Friday, October 31, 2008

Spinning a Better Web

If this little bit of "Spider-Man 4" news is true, than maybe I'll forgive the two atrocities* that happened in the last one.

* = Making Venom such a mundane and diluted character and that whole "I'm and evil jazz guy with lame emo hair because I wear black alien goop" sequence.

Josh Lucas as Electro? Ben Kinsely as the Vulture? Scarlett Johansson as Black Cat (please)?

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America *Wants* To "Spread the Wealth"

Does Obama Read "daveawayfromhome?"

He might, because it looks like he's employing the "Mock, Paper, Scissors" routine. C&L catches the moment:

Senator Obama was in full mockery mode today at his
rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Deep down, John McCain knows his economic theories don't work. That's why his campaign said if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. That's why I keep on talking about the economy. They don't want to talk about the economy. But that's what you want to talk about. That's
what affects your lives day in and day out. Now, because he knows his economic theories don't work, he's been spending these last few days calling me every name in the book. Lately he's called me a socialist
for wanting to roll back the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so
we can give some tax relief to the middle class. I don't know what's next.
By next week he'll be calling me a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Look, that's his choice. That's the kind of campaign he chooses to run. But you have a choice, too.

Now all we need is Biden talking about McCain's Shellback Initiation (honestly, who else in that camp would make such a reference?) and I'll be on Cloud #9.

UPDATE: The mockery didn't stop there.

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"N-Word" Watch: Getting Closer

Bang-Bang-Bang, Pound-Pound

Charles Krauthammer (with that name, he should have been an action hero, not a political pundit) goes for another round of "I'm Voting for John McCain Regardless." This time, he's focusing on domestic issues (wait, I thought McCain the POW was a winner just on foreign policy alone?) and he almost made a compelling argument...until I noticed three things.

Thing Numba 1:

On other domestic issues, McCain is just the kind of moderate conservative that the Washington/media establishment once loved -- the champion of myriad conservative heresies that made him a burr in the side of congressional Republicans and George W. Bush. But now that he is standing in the way of an audacity-of-hope Democratic restoration, erstwhile friends recoil from McCain on the pretense that he has suddenly become right wing.

Sorry; it's not that the media wants to see the Cool Black Guy be President. The media was behind John McCain until his Rovian aides told him to abandon this relationship. He's been a virtual chameleon on many issues. And let's be honest: early on McCain couldn't decide what type of conservative he wanted to call himself.

Thing Numba 2:

Obama, on the other hand, talks less and less about bipartisanship, his calling card during his earlier messianic stage.

*ahem* (1st 1:30 of clip)

Sounds pretty bipartisan to me (and the rest of the clip isn't that bad either). Now Chuck either didn't see this, he's ignoring it, or he doesn't care.

Thing Numba 3:

He (Obama) does not need to. If he wins, he will have large Democratic majorities in both houses. And unlike Clinton in 1992, Obama is no centrist.

John McCain, 12/2005: "He's very impressive, he's thoughtful, he's centrist." Um, what happened in the last three years to change McCain's mind?

It was after Thing Numba Three that I stopped reading. Honestly, I don't think I could finish without spending half of the day Googling cites to prove how wrong this article is.

As for you, Chuck: while I applaud your thin attempt to praise John McCain (something your wacko base seems incapable of doing) please do us all a favor and do some reading before your next article.

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Quote Of The Day

There should be a support group for all those beleaguered progressives who over the years anxiously awaited elections in the futile hope that the polls showing their candidate behind would turn out to be wrong -- but who this year are fretting just as much that the polls showing their candidate ahead are wrong.

-- TPM's David Kurtz.

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No Main Topic

  1. Just when you think that the Bush Administration couldn't get any sneakier, they do.
  2. Pirate of the Cameroon?
  3. Mo' money, less spending.
  4. In Congo, a temporary seize fire.
  5. Guitar Hero, Beatles-style.
  6. Nyuk-nyuk: "A growing number of voters have concluded that Senator John McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, is not qualified to be vice president, weighing down the Republican ticket in the last days of the campaign, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll."


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Unlike some of the blogs I frequent, I choose not to take a peek at the soft white underbelly known as "the fringe," whether it be people who think President Bush called Osama bin Laden to schedule the 9/11 attacks or the people who believe that Hillary Clinton used her early membership at the Black Panthers to kill a guy.

However, every now and then, these brave bloggers/websites stumble across something that even I can't help but gloss over. Such as this surreal Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker connection that's trying to be made in the face of logic, reason, physics and reality.

Now Poorman, Sadly No!, and Ezra Klein are on the verge of engaging in a Stewart/Colbert/O'Brien feud, and we don't wants that. No, no, no!

So here's my request to the so-called "conservatives" who think they actually hold some kind of sway in the base of their party: stop. I like to fanfic as much as the next American with a vivid imagination, but to even say that Malcolm X is the father of Barack Obama without including a "j/k" or "GOTCHA" at the end reinforces the whole "you're batshit crazy" mockery.

I know the GOP, for the most part, ignores you. Hey, the Democrats ignore their fringe people too, believe it or not. I also know that you like to pull stories from the Null Void because you distrust the media, even though outlets like The Washington Times and FoxNews are clearly on your side. But would it hurt to actually comment on an real news story, or (shudder) use it to support whatever thesis you have?

One thing I like about the blogs I read is their diverse take on issues and events, even though I pretty much share their ideology. The problem with the so-called "conservative bloggers" is that they all seem to parrot the same talking points and lines. A prime example: all of them have been focused on attacking supposed weak spots or flaws in Obama and lamenting why certain ones haven't been properly exposed, but none, repeat none, have said, "I'm going to talk about why McCain is a good candidate; here's some of his positives." It hasn't happened.

So let's think about this: what does it say when an aggressive, arguably fanatical base with little regard for accuracy can't even muster up one shinning positive for their candidate (even if it is an outright lie), but are more than willing to anally fantasize about the opposition?

I think that we'll find out soon. In the meanwhile, I hope that these types of insane postulations don't cause too many "Flinstones Meets the Jetsons" crossovers in my favorite sites to read.

UPDATE (via OW): The Crazy; IT WON'T STOP.

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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

John McCain needs Pennsylvania. He's lucky that there's no early voting there, which may explain why he's putting so many eggs in that basket:

Even if McCain can hold Obama off in Florida and North Carolina, two 2004 red states where polls suggest a tight race, the likelihood of losses in other 2004 red states has forced the McCain campaign to look to states that went blue four years ago.

