Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"What Is Obama Doing?"

That what I keep hearing. As if hiring people with experience is going back on his campaign promises.

Everyone do me a favor: take a look at this post and ask me that again.

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  1. Just plain sad. But then again, when you had a health minister "who had proposed garlic, lemon juice and beetroot as AIDS remedies," this isn't really a surprise.
  2. Cancer on the decline in America.
  3. Michael Vick pleads guilty.
  4. Two things about this bit of news: it's not like keeping Mike "I won't investigate" Mukasey (who replaced Alberto "Torture Rocks!" Gonzales), and this flies in the face of those who say that Obama's just bringing the Clinton Administration back to the White House. Also: "most of the deputies serving under him would be replaced, the sources said."


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Lieberman, Revisted

I take back what I said earlier about Lieberman being a liar. It's not that cut-and-dry.

He's really just an opportunist; a parasite clinging onto whatever political party has the power.

Think about it: he went from 2000 Democratic VP candidate (in his opening speech, he said comparing himself to George W. Bush was like comparing a veternarian to a taxidermist) to Democratic Cheerleader for the Iraq Invasion/Occupation to Bush Apologist to Old School Democrat (during his election battle against Ned Lamont) to "Independent Democrat" to John McCain's BFF to his current incarnation: The Prodigal Joe.

If this was Hollywood, it would be a compelling story. But since this is (politics in) Washington D.C., it comes off being pathetic.

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Positive Change

With this win, new coach Ed Tapscott (who's never coached a pro game before) currently has the best coaching record in the NBA (1-0-0).

And...the team knows that it can win games as long as they play with intensity.

Look; at 2-10, I need something to savor.


Another Reason to Love Randi Rhodes

If progressive/liberal radio was a form of martial arts, Rachel Maddow would be Jet Li. And Randi Rhodes would be Jackie Chan. They both can kick ass, but they have different methods.

I've mentioned Rachel before, so it's Rhodes' turn. Here is how she broke own the financial mess yesterday:

People STILL believe the housing crisis was caused by people who bought houses they couldn’t afford. NOT TRUE. If mortgage rates don’t reset, if interest rates were instead lowered, if the number of years on the loan were extended, the numbers of foreclosures would shrink not grow. Banks do NOT care about saving the loans from default because banks cooked up a plan so they’d never have to pay for them even if the homeowner defaulted. THAT’S WHAT CAUSED THE CRISIS.

The Foreclosure crisis was caused by banks that made loans and did not secure them in case of default. They took risk but decided NOT to cover the risk they took. Instead they decided to sell the risk to investmen t banks. But investment banks wouldn’t buy crap right? So the banks hired bond-rating agencies to rate these “securitized mortgages” “AAA:” even though they were utterly worthless. Worthless not just because the interest rates on the loans were going to reset making them totally unaffordable for borrowers, but really really worthless because these “securities” were nothing more than shredded pieces of paper that were scattered into many “baskets” and sold.

To understand what banks did, just imagine making this recipe:

Take one whole prime mortgage and one subprime mortgage – Shred in a food processor into very fine pieces

Mix both kinds of mortgages in a large mixing bowl

Empty the contents of the bowl into smaller bowls and serve

That’s what the banks cooked up. So no one knows which mortgage shreds they have and which shreds you have and on and on. Like making coleslaw…but imagine the last line of the recipie says:

Remove only the pieces of subprime loans and set aside WHAT? Yep, that’s what has to happen to those mortgages if the investment banks and insurance companies who bought those “bowls” are going to be able to figure out which shreds are in which bowl they bought. They can do it…but it would be so much easier just to go to the owner of the mortgage and deal directly with them!!

She also talked about how all the financial insiders knew that CitiCorp was the bank that needed rescuing the most, but BushCo. decided to use their plight as an excuse to give all the banks cash (what; they didn't want the average American to know which bank stinks?). In short, banks that didn't need the cash, banks that might have needed the cash and banks that desperately needed the cash got cash.

