Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Split on This Revelation.

From USA Today:

A supposed "pregnancy pact" that drew worldwide attention to eight teenage girls at a Massachusetts high school may be fiction, the city's school board chairman says. He says none of the girls has confirmed any pact on the record.

"My gut feeling is that there may have been some sort of pact after the fact — you know, two girls who are pregnant say they'll stick together," Greg Verga, chairman of the Gloucester, Mass., school committee, said Sunday.

Reporters took notice of the fishing community northeast of Boston last week after reports that 18 girls at Gloucester High School — more than four times last year's total — learned they were pregnant this spring, and school principal Joseph Sullivan told Time magazine that eight of those girls had agreed "to get pregnant and raise their babies together."

Sullivan could not be reached for comment Sunday.

So for starters: there's a chance that when I mentioned this awhile ago, I may have been mistaken. But that's not what bugs me (I've been wrong before).

What gets me is the possibility that either (A) the girls were so ashamed and/or desperate to cover up their pregnancy that they led people to believe they they were doing this deliberately, or (B) the high school Big Wigs were so ashamed and/or desperate to explain away the pregnancies that they led people to believe that the girls were doing this deliberately.

I can understand (A) because these young women are teenagers afterall. But if it's (B), somebody on that staff needs to be investigated/fired.

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