They don't have many options. There are, polls suggest, only two states where a shift from blue to red seems within the realm of possibility. One is New Hampshire, where McCain is well liked and where some polls this month have shown the race in the single digits. (Others have shown a wide Obama advantage.) Even if McCain takes the state, however, he'll secure just four electoral votes - hardly enough to offset substantial gains by Obama in red states.

The other blue state where McCain may have a chance is Pennsylvania, and that is where the McCain camp appears to have placed its bets. The Keystone State offers 21 electoral votes - enough to make up for losses in, for example, Virginia and Colorado - and it almost went red in 2004, with Democrat John Kerry taking the state by just 2.5 percentage points.

In addition, Obama did not fare well in Pennsylvania during the primaries. The Illinois senator lost to Hillary Clinton by 10 percentage points, in part because the state's working-class white voters did not warm to him.

So he's banking on alot of factor's here: Clinton-backlash, latent racism, the early voting thing and that Obama would somehow ignore the state because John Kerry won it in 2004.

Meanwhile, in McCain's own back yard...

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What a Novel Idea...

Too bad most rabid conservatives won't back it:

Over the last few weeks, more than 60 Catholic bishops, articulating their traditional views in ever stronger language, have urged voters to make abortion their top priority in an election dominated by the nation's economic turmoil.

But the urgency of the bishops reflects an increasing concern about a new argument posed by some antiabortion intellectuals and organizations: that the legislative battle to outlaw abortion is hopeless and that antiabortion groups would be better off devoting themselves to preventing unwanted pregnancies and persuading pregnant women to carry their fetuses to term rather than trying to change the laws of the land. The discussion is taking place within evangelical Protestantism, as well as among Roman Catholics, but it is more visible in the Catholic Church because of the high profile of Catholic bishops...


"...The banning-abortion position, conservatives will admit, is not a realistic one in this country - it's never going to happen, and they admit it's not going to happen," said Jim Wallis, a leading progressive evangelical. "Maybe abortion reduction could result in a more prolife outcome than taking what have become symbolic stances that are never going to be achieved" in the United States.

Within the Catholic Church, the argument has been made most prominently by Nicholas Cafardi, a legal scholar at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh who has held several important church positions, and who wrote last month: "While I have never swayed in my conviction that abortion is an unspeakable evil, I believe that we have lost the abortion battle - permanently."

Nevertheless; it's a start.

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Check, Please?

Some body's closing their tab...

BAGHDAD – Iraq wants to eliminate any chance U.S. forces will stay here after 2011 under a proposed security pact and to expand Iraqi legal jurisdiction over U.S. troops until then, a close ally of the prime minister said Thursday.

Can you say "Do'h?" I guess Iraq's had enough of the Rumsfeld/Rice/Cheney-style of spreading freedom.

Those demands, which were presented to U.S. officials this week, could derail the deal — delivering a diplomatic blow to Washington in the final weeks of the Bush administration.

True, but what hasn't?

Failure to reach an agreement before year's end could force a suspension of American military operations, and U.S. commanders have been warning Iraqi officials that could endanger security improvements.

So over in Iraq, the Bush Administration is begging Iraq to keep our soldier over there for their own protection [insert crooked cop/stereotypical mob boss joke here]. At home, BushCo. and his subsidiary, McCain Inc., warn the American public about the scary consequences of "leaving early."

The only people who don't want American troops out of Iraq are the elected Republicans who don't want to lose their power.

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Holy October Surprise, Batman!

Too funny. Even Joel Schumacher couldn't screw this one up.

All the same, someone should keep an eye on Mr. "The Number 23."

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And Now For Something Slightly Different

I was trying to catch up on my Heroes (shut up; it's supplementing both my Buffy/Angel withdrawal, my LOST fix, and my utter disappointment in Smallville) and I noticed that the writers apparently like pairing up Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell. Maybe it's the "Two Hot Blonds" Corollary or something.

I'm pretty sure the two actresses get along (as much as two hot actresses can) but I wonder if Bell ever thinks: "Fuck! I had a hit show once! Even Joss Whedon liked it! Now I've got to play the "other blond chick" while Lil' Miss Cheerleader rakes in the fame! I knew I shouldn't have done "Pulse!"

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  3. shows its true colors.
  4. Some music trends should stay dead.
  5. Amy Poehler's gain is SNL's loss.
  6. Would you believe that Ronald Reagan was for "redistribution of wealth?" Yes, sir!
  7. I was never a fan of D.L. Hughley myself, to be honest.
  8. Say want you want about him, Billy Ray Cyrus knows how to tell it like it is to his celebrity daughter.
  9. What your Halloween costume (both men's and women's) say about you.

And lastly: one crazy news lady.


No Main Topic

  1. With 1/3rd of their offense and their defensive anchor wearing suits, the Wizards played about as well as expected.
  2. FDA warning about Bayer.
  3. If you know who you're voting for, there's no need to wait.
  4. The Blazer's Greg Oden goes back to familiar settings.
  5. What a shock: many surveyed patients not too happy with their care.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It Ain't All Good...

Ok, so today I was helping my father split wood in the backyard of his house, and as a reward, I got my hand caught in between the 2 very large pieces (apparently, not ALL cleavage is good for you to put your hands in). I thought my had would be stuck in there forever but we got it out, and I still have feeling in it, thank you Lord. Anyway, I found this This Sarah Failin' flash website that made me smile (as well as lol, guffaw, bust a gut, you get the picture). Check it out here...


Seriously, People...

How can this not be considered racist?

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Barack Does an Ad...In Spanish

He keeps hitting it, like P. Diddy in the 90's:

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One Quick Way to See If a Cable News Channel Is a Joke...

Watch them for a day or so and see how meta they are, meaning how much they talk about themselves (or other networks in relationship to themselves) versus actual news stories.

I can barely watch FoxNews themselves because just about every ten minutes is a little more than a circle jerk of "anchors," "pundits," and "analysts" talking about either how great they are, whether its themselves, their co-workers or the network as a whole. Or they are reacting to someone talking about their network. Or they compare their numbers to other networks.

I can honestly say that it's rare to see Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper do this. At most, CNN brags about their "election technology."

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann makes fun of FoxNews regularly, but it's mostly to piss Bill O'Reilly off (and I can't remember the last time he talked about CNN in the same manner). And as far as the likes of Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow: when's the last time any of them have gone meta about "how great a network MSNBC is?"