Despite what anyone tries to say to justify this, the fact of the matter is Henry Paulson doesn't either doesn't know what he's doing, or he's actually following a plan that, like others before it, has nothing to do with helping the average American.

Remember this the next time some Congresscritter screams about the costs of universal health care or raising the minimum age.

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Conservative Karma?

Ann Coulter won't be doing her imitation of an arrogant, unfunny, conservative-minded Sarah Silverman* anytime soon.

I couldn't be happier.

*This isn't a dig at Silverman, who's awesome. But whenever I hear Coutler, I swear she sounds like she took material that Silverman discarded (and delivered it in the worse manner possible). And to see her (Coulter) on TV saying the crap she does, you swear the woman thinks she's brilliant and entertaining.

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Why The War On Terror Has Been So Difficult

I believe it's because we've drawn too much inspiration from G.I. Joe. Normally, that isn't such a terrible thing...but then you look at what passed for "vehicles" in that universe, and you wonder why 80% of the characters didn't die a horrible, fiery death.

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More Reaction to The Post Eddie Jordan Era

Agent David Falk blames Wizards owner Abe Pollin for the ordeal. In fact, he pretty much blames Pollin for everything that's been wrong with the Wizards over the past 30 years. He makes a good case (he is an agent, after all).

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  1. This story shows me three things: the FBI isn't totally incompetent, the whole "Black People support each other regardless" myth is just that (laws are laws, people) and finally, you shouldn't get between a man and his quest to get booze.
  2. The Political Odd Couple.
  3. Remember the War on Drugs? It's going about as well as the War on Terror is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Difference being, we don't care about the Drug War as much anymore.
  4. Gobble-gobble.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Pardon Me...

Damn, this list reeks of projection. I mean look at it: drug users, embezzlers, people who lied to a reads like his inner circle of political friends and allies.

And I notice that amongst these thieves and liars, no one on Death Row (whether they deserved it or not).

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Shorter Henry Abbott

Memo to Senate Democrats

R.I.P.: MC Breed

The Michigan rapper died at age 37 from apparent kidney failure.

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Head Coach Eddie Jordan and Assistant coach are out, Ed Tapscott is in.

While something had to be done, I hold my true to my belief: firing a coach during the season does not equal success (as defined as playoff appearances, advancement or even a championship).

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There's a Third Option...

Over in Media Matter's County Fair (I love this new section, BTW) Jamison Foster asks why the media (in particular, MSNBC) seems so hostile to President-elect Barack Obama's decision to have experienced, intelligent, qualified people in his Administration...especially when you consider that Bill Clinton was blasted for not having experienced people during his first term, while George W. Bush was praised for bringing in old vets. His conclusion:

In the early stages of the last two administrations (both the result of "change" elections), the media made much of the importance of new presidents bringing on old hands with White House experience. Suddenly, they portray such moves as inconsistent with the idea of "change." There are really only two possible explanations for this inconsistency: They are blinded by their hatred of the Clintons, or are desperate for something -- anything -- to use as an excuse to criticize Obama.

I think there is a third reason, but before I get to that, here's my take on the two options. One: most of MSNBC's current pundits got alot of spotlight from covering the tail end of the Clinton Era (remember, this was before Fox News hit the scene) so bringing anything Clinton back into the national scene just puts them in their default mode. As for criticizing Obama: most of the media is just reacting to the (constant) conservative accusation that the "mainstream media" has been in the tank for Obama since he announced his candidacy (whatever; the Pundit CW at the time was this election was Hillary Clinton's to lose).

Anyway, here's my third reason: the media took Obama's message of "change" way to literally.
Again, I think the person who had it right to begin with was Rahcel Maddow, who said:

And I think that Obama and Clinton and Edwards are actually identifying what needs to be changed in three really different ways. I think Hillary Clinton is saying the Republicans and Bush need to be out and Democrats need to be in. I think John Edwards is saying the special interests and the lobbyists need to be out and the people need to be in, in the populist way. And I think that Barack Obama is saying that he needs to be in because he can transcend the differences across the political divide right now. There’s three very different visions of what you would do to the country if you had the reins.

