2006

Kentucky Derby

The indicted Kentucky Governor, who has recently pardoned his entire staff, has learned that his Lt. Governor will not take his suggestion to resign.

Kentucky's next election should be very interesting.

Being in the ER isn't Enough

Media Matters finds out that even though reporters are being blown to bits overseas, they're still not getting the love from some conservative pundits.

Cut It Out

WHO calls for end to genital cutting. According to the story: "Genital cutting usually involves removal of the clitoris. Those who practice it believe the cutting tames sexual desire and increases a girl's marriageability. Genital cutting is done by both Muslims and Christians."


I'm Sure He'll Jump Right On This

Former Apache leader's family to President Bush: "We want our ancestor's bones back."