But on FoxNews, it's all about them. They ask why the media doesn't ask certain questions about people or events, seemingly forgetting they are (and I'm being generous here) a news organization. They think being "fair and balanced" means attacking one party harshly and letting another slide with softball interviews. They honestly believe that a true socialist could win the top ticket of one of the two major parties, while blissfully ignoring that we have several governmental programs (police, firefighters, social security) that flirt with socialism ever-so slightly. They rely heavily one people of one specific ideology and political party for input, then claim to be an independent organization.

And they do this all while patting themselves on the back. Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs (to his credit) has roundtable political discussions, and Chris Matthews is asking about polling and projections.

I guess to FoxNews, "liberal media" means a media that wants to analyze a story with as many different POV as available (and don't think I believe that CNN and MSNBC is constantly bi-partisan in their coverage) without plugging themselves at every given opportunity.

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Arizona Smile

Q: Was I justified in my ribbing McCain for barely being able to keep his own damn state from going Obama?

A: Yes, I believe I was.

As Rachel suggested, how the hell can you claim victory is in your grasp when states your predecessor won in 2004 are now considered "in danger," "toss-ups" or "too-close to call?" How I say, unless you cheat?

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Bill O'Reilly Lies So Much It Should Be Another Lanaguage

Rachel Maddow: Awesome Personified

Maddow uses football to describe the current presidential race. It's an explanation that can work on anyone, regardless of how politically-minded they are.

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You Campaign With the Politicians You Have, Not the Ones You Wish You Had.

I think one thing about this 2008 Presidential Campaign that's overlooked is who's pulling for each side. Meaning, who's campaigning for their candidate (whether in conjunction with the candidate or on their own)

For the Democrats, it's people like:
  1. Barack Obama (obvious)
  2. Joe Biden (obvious)
  3. Michelle Obama - spouse (which is important because spouses don't always speak)
  4. Bill Clinton - former president (and last Dem President, which is more valuable than people realize)
  5. Hillary Clinton - Bill's spouse and Senator (and more importantly the person who forged Obama into the candidate he is now)

For the Republicans, it's people like

  1. John McCain (obvious)
  2. Sarah Palin (obvious)
  3. Sen. Joe Lieberman (a friend of McCain, sure, but not really a friend to the base of the GOP)
  4. Sen. Lindsay Graham (What does he bring to the campaign? Really?)
  5. Carly Fiorina -former HP president (and judging by her comments, not someone who should be speaking on her own))
  6. Joe the Plumber (Seriously? Afraid so).
  7. Gov. Mitt Romney (who attacked McCain in the GOP primaries more than any other candidate)

So the Democrats are using ex-presidents, big-name Senators and spouses (not to mention activists like union leaders). The Republicans? Senators with no real national recognition (only politicos know Graham better than Colin Powell), CEOs (who aren't, by nature, "of the people") a guy squeezing out his 15 minutes of fame and someone who's really waiting for the 2012 election?

Adults vs Kids. Professionals vs Amateurs. Reality vs Fantasy.

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No Main Topic

  1. Boston beats Cleveland, and I smile a little more.
  2. The Washington Post takes a look at both Sen. Obama's and Sen. McCain's health care plans.
  3. Most likely the real reason McCain doesn't want to bring up Rev. Wright (other than the fact that Hillary Clinton already tried).
  4. Nebraska's safe haven law nets another child.
  5. There are signs that credit cards will be the next financial crisis.
  6. McCain tries to bribe voters in coastal states with oil money...which makes little sense considering that he used to talk about being independent of oil.
  7. Traffic ticket myths.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As If You Really Needed It...

Here's yet another sad, yet very compelling reason not to vote for John McCumStain and Sarah Failin', courtesy of Mr. Michael Moore. Members of his own family that he refuses to acknowledge even exist are not going to vote for him! I tend to agree with them....



Can't say this isn't powerful:

(H/t: Think Progress)

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What Are The Differences Between George W. Bush and John McCain on the Economy?

It you can answer that question, you're better than these guys:

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I play the Card: GRAVEROBBER! which allows me to take one post from another blog I like and use it in my own blog!

(hopefully, Dave will forgive me).

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Presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama are running in a statistical dead heat in Arizona, according to two surveys released Monday, a troubling development for the home-state senator.

And a third survey scheduled for release today will offer a similar assessment.

This is how the numbers stacked up:

A poll conducted for Project New West, a Democratic advocacy group, had McCain ahead by 4 percentage points, with a margin of error of 4 points for each candidate.

The survey of 600 likely voters was conducted Thursday and Friday by Myers Research & Strategic Services of Springfield, Va., and Grove Insight of Portland, Ore.

A survey conducted by the independent polling firm Rasmussen Reports had McCain up by 5 percentage points, with a margin of error of 4.5 points for each candidate.

The poll of 500 likely voters was done Sunday, according to Rasmussen of Vienna, Va.

A poll conducted by Arizona State University/KAET-TV 8 and set for release today will also project the race as a tossup. "It's dead even in Arizona, which is consistent with the other two polls," ASU/KAET research director Bruce Merrill said Monday.


...and yes; I know that Al Gore lost his own state in 2000. That makes this news all the more ominous.

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You Can Get With This, or You Can Get With That

Obama, in a high-energy appearance in this northeastern Ohio city, sought to remind supporters of the gravity of next week's election, saying the outcome will determine whether the economy will create "bottom-up" prosperity, families will see healthcare relief, and America will finally commit to renewable energy. He implored the raucous crowd to maintain its intensity right up until the polls close...


In many ways, Obama's closing argument completes a circle he began drawing with his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech in Boston, where he burst onto the national stage with his call for the country to bridge the "red state-blue state" rifts permeating American politics...


Obama's appeals for unity have helped him attract enough independents and Republicans to put him in position to win traditionally Republican states such as Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia. But at the same time, Obama has engaged in partisanship himself, using tens of millions of dollars in TV ads attacking what he calls the failed Republican policies of the last eight years...


In his Canton speech, Obama asked voters to consider their future. "The question in this election is not, 'Are you better off than you were four years ago?' " Obama said, referring to Republican Ronald Reagan's winning indictment of President Jimmy Carter in 1980. "We all know the answer to that. The real question is, 'Will this country be better off four years from now?' "

As he shapes his concluding argument to voters with just a week until Election Day, McCain's campaign has worked furiously to exploit distrust of incumbent Washington - South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been exhorting supporters to "take your country back." And McCain has continued to distance himself from the Republican administration, while Obama has sought to blur any distinction, referring Sunday to a "Bush-McCain philosophy..."