Obama's selection of Joe Biden as VP was a prime example of "transcending the difference across the political divide (his idea of dividing Iraq up was not that popular, even amongst Democrats). The electoral map is another example of "transcending." As is Obama's selection of Cabinet members.

The press didn't see "change" like that; they saw it as if Obama was going to be another Jimmy Carter, or rather, their interpretation of Jimmy Carter: the Ultimate Outsider whose "outsidiness" ultimately isolated him from getting help from Beltway insiders. They expected him to pick people who would need to be researched in order to find out who they are and what they do. To these guys (people who have been around politics for 20 or more years) this isn't their definition of "change."

Obama's change, essentially, it about building on our common goals instead of splitting up based on our differences. If you want to be a part of this, the only criteria is that your interest has to be for the overall improvement of the country. Selfishness, cronyism, and apathy will not be welcome. Altruism, competence, and intellectual curiosity will be.

And if Obama's Cabinet consists of people with those traits, it shouldn't matter if they were part of a previous White House.

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  1. Not something you'd expect to happen at church.
  2. "The Surge is working."
  3. Replace "the nation's toughest policies on illegal immigration" to "the nation's most discriminatory policies" and you're right.
  4. Big winners in the AMAs.
  5. Forget the Titans.
  6. Remember: they're too big to fail.
  7. I don't recall them doing this in that Disney movie.
  8. Remember: going to Iraq was never about the oil.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

New X-Men Flick to Focus On The Teens?

Fine by me; that's always been the appeal of the comic. Besides, the ones we have gotten to know are in their 30's and that's no fun. So really, the choice is to de-age them or find another, younger crop to develop.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Could Be Worse, Wizards Fans

Just take a look at the Oklahoma City Thunder:

After losing 12 of 13 games to start the season, P.J. Carlesimo has been fired as Oklahoma City Thunder coach, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Assistant Scott Brooks will take over as the interim coach beginning with Saturday night’s game against the Hornets in New Orleans.

The final indignity for Carlesimo was a mortifying 105-80 loss to the Hornets on Friday night in Oklahoma City. General manager Sam Presti informed Carlesimo of the decision before the team boarded the flight to Louisiana.

I hope Eddie Jordan can avoid that kind of embarrassing fate.

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Around the Internets

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Need to Get a Playstation 3...Like Quick

Mortal Kombat vs DC? Wow. How did I miss this?

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Stupid Memes: 0, Grownups: 2,572

Latest Stupid Meme? Obama is the reason for this current recession.

Even Karl Rove got into the act, blaming the current financial mess on the fact that Obama has not chosen a Treasury Secretary.

Well, that seems like something logical...if you believe this stupid meme (or if you're drunk). Fortunately, Obama has made a choice.

Next: canine deaths are on the rise because Obama won't choose a puppy.

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No Main Topic

  1. A Whole New World (don't you dare close your eyes...)
  2. AG Mukasey passes out, goes to hospital.
  3. A new sheriff in town, er, the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  4. Being born in the Fall Season may factor into having Asthma.
  5. The Celtics are on a mission.
  6. Meet the World's Sexiest Woman.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Introduce the Power of the Internet...

  1. I go to ESPN for some NBA stories.
  2. On there NBA section, I see a story about Larry Hughes not being happy with his role. With the Wizards' current woes, and with Hughes being an ex-player on the team, my interest rises.
  3. Lo and behold, it's an Insider Story. In other words: no sign-up, no access.
  4. Ignoring this out-dated obstacle, I go to Goggle and type in "Larry Hughes Chicago Bulls."
  5. Bingo!
  6. Screw you, NBA Insider!

P.S.: For the interested Wizards fans, Hughes had this to say about his situation:

"I don't want to play like this," Hughes said. "I'm not comfortable with 15-20 minutes. Something has to change."

Note to Ernie Grunfeld: make a move.

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No Main Topic

  1. For Al Franken's Senate chances, it's no joking matter.
  2. After nine whole months, Paris Hilton is single again (time for another "movie!").
  3. It's crazy that it takes an economic recession to lower the prices of goods.
  4. Aside from Clarence Thomas, I think most will see this Obama Cabinet selection as a good one.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving On Up?

Sen. John Kerry may get Joe Biden's old job as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair.

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Those Poor Automakers...

After years of providing the latest in automobile technology, they are forced to beg Uncle Sam for cash. I mean, can you imagine the trouble they must go through just to get to Congress? I bet they had to ride coach!

Huh? What's that you say?

All three CEOs - Rick Wagoner of GM, Alan Mulally of Ford, and Robert Nardelli of Chrysler - exercised their perks Tuesday by flying in corporate jets to DC. Wagoner flew in GM's $36 million luxury aircraft to tell members of Congress that the company is burning through cash, asking for $10-12 billion for GM alone.

Well, then. In that case...

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You Stay Classy, Mitt Romney

While I'm skeptical on bailing out the Big Three Dinosaurs, at least I'm not hypocritical about it.

Yet another reason I'm glad this Reagan-humping, opportunistic jerk didn't stumble his way to 1600.

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Another Meme Bites the Dust

When you hear someone say, "There's no comedy in Barack Obama," you can just laugh in their face.

How long until the Limbaugh/Hannity crowd sees this and screams, "I told you!!!" One week? Two days? 10 hours?

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Number Don't Lie

Hindsight Suspicion

On the comment made by the latest Al-Qaida #2: it's that a term that was invented in America? How did it find it's why into Middle Eastern vernacular?

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PSA: Disney

There was a time when Disney made some kick-ass shows:

...and this was during the Michael Eisner Era (shudder). Honestly; how does "Hannah Montanna" or "The Emperor's New Groove" compare to these?

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No Main Topic

  1. No longer "Just Us," but Justice?

  2. So much for palling around with terrorists: Al-Qaida calls Obama a "House Negro."

  3. Don't eat those Lean Cuisines just yet.

  4. Pirates of the East African.

  5. No KG? No problem.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is Stopping Gay Marriage in California Worth Your Job?

For employees of Focus on the Family, the answer appears to be "yes."

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No Main Topic

  1. The Guardian reports that Sen. Clinton will accept the job of Sec. of State.

  2. Israel makes some power moves.

  3. People are trying to impersonate FDA officials.

  4. Ted Kennedy to push for universal health care.

  5. Iraq is getting rid of the oversight.

  6. "Babies born to couples who rely on medical technology to become pregnant have much higher rates of certain birth defects, according to a study published online Monday in the journal Human Reproduction."

  7. Will Pepsi need a bailout soon?

  8. As shocking as this is, Tyra Banks shouldn't put too much into online surveys.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Motivation for Wizard's Fans

Mind you, it comes from The Onion:

NEW YORK—A happy, triumphant, and visibly relieved LeBron James accepted the 2009 NBA Championship trophy from commissioner David Stern at a small ceremony in New York Wednesday, just hours after the NBA announced that it would be canceling the remainder of the 2008–2009 season to give itself, and sports fans, a much-needed break.

"On behalf of the Cavaliers, I'm glad I could bring them the title, but mostly I'm just glad I don't have to play all that basketball," said James, who wore street clothes to the 15-minute presentation and left without taking questions. "You have to admit, 80 games is a lot of damn basketball. I'm still tired from last season."

"Cleveland fans are the greatest in the world," James added before leaving for an extended vacation in Costa Rica. "We couldn't have done this without them."

According to Stern, the decision to call off the season was reached by league-wide consensus late last week, when a panel of NBA coaches and front-office executives tasked with investigating professional basketball's recent dip in popularity revealed that the panel members themselves were experiencing general feelings of malaise, mental and emotional fatigue, and overall indifference towards the sport.

Let's not give the Cavs the pleasure.

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"World's Merging" Alert

Someone got Oliver Willis in my Crooks & Liars. I told you this would happen.

Actually, we were warned way before then...