The remarks inaugurated a final phase in the campaign in which advisers said McCain - implicitly acknowledging that Democrats are likely to strengthen their hold on both chambers of Congress - would offer himself up as a bulwark against the hazards of single-party dominance of the legislative and executive branches...

Delivered with little advance warning to the media as Obama prepared to present his own "closing argument" at his own event 60 miles away, McCain's address offered no new policy details or prescriptions. Instead, McCain articulated in his most dire terms yet what has become the dominant theme of his campaign in the last two weeks: that Obama's plans to raise income taxes and fine companies that do not provide employee health insurance would be obstacles to small-business growth, and kill jobs just when new ones are needed most. "It's a difference of millions of jobs in America, and Americans are beginning to figure that out," he said. "With one week left in this campaign, the choice facing Americans is stark..."


McCain has had greater difficulty sketching that choice in clear ideological terms since the emergence of a national credit crisis in September, his advisers acknowledge, given that both he and Obama voted for a $700 billion financial-services bailout...


McCain has not historically campaigned as a messenger of sharp philosophical distinctions, and through much of the campaign he identified wasteful spending as the most urgent economic problem facing the country. Advisers said McCain was obliged now to define his differences with Obama in ideological terms to remind voters that "this is a big election," as Graham put it in an interview...


As a result, McCain has worked harder to portray Obama as outside the mainstream of American thought on economic issues. At two rallies yesterday, McCain read from a 2001 interview in which he claimed that Obama said it was a "tragedy" that the Supreme Court had not pursued the "redistribution of wealth."
In other words: Hope, Unity and Change versus Fear, Intolerance and Misinformation.

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Dana Milbank On The Maverick Catch-22

Too funny.

John McCain thought he was being clever picking a fellow maverick to be his running mate. The problem with mavericks, however, is that they don't follow instructions. Pretty soon they go rogue and before you know it you've got a full-fledged diva on your hands.

And there lies the rub: they didn't vet her, didn't run her by the campaign officials and didn't position her in the right light (why spend so much money on a so-called "hockey mom?"). Had they done any of this, they would have seen these events coming.

As much as the Beltway crowd likes to call Sarah Palin stupid, people in Alaska have repeatedly commented on her political savvy. I believe that she saw McCain decomposing in real time and decided that she needs to make some power moves (lest her own political career fade).

Your average politician, especially a Republican, would most likely stay loyal to the ticket. But then again, (as McCain himself likes to say) she did go up against her own governor (and eventually got his job).

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No Main Topic

  1. "Volkswagen Overtakes Exxon as Most Valuable Company." Cool.
  2. The cost of diabetes-related drugs are on the rise.
  3. Finally: some good news about the foreign markets.
  4. Add Syria to the growing lists of country's the Bush Administration feels they can just invade despite the fact that "American officials praised Syria in recent months for its efforts to halt traffic across the border."
  5. One word for the Boston Celtics: repeat.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothin' Much...

Just checking back in, folks. Still trying to locate a place of employ, thanks again to the Republican Party for screwing up our economy! I didn't really want anything, just to say "how 'bout them Redskins!!!" 6-2 baby! Can you smell that?!? *Sniff, sniff* smells like playoffs to me...

This is the side to be on...

Being A Good Steward

In my personal view, the Republican party is a very conservative party (read very old-fashioned) that seems to think they can bogart the Lord. They like to paint Democrats as being, among other things, godless baby-killers. Everything Republicans do is "for the good of the country", to hear them tell it. Yeah, I have a problem with that...

Typically rich, old, and white-haired white people, Republicans many times are heads of very powerful companies that typically make their obscene amounts of money off of the suffering of the (much) less fortunate; when crises arise in this country, a steady flow of references to the Almighty flows from their lips. These folks usually bribe Republican candidates by saying they will vote for him/her if they play their game. Repubs and their fanbase usually say Democrats aren't as committed to God and the average people as they are. This is where we encounter my aforementioned beef with this logic.

In church yesterday (gasp! A Democrat goes to church!), I listened to my uncle talk about being a good steward for Jesus Christ. This means serving others and by proxy, you're serving the Lord in the process and He makes His case for you with God on your behalf; does this sound like your typical Republican to you? Looking out for the little guy and being that oh, so good steward? I don't really seeing rich, powerful folks as being stewards for Jesus Christ that help out the less fortunate, but I do see them as becoming more greedy by the day. One more thing, remember the greatest theory of all time for stimulating our economy, the "Trickle Down"; remember how well that worked out?

Just one more thing for the folks still voting Republican, are you going to use your tax cuts to be good stewards for other people?

That Train's Never Late...

Where to begin?

  1. The numerology-obsessed, Nazi-loving, would-be assassins?
  2. People screaming the "N-word" at Palin/McCain rallies?*
  3. Emmitt Till's memorial being (once again) vandalized?

As Oliver likes to remind people, this is (only) Day Eight. Obama's talking about bringing people together, and McCain suddenly thinks that the road to the White House is claiming to be superior on the economy (I thought his strength was fighting wars?). But that's just the surface talk; underneath there's a battle to convince White America to put aside/forget/dismiss their prejudices and give the black guy the benefit of the doubt. Or, as I would put it: STOP VOTING AGAINST YOUR BEST INTERESTS BECAUSE OF FEAR!!!

Anyway, don't expect the news to get any less racial as we near the Big Day.

*UPDATE: An astute Daily Kos diarist discovers that at the Palin rally, the person actually shouted "Redistributor!" which isn't racist, just inaccuate.

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It's "all legal and fun" Until Your Child Gets His Head Blown Off.

Sister Mary Francis, what the hell is going on?

WESTFIELD, Mass. – An 8-year-old boy died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while firing an Uzi submachine gun under adult supervision at a gun fair.

The boy lost control of the weapon while firing it Sunday at the Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo at the Westfield Sportsman's Club, Police Lt. Lawrence Valliere said.

The boy was with a certified instructor and "was shooting the weapon down range when the force of the weapon made it travel up and back toward his head, where he suffered the injury," a police statement said. Police called it a "self-inflicted accidental shooting."

The victim was taken to Baystate Medical Center where he died. His name was not released. Although the death appears to be an accident, police and the Hampden district attorney's office were investigating, officials said.

The club said on its Web site that the event, run in conjunction with C.O.P Firearms and Training, is "all legal and fun." People will be allowed to fire weapons at vehicles, pumpkins and other targets, it said.

  1. Why was an eight-year old handling an UZI?
  2. Why was an eight-year old handling a real weapon?
  3. Why was an eight-year old handling a real weapon that was loaded?
  4. What made the certified instructor think an eight-year old could handle an Uzi?
  5. How long until the NRA tries to whitewash this entire incident?

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Some Military Votes May Be In Trouble

Can't say I'm surprised:

SPRINGFIELD -- An obscure state law and an ambiguous federal ballot form are combining to invalidate some of the thousands of absentee votes being cast this fall by Virginians overseas, most of them in the military.

State officials confirmed Thursday that they've instructed local registrars to set aside any vote submitted on a federally furnished write-in ballot unless the ballot includes both the name and address of the person who witnessed the vote. An advisory to registrars was distributed earlier this week, said Susan Pollard, a spokeswoman for the State Board of Elections.

Every absentee ballot requires the signature of a witness, who vouches for the identity of the voter. The witness address requirement is specified by Virginia law but not spelled out on the federal form.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the state does not require the witness address for absentee voters who opt for a different, state-furnished form.

"I want to count these votes, but under the law we cannot," said Rokey Suleman II, the voter registrar in Fairfax County, where the problem came to light.

"The law stinks.... That said, I cannot ignore the law," he added.

I couldn't agree more.

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No Main Topic

  1. Barack Obama gets some love from Alaska.
  2. The world's biggest guy gets hitched.
  3. Maybe now the city of Philadelphia can stop complaining about losing?
  4. Actually, people in Pennsylvania should be more concerned about looking past their prejudices.
  5. Now mice have no place to hide.
  6. The fundamentals of the economy are what now?


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Around the Internets

  1. As strange as it sounds, if Mike Ditka had run for Senate back in 2004, there's a good chance Obama wouldn't be where he is (the GOP ended up getting Alan Keyes to run against him).
  2. Ten red flags of dating.
  3. What does the Colin Powell endorsement mean? Well, as Fred Kaplan says, "In a Rasmussen poll taken earlier this month, Powell was viewed favorably by 80 percent of those surveyed—considerably higher than the positive ratings for Sen. Obama (56 percent) or his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain (49 percent)."
  4. Some women find food addictive; here's one reason.
  5. A Detailed Analysis of McCain's Response to Powell's Endorsement in Cartoon Form.
  6. John McCain really needs to get a handle on the YouTube Generation. (Arianna Huffington: "Oops; too late.")
  7. Tom Toles' take on the robocalls.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Bailout Fallout: Story Time

One possible reason as to how this mess got out of hand:

On that bright spring afternoon, the five members of the Securities and Exchange Commission met in a basement hearing room to consider an urgent plea by the big investment banks.

They wanted an exemption for their brokerage units from an old regulation that limited the amount of debt they could take on. The exemption would unshackle billions of dollars held in reserve as a cushion against losses on their investments. Those funds could then flow up to the parent company, enabling it to invest in the fast-growing but opaque world of mortgage-backed securities; credit derivatives, a form of insurance for bond holders; and other exotic instruments. The five investment banks led the charge, including Goldman Sachs, which was headed by Henry M. Paulson Jr. Two years later, he left to become Treasury secretary...

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I Have to Thank Ben Stiller, Actually

The reason I didn't really talk about or believe the Ashley Todd story? It just reminded me of a scene from Ben Stiller's Cable Guy (about 1:10 in):

When something reminds me of a scene from a movie, I usually discredit it.

P.S.: Matt Drudge is an idiot.

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Ol' Ben Bernanke to the Rescue!

Here we go.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has said in recent weeks that economic weakness is likely to continue into next year, despite rate cuts and other recent moves taken by the Fed and Treasury Department to try and fix the credit crisis.

On Monday, Bernanke pushed Congress to consider a new stimulus plan to spur the economy.

"Everyone at the Fed has pretty much told you they're going to cut," said Rich Yamarone, director of economic research at Argus Research. "They're in a kitchen sink mode right now. Rate cuts, fiscal stimulus, bailouts - they're throwing everything they can at this right now."

What's the over/under for Bernanke's next gimmick being an old fashioned lemonade stand? Or a massive car wash? Or a giant raffle to see Davy Jones perform his greatest hits?

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A Political TKO?

So the Ashley Todd story turns out to be fake and one of John McCain's own advisers (as in, "he advised John McCain during this current campaign very recently") votes for Obama.

This does not look good for the Senator from Arizona. Nevertheless, people still have to actually vote to make this all official.

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Tic-Tacs, Tylenol...What's the Difference?


If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics for the flu or told you to try B12 vitamins for fatigue, those treatments were probably a placebo -- an unproven therapy offered with the hope you'd feel better if you took something.

Treatment with placebos is far more common than you might think, according to a new national survey in which 46 to 58 percent of U.S. physicians admitted using placebos regularly. Only 5 percent said they tell patients explicitly that they are doing so.

The results trouble medical ethicists, who say more research is needed to determine whether doctors must deceive patients in order for placebos to work.

The survey was sent to 1,200 internists and rheumatologists nationwide; 679 responded. In answering three questions as part of the larger survey, about half reported recommending placebos regularly. Surveys in Denmark, Israel, Britain, Sweden and New Zealand have found like results.

I'm kinda torn here. On the one side doctors are giving people prescriptions that, medically speaking, aren't designed to cure the ailments these patients are describing. On the other hand, it's quite possible that many of the ailments are just in their head. But shouldn't someone else be making that determination?

I'd be a little more pissed off about this if I thought the doctors were deliberately doing this for cash. But seeing that they did a survey where they owned up to giving out placebos, it's hard to make that case.

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When You're a Krauthammer, Every Problem is a Nail

McCain for President, aka, I'm going against the grain of so many Republicans supporting Barack Obama because terrorists are still out there and only Uncle McCain can protect me.

I have no doubt whatsoever that if the party affiliations were switched, Krauthammer would be calling John McCain the demon Leviathan. None.

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The NBA's Mr. Glass

While I thought he had awesome chemistry with Gilbert Arenas on the Wizards, Larry Hughes had two concerns: his "meh" persona and his penchant for getting injured. Only one of those concerns has really hampered his game.

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Can You Smell the Desperate?

FoxNews tries to blame Obama on...job losses?

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No Main Topic

  1. Something that Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain can agree on.
  2. You can either watch Colin Farrell and Edward Norton beat the crap out of each other or see a bunch of 20-somethings pretend to graduate from high school.
  3. Apparently, bad judgement and a bad temper is a McCain family trait.
  4. It's called "KARMA," New England.
  5. Woman kills her virtual husband.
  6. A warm cup of coffee could actually make you nicer.
  7. New York Mayor Bloomberg (with help from the New York City Council) defy the will of the people in the name of helping the people. Remember, he almost ran for president.
  8. There's no such thing as a "safe state" in this election.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let the Lame Excuses Begin...