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No Main Topic

  1. If you taking vitamins to reduce the chances of getting cancer, you can stop now.

  2. Iraq to US: pack your bags.

  3. Can't really say I'm surprised.

  4. Healthiest city in the US?


  6. Memo to Lohan: when your Significant Other comes to your defense, you shouldn't be coy about the nature of your relationship.

  7. College Presidents make serious cheddar.

  8. Immigration is also an issue that President-elect Barack Obama must deal with.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Around the Internets

  2. Be scared, old people...
  3. Still pushing that "center-right nation" nonsense, eh?
  4. The ripple effect of last week's election.
  5. The secret behind the Bush/Obama meeting.
  6. Cool rope illusions.
  7. If you think Fox News will let up on Barack Obama...
  8. Codenames!
  9. If James Bond does it, it must be cool.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Yeah, Eddie Jordan; Do That...

"We'll go with what was good for us [Wednesday], we'll go sort of big, and our bigs can be athletic," Jordan said. "I think JaVale's a little bit athletic. Andray, if he really puts his nose to the grindstone, can be athletic, Antawn at the 3 can be good. We had Caron at the 2 in a pinch and D-Steve play some point, so we can certainly play small or big just as long as we keep the harmony and the rhythm and the chemistry we are trying to develop."

The Wizards with a "big" lineup? Betchabygollywow. Just hope that Butler can adjust to being a 2-guard; he can score, but he's no Kobe/T-Mac.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Now For Some Reassuring Analysis of Our Current Economic Situation

"It's a mess," said Eric M. Thorson, the Treasury Department's inspector general, who has been working to oversee the bailout program until the newly created position of special inspector general is filled. "I don't think anyone understands right now how we're going to do proper oversight of this thing."


And these same people think we should give the Big Three Automakers truckloads of cash. The BTA who haven't made a decent fuel-efficient car in years. The BTA who think that by making environmentally cars ugly, it will push people into buying a Benz or a Hummer.

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Conservative Republicans Need to Put the Crackpipe Down

Do they seriously want this woman to be the face of their party?

My advice: The GOP better become more inclusive, and quick, because bashing science, gays, ethnic minorities, religions other than Christianity, poor people and the working class isn't going to help them.

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No Main Topic

  1. Fuck that; I'm never going to Amsterdam.
  2. Remember the guy in high school or college that you and your buddies gave money to for some crazy plan? Remember how when you saw him again he acted like you didn't give him the money for a reason, that it was his to do as he wishes? Yeah, well, Henry Paulson is that guy. I'm dead serious.
  4. Cleanup, Afghanistan.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rich People Voted For Obama

Smart or Diverse?

That's the debate in regards to the Obama Cabinet.

Um...why not both?

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Bullets Forever: Like Getting the Washington Post Early

Pradamaster, 11/11/08:

Calls to fire Eddie Jordan are fashionable these days, and with good reason. The Wizards' three-point defense has gotten worse every year. The Princeton offense is sputtering, since there is no Gilbert Arenas to break it or Brendan Haywood to bounce bodies around in the middle. The team's prized youngster, Andray Blatche, is having his worst start as a pro. Rotations have no rhyme or reason. The list goes on.

But there's no reason to fire Eddie Jordan for a little while. The reason? Historically, firing a coach in the middle of the season hasn't made much of a difference on that season's success, and five games, no matter how bad they were, is too small a sample to determine whether we have no chance at the playoffs. Sure, our 0-5 start probably hurt any chance to gain a high seed, but in theory, you can fire EJ after the season anyway and start a new season with a new coach and a new direction. There's a larger pool to choose from in the offseason, whereas you're basically resigned to promoting your assistant coach if you fire someone in the middle of the season.

Michael Wilbon, 11/12/08:

The dumbest thing the Washington Wizards could do right now is fire Eddie Jordan. Abe Pollin's history of patience with employees he likes -- and he loves this Jordan -- and Ernie Grunfeld's track record of making smart basketball decisions both suggest the Wizards will be too smart to finger Jordan as the primary culprit for the team's wretched start. But being the only winless team in the NBA at 0-5 makes these conversations inevitable.