Barring Jimmy Carter attacking Barack Obama with a weedwacker while screaming, "John McCain's a national treasure!" it looks like it's only a matter of time before we, as a country, make some serious history. I'm still hesitant to come out in say, "It's in the bag, Baby!" because (1) the Democratic Party has their share of Human Gaffe Machines, (2) Gov. Palin and her ilk continue to stoke the fires of bigotry and (3) well, some states are still using electronic voting machines.

Anyway, some have taken it upon themselves to lament over That Which Has Not Transpired. It's what happens when you have poll information that hasn't really budged in about a week or so and a media with the patience of a puppy dog.

Of all the finger-pointing that has gone on so far, McCain’s complaints are probably the most accurate. It wasn’t that long ago when the Arizona senator was almost universally viewed as the party’s best hope to win the White House, precisely because he had clashed with it in the past. Voters entered 2008 in a sour mood to begin with. An unpopular president presiding over a very unpopular war combined with growing economic concerns made it highly unlikely the party would be successful nominating a candidate promising more of the same.

The maverick McCain, who bucked his party on immigration even as he was gearing up his primary campaign, appeared to be the best antidote to the Bush years for the party. But Barack Obama and Democrats have successfully (thanks to $600 million assist) been able to tie Bush around McCain’s campaign. Why? Because McCain has had to try and both energize the base and try to differentiate himself at the same time. It hasn’t worked.

His selection of Palin, his hawkishness on foreign policy and his failure to find a real way to separate himself from traditional Republican orthodoxy on the economy have overshadowed the places where does differ from Bush, like global warming. Trying to satisfy the base of the party while creating some separation from them and reach out to independents and conservative Democrats was always going to be difficult. It’s now become much more than that, as the early finger-pointing begins.

Really, Ververs? I'm not so sure. Unfortunately, what's being missed here is that McCain wasn't opposed to the modern GOP as much as he was opposed to George W. Bush (this was, afterall, the man who derailed him back in 2000 with nasty campaign tactics). During the GOP Primary and a few times during the current Presidential Race, McCain has shown his affection for and allegiance to Ronald Reagan (aka, Patron Saint of the Republican Party). Well, Bush 43 has also shown admiration for Reagan in the past. The two just have always had a different interpretation of Reagan politics: Bush tried to replicate the in-front-of-cameras charm side (McCain can't do charming), and McCain has found comfort is the never-give-up fighter side (whenever Bush has tried this, he usually comes across as stubborn). Sadly for both men, they have been poor renditions of the real thing.

But the one claim I have to disagree with Ververs on is that McCain had a tougher road to travel. He didn't have to solidify the base and woo independents/conservative Democrats at the same time, he simply made the choice to do both because he's never felt he was one of the (GOP) guys. Surely the TV pundits didn't see Sarah Palin coming. Renting a chunk of the Bush 2000 and 2004 Election Team didn't go over so well with the image of being a "maverick."

And since the GOP Convention ended it seems like the McCain Campaign has been spinning a giant wheel labeled, "How Will We Distract The Voters This Week?" Hence the new "Barack will do anything to get elected" meme.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama made peace with Hillary Clinton, chose a running mate people believe can run in his place, became more detailed in his policies and used technology to connect to a new generation of potential voters. The result? Early voting in his favor , a ground game that has the GOP shitting bricks and an electorate that's starting to feel that he'd be a damn good Commander-in-Chief.

McCain had a simple mission: present his views, tell his life story and adjust his policies as necessary during his campaign. Instead, he decided to smear Obama, pander to his base and flip-flop on just about every issue he's held over the last eight years.

There's really no excuse for that.

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I Think That's a Stretch...

Cindy Sheehan says that Nancy Pelosi "supports" President Bush.

First: Pelosi hasn't "supported" President Bush nearly as much as the Republicans in Congress have.

Second: The two examples Sheehan cite also included some other prominent Democratic support/votes.

Third: I hope Sheehan doesn't think that by beating Pelosi, she would become Speaker of the House.

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Awesome Obama Video

He talks taxes, but just with words. No pictures, no graphs, no political ad gimmicks. Just words.

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50 Years From Now...

...people will look back on stories like this and say, "What were people thinking? They really thought that being black was a liability? They honestly thought that someone who managed to get elected to the United States Senate and defeat one of the most powerful political families of that time was actually some kind of double agent?"

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Never Too Young

With Gilbert Arenas out, it's time for the second-year Wizard to show Washington what he's got.


*Now* He Tells Us

Well, paint me green and call me Gumby!

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says the current financial crisis has uncovered a flaw in how the free market system works and that has shocked him.

Greenspan told the House Oversight Committee on Thursday that his belief that banks would be more prudent in their lending practices because of the need to protect their stockholders had proven in the latest crisis to be wrong.

Greenspan said he had made a "mistake" in believing that banks in operating in their self-interest would be sufficient to protect their shareholders and the equity in their institutions. Greenspan said that he had found "a flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works."

Thanks alot, Al. Can the people who got kicked out of there homes stay with you until they get back on their feet?

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Disqualifies Gov. Palin

Karl Rove: Team Rocket Republican

And to think: this guy was almost arrested.

H/T: Newshounds.

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No Main Topic

  1. Despite constantly attacking his opponent's character, picking a running mate that makes members of his own party cringe and literally changing his political strategy every single week, Sen. John McCain trails Sen. Barack Obama.

  2. Miss Teen Louisiana skips bill, gets busted for pot, and looses her crown.

  3. Even if Bloomberg gets an other crack at mayor, he might not have the same supporters.

  4. Florida may not go Republican this year.

  5. Pakistan has decided to "outsource" that fighting the enemy thing.

  6. The miracles of modern medicine: "Basic things, like getting Flonase, [a sinus medicine] are a luxury."


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How About This Comparison?

Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama is to Joe Lieberman endorsing John McCain.

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If Sarah Palin Had Starred in "Bedazzled..."

She'd be the Basketball Star Elliot Richards.

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Team Rocket Republicans Are Blasting Off Again!

Early Voting in Maryland

I Googled what the rules are in my state, and got this:

ANNAPOLIS (August 25, 2006) - Today, the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a ruling of a Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge that early voting violates the Constitution of Maryland. As a result of this court ruling, any eligible voter who planned on voting during early voting must either vote in his or her assigned polling place on September 12th or vote by absentee ballot.