The Wizards aren't just off to another slow start, like last year when they also went 0-5 but recovered to win six straight. Through five games this season, they are depressingly awful: last in points allowed, at 108.8, and last in opponents' field goal percentage at 50.2. And since the Wizards are averaging only 97.4 points per game themselves, they're losing by an average of 11.4 points per game, the largest margin in the Eastern Conference. These are comical numbers, old ABA numbers from the 1970s.

Different paths; same destination.

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The Wonder Peers

I've heard that L.H. Summers is in the running for being the (returning) Treasury Secretary. My biggest qualm is his apparent controversy over comments he made about female students and academics (specifically in science and engineering) when he was at Harvard.

I just have two words to respond to his comments (regardless of how harsh or misinterpreted people may think they were): Danica McKellar.

Many may recognize her from one of the best shows from the 80's (that still isn't out on DVD! WTF, people?!?). She, along with actress like Phoebe Cates, was the "It Girl" of the 80's.

Well, Ms. McKellar is also a math major and wrote two books on the subject. Proof that people can be good looking and smart.

And also proof that being the president of Harvard doesn't equate to having any sense.

Hmmmm...maybe McKellar could be in an Obama Administration?

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No Main Topic

  1. Who would have thought that Patriots vs Eagles would be such a good match up right about now?
  2. Two BushCo employees on the Obama chopping block.
  3. "There's a new realization that holding a gift card from a troubled retailer is like having a bank account without FDIC insurance."
  4. Dust storms are hurting NASA's Spirit.
  5. More proof that John McCain's Surge is working.
  6. Democrats in Congress aren't waiting for Bush to do something for the automakers.
  7. Kids should not be obese, but they are and it's a problem.
  8. I think this is a stretch, but hey, whatever makes them happy.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sleep or Die


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with high blood pressure who get less than the standard amount of sleep may face an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, researchers reported Monday...


At particular risk were "short sleepers" who failed to have a blood-pressure dip that normally occurs overnight.

The findings suggest that doctors caring for patients with high blood pressure should ask them about their sleep habits, the researchers report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Got that? Little Sleep = Big Sleep.

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Six Degrees: Michael Crichton to Jar-Jar

After reading this quote by Steven Spielberg on the late Michael Crichton, I came to a startling conclusion: Crichton is responsible for Jar Jar Binks.

Follow me here:
  1. Crichton writes Jurassic Park (which becomes a hit).
  2. Spielberg decides to adapt the novel into a movie blockbuster.
  3. Spielberg's pal George Lucas watches some scenes, asks Spielberg who he used for the dinosaur special effects. Spielberg replies, "Industrial Light and Magic" (Lucas' own company.
  4. Lucas decides to do three more Star Wars after all, but chooses to do prequels instead of sequels.
  5. Needing a catalyst for Chancellor Palpatine's rise to power, he creates the character Jar Jar Binks.


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The Stupid...It Burns Us!

Mr. Willis has already slammed Paul Broun (R- Paranoid Bigotry) for his stupid comments. I just want to add one thing:

The Obama transition team declined to comment on Broun's remarks. But spokesman Tommy Vietor said Obama was referring in the speech to a proposal for a civilian reserve corps that could handle postwar reconstruction efforts such as rebuilding infrastructure — an idea endorsed by the Bush administration.

Bush advocates torture, imprisons people on a whim, puts random Americans on no-flight lists, starts wars for no real reason, spies on American citizens, and now Broun is worried about "what Hitler did in Nazi Germany" and "what the Soviet Union did?"

Give me a break.

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No Main Topic

  1. Citigroup wants to make a deal with some of its borrowers.
  2. Paul Pierce tanks Toronto.
  3. Palin won't let the clothes thing go.
  4. Madagascar is the destination for movie-goers.
  5. Gitmo awaits President-elect Barack Obama.
  6. Can the in-coming and out-going presidents work together to help automakers?
  7. Fannie Mae and AIG are still hurting.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Them Grapes, They Be Sour Indeed

When she the New Shiny Political Toy, Sarah Palin labeled Hillary Clinton a whiner. Now that she's been on the receiving end of an Obama smackdown, Palin's refuses to take her own advice.