Voters may find their assigned polling places using the State Board of Elections' new polling place locator at In addition to providing the name and address of the voter's assigned polling place, the voter can get driving directions to the polling place. An application for an absentee ballot is also available on the same website. The deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail or by fax is Tuesday, September 5th. After September 5th, all requests for an absentee ballot must be made in person at the local board of elections in the county in which the voter resides.

On August 11, 2006, Judge Ronald A. Silkworth ruled that early voting, as enacted in Chapter 5 of the 2005 Laws of Maryland (Senate Bill 478) and Chapter 61 of the 2006 Laws of Maryland (House Bill 1368), violated the Constitution of Maryland. The State of Maryland immediately appealed Judge Silkworth's ruling to the Maryland Court of Appeals, the State's highest court, and oral arguments were held this morning. The Court's reasons for the decision will be stated in an opinion to be filed at a later date.

Update: (October 6, 2008) - The General Assembly passed a proposed amendment to the Maryland Constitution that will remove the legal barriers to early voting. The constitutional amendment will take effect if a majority of Maryland voters vote to approve the amendment (Question 1) at the 2008 Presidential General Election. However, the amendment does not establish early voting. It will still be necessary for the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation enacting an early voting law.

I would suggest that anyone who plans to vote early find out what the rules are in their state.

Also, for Marylanders: voting rumors you should be aware of.

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Almost Got 'Em...

Not The Endorsement He Needs

No Main Topic

  1. Wait in the emergency room for 15 hours, never see a doctor, get billed $162.00.
  2. Democrats are benefiting from early voting.
  3. Why does Wells Fargo want Wachovia again?
  4. Middle-aged white people are killing themselves more.
  5. Bomb 'em all and let God sort them out.
  6. Bush Economics in all of it's glory: "People are having to choose between gas, meals and medication."
  7. The GOP's pit bull is getting treated more like Paris Hilton's pooch.
  8. Maryland's gambles on slots again.
  9. Ah yes; the marshmallow test.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahh, Hypocrites... Gotta Love 'Em...

All this talk about Barack Obama's supposed "terrorist" ties to Bill Ayers is ridiculous to say the very least. For some reason, it's ok for the Republican ticket to treat their supporters like a rabid dog in a cage, poking at them with the proverbial stick of you will, with them responding by shouting "Kill Him!" among other things. Apparently, it's not ok for Obama to have a cult-like following, however. Here's what troubles me about this campaign at this particular minute:

McCain and Palin have pretty much refused to say "now hang on a minute, folks. I know he's my opponent, but you can't be saying those kinds of things here" to their supporters; at the same time, Barack was forced to tell the American people what his connection to Ayers is (or was). Don't you think it's long since time for the McCain to denounce the supporters he's got foaming at the mouth and also denounce their biggest fan, Rush Limbaugh? I think so too, but he won't.

This isn't just an "I'm better pick because I've palled around with George "Jackass" Bush, and I've got experience" race anymore; it's more and more about race by the second. Well actually, it's both of these things, but you've got people being openly racist on TV, but the Republican candidates refuse to do anything about it! Very telling about how they really feel about blacks and minorities, those who don't earn 5 ball (million) a year on the whole if you ask me...

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She's Either Insane or Mis-Informed.

Gov. Palin: the Vice President of the United States of America is not in charge of the U.S. Senate.

(H/t: Think Progress)

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No Main Topic

  1. Sen. Obama takes a little time off to visit his sick grandmother.
  2. The Patriots can feel a little bit better now.
  3. Ben Bernanke proposes another Federal Bribe to make us all forget how crappy the economy is.
  4. Venezuela, Iran and Russia have to deal with the lowering of gas prices.
  5. For those who think that Sen. Obama isn't paying attention to the slime coming from Sen. McCain's campaign, think again.
  6. Putting my DNA online? Err, let me get back to you on that.
  7. Yes; Arab-Americans exist and they love their country.
  8. At least ten white candidates are hoping that support for Sen. Obama can help them too.


Monday, October 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Questions

Question #1: If Obama loses, will black people revolt/riot?
Answer: This is a dumb question, but odds are "no." While there are more than one instance where horrible things have been done to the African-Americans, the closest "reaction" was relatively non-violent.

Question #2: If Obama wins, will white people revolt/riot?
Answer: This is a dumb question, but as long as the political climate does not cause our voters to deteriorate into loosely organized mobs I would say "no." See here for reasons why voters may deteriorate into loosely organized mobs.

Jon Perr answers a better question: What could happen to the Economy if the Democratic candidate Barack Obama wins? Hmmm:

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POW Vs Powell

Between a big financial September and the endorsement of Colin Powell, Barack Obama and his supporters should be riding high (for the record, Obama has advised otherwise).
Most liberals and Democrats will say, "Powell betrayed us with his crappy argument for attacking Iraq. He's lost all credibility." Not entirely accurate. Sure, Powell used his reputation to convince many uninformed Americans that Iraq was the Legion of Doom. But back then we had no idea that behind the scenes Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were manipulating Powell via false intelligence information. More than any other prominent member of the First Bush 43 Term, Colin Powell was a loyal soldier, and that aspect of his personality was not going to make him revolt unless there was no doubt that people in the Administration were outright lying. I suspect that despite the alleged infighting (which happens in every administration), Powell simply didn't believe that there was enough evidence for him to question the information he was asked to present.
Also, we need to remember how people saw Colin Powell before he joined Team W. From Michael Moore's book, Downside This! (Page 12):
It is even more surprising that in 1996 a majority of Americans said that if they had a chance, they would elect Colin Powell as president. That these downsized Americans would be able to push through their own personal racism just so they could send a message about how angry they were over their plight was a powerful signal that all is not well in the U.S. of A. Did you ever think things would get this bad in America that you would live to see the day when a majority of white voters pleaded for a black guy to run for president? They would never want him to move next door or marry their daughter - but they would put him in the highest office in the land! Wow.

Personally, I think Colin Powell's quest to regain credibility may be complete, and not because he endorsed Barack Obama. Moreso, it was how. I'll let's David Swerdlick explain:
Although most of Powell's remarks were fairly clinical—a clear-eyed and balanced assessment of the relative qualities of the two presidential candidates—perhaps the most moving portion of the interview was Powell expressing his dismay at the Republican campaign's willingness to impugn Muslims in this country with a broad brush. He challenged the repeated and incorrect labeling of Obama as a Muslim by his opponents as a way of portraying him as un-American, and asked, "Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country?" stating, "The answer is, no," before going on to describe his feelings about seeing a photo of the mother of Cpl. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan at his grave in Arlington National Cemetery, refuting the destructive notion that being a Muslim is some kind of disqualifier to being a genuine, patriotic American.
Only someone of Powell's statue, experience and background could have used the story of Cpl. Khan as an example of American patriotism. In one fell swoop, he linked politics, current events, religion and the military and wove it together like an expert seamstress. Quite frankly, this story trumps anything by Joe the Plumber because (1) it's true, (2) it relates to the current tone this election has taken and (3) it links the two candidates (one a solider, the other a minority) in a way that hasn't been done before.
Here's Powell elaborating on his MTP remarks:

As for John McCain: his greatest political asset -his military story- has been cast to the wayside. McCain has abandoned the media he once had cookouts for. And stories like this can't help his "ACORN if stealing your votes!" meme:
The head of a voter registration group hired by the California Republican Party was arrested over the weekend for allegedly lying about his address in the state in order to vote illegally, the office of California's secretary of state announced Sunday.

Mark Anthony Jacoby, the owner of a signature-gathering firm called Young Political Majors, was taken into custody by Ontario police just after midnight Saturday and booked with a felony punishable by up to three years in prison.

Jacoby allegedly registered himself at his childhood home in Los Angeles, even though he no longer lives there. It is voter fraud to register if ineligible and perjury to provide false information on a voter registration card. Jacoby was charged with two counts of each relating to his 2006 and 2007 registration.

"Voter registration fraud is a serious issue, which is why I vigorously investigate all allegations of elections fraud," said Bowen, California's chief elections officer. "Where there's a case to be made, I will forward it to law enforcement for criminal prosecution."

An arraignment date has not been scheduled yet. Bail was set at $50,000.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Jacoby's firm was paid $7 to $12 by the CRP for each GOP voter registration signature, but dozens of voters who signed on said they were duped into registering as Republicans and thought they were signing a petition to toughen penalties against child molesters.
So while McCain is shutting out reporters, allowing his rallies to become increasingly racist, and having to deal with the hypocrisy of Republicans decrying ACORN while tricking people into registering for them, Colin Powell lends his military weight to Barack Obama and makes the case for why every American, regardless of their race or religion, has significance.

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Who Can Find the Most Offensive Material in the 2008 Presidential Race?

At this point, it's not really that hard. I think back to one the old Scooby-Doo incarnations, particularly "The 13 Ghosts of Scoob-Doo," where Scooby and Shaggy opened up a demonic-looking chest that contained (you guessed it!) the 13 worst ghosts/monsters ever imagined. The rest of the series was about Scooby, Shaggy and whoever else Hanna-Barbara/Warner Bros. bothered to add (doubt Fred was involved; he was never that popular) getting these ghosts back in the box.

That pretty much sums up my characterization of the McCain Campaign's most recent decent into race-baiting for votes. But I digress.

Well, Dave found this "interesting" flier where members of McCain's Campaign compared Barack Obama to Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Castro. What, no Genghis Khan? Oh, and he has this piece on conservative white guy Charles Krauthammer trying to redefine racism so the rabid bigots attending the McCain/Palin rallies look more like the crowds at the Philharmonic.

I once talked about how Hillary Clinton's Primary Campaign invoked the Operation: Uncle Ruckus strategy, which basically boiled down to them saying, "Hey, voters: it's OK to vote based on race and doubt." The GOP rendition of this strategy has gone even further, essentially saying, "Obama is a black, socialist radical who supports terrorism and will use the white house to give every Negro 100 acres, 26 mules and their very own white slaves. Plus he'll raise your taxes." It's worse then anything Clinton could have thought of, and it's dangerously divisive. If there was any truth that Barack Obama was some bin Laden-influenced sleeper cell, he would not be where he is now. There's no way he'd have won a Senate seat (people seem to have forgotten the hell actual Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison has and continues to face) . I doubt that John Edwards or Clinton would have waited until the 11th Hour to bring up such ties. McCain's been chastised by some of his own supporters for "taking too long," implying that someone in his Campaign figured that there's a legitimate reason for not going so negative so soon (I would say because they knew it was bullshit, but that's just me).
I'd like to say that things will calm down, that the race-baiting will subside. But I don't get the feeling that it will.

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No Main Topic

  1. Abstinence Education doesn't work? Ya don't say.
  2. I have no tears to shed for Halliburton.
  3. A cardboard cutout of Gov. Sarah Palin...(huh? What? Oh, damn; sorry)...I mean, the real Sarah Palin appeared on SNL this past Saturday.
  4. Don't worry Boston; it had nothing to do with any curses.
  5. A summit of African nations will be short one important member.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

If you figure in the robocalls and recent ads, McCain's entire campaign is now comprised of innuendo and lies meant to tie Obama to various stereotypes of African-Americans and of course Arab terrorism. His purported foreign policy experience hasn't been part of the campaign's message in weeks. Just black, black, black, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist.

-- Josh Marshall, making a conclusion based on John McCain's latest (and most racist) claim about a Barack Obama presidency.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Around the Internets

  1. J.J. Abrams talks Star Trek...and check out this cool photo.
  2. O. Willis: the local GOP groups are really showing their racism.
  3. Myths and lies about the financial crisis exposed.
  4. The poorman: the GOP supporters are really showing their racism.
  5. Sadly, No!: The GOP-loving bloggers are really ignoring the racism.
  6. Personally, anyone who flunked this test shouldn't be allowed to vote.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Even The White House Think Sarah Palin's a Joke.

Why else would they snub her, and only her, from a foreign policy meeting? Don't give me that "governor" crap; her supporters say she has foreign policy experience.

If we find out it was George W. Bush who made the (non)call, I'll be laughing for a week.

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Creepiness in Seattle

Enslaving them over here...

SEATTLE – Five Seattle-area immigrants from Afghanistan enslaved a teenage girl they brought to the U.S., with some forcing her to do chores and one — her 37-year-old husband — beating and sexually assaulting her, according to a federal indictment unsealed this week.

The girl is from an impoverished single-parent home in Afghanistan, and she was informally adopted by another family there that forced her to marry at age 13 in 2005, Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office, said Thursday. The girl's husband is Mohammad Atahee, a friend of the adoptive family; U.S. officials don't recognize the marriage.

They don't recognize the marriage, yet didn't blink at fact that this was a 16-year-old wife. But it's not like things are rosy in that region, so what happened to that proverbial police cynicism? You know, the thing that makes cops pull over black guys who drive nice cars?

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Picture This: "TongueGate"

Much LOLs to be had.

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