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Lindsay Lohan is a Chameleon (That's a Good Thing)

I know it's cool to dump on Lohan because she got arrested, ran over a guy's foot, almost turned Disney Land (or was it Disney World) into a the last scene from "Kids" and her career's been as good as the American Economy lately.

Me? I prefer to think on the two positives in her life: they can never take Mean Girls away from her, and she's a virtual chameleon when it comes to her look.

Check out the "In Focus" thingy. I came across a number of photos where you could honestly mistake the Troubled One as some of Hollywood's most sought-after (and some not-so-sought-after) actress. For example:

  1. #20: Almost Nicole Kidman.

  2. #26: Shannen Dohtery (before she made Tori Spelling cry).

  3. #32: C'mon...give you a hint: she shagged Austin Powers.

  4. #34: Doing her Megan Fox impression, I guess.

What to take from this (other than I suck at talking about celebrities)? I think Lohan could make a comeback by playing people as opposed to characters. She needs to do more biography-type movies where she plays the sister, daughter, girlfriend or fiance of the to-be-famous guy. It can't hurt.


Some Motivation in Dark Times?

Yeah, the Wizards are winless. But maybe this is a rare occasion where the political world can help motivate the sports world:

Arenas once dubbed himself, "Black President," but said he had no problem conceding the title with a real black president now heading to Washington. He said he even plans on getting a Wizards jersey that reads "Obama 44" and will ask him to sign it if and when Obama decides to attend a game at Verizon Center. Arenas said there is even more reason to win a championship, "because if you win the championship, you go to the White House."

In other words: anything can happen in 2012; there's no guarantee of a second term for Obama. So Arenas has four seasons (yes, counting this one) to meet #44 while he's still in the White House.

If that's enough to motivate him, fine with me. Of course, just about every black athlete has been motivated by the election.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Around the Internets

  1. Poorman: wingnuts don't go away, they just get nuttier.
  2. Sadly No!: Michelle Malkin is purgin' for Palin (I think she's forgetting the all-too-awful record of VPs on losing tickets trying to run again as President).
  3. From Daily Kos: All of Sarah's Secrets are coming out.
  4. Think Progress: debunking the "center-right" nonsense.
  5. A possible explanation to Tavis Smiley's obsession with Barack Obama.
  6. People Obama shouldn't appoint (and why).
  7. White Comics vs. Black Comics.

And, via "Chocolate News," some advice to the 44th President:

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Friday, November 07, 2008


This is a great page displaying the news-world's reaction of our election, yet at the top it has one of those damn ads.

Which means even news about positive things can be neutralized by these negative blog/website advertisements.

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No Main Topic

  1. New developments in the Georgia/Russia conflict.
  2. Blazer's Buzzer-beater.
  3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who once said that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton could win an election in America, writes to congratulate the President-elect.
  4. Minnesota candidate Al Franken is closing in.
  5. Joe Lieberman = Count Dooku.
  6. School collapse in Haiti.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why Do People Have Distorted Views of Obama?

Here's why; ads like this:

And they appear on all types of political websites/blogs, whether liberal, conservative or neutral. Even some non-political one (but they just want cash, so it's a moot point).
I saw a post on Democratic Underground about ads like this. The poster copied an ad that had Obama's picture with the caption: "CAN HE BE STOPPED?"
Sigh; and we wondered why some jerks tried to kill him (and about 100 more blacks) before the election.

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No Main Topic

  1. President-elect Barack Obama (only until he's sworn in, people) gets his transition team moving.
  2. Because the White House has been traditionally tougher on teens, the new First Family will have to work at meshing public and private life.
  3. Testosterone patches for women.
  4. China & Taiwan try to get along.
  5. Should Microsoft buy Yahoo!?


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Momment of Realization...

As much as the political world wants to celebrate President-elect Barack Obama's astonishing victory, the truth is this: American Sports has always been ahead of American Politics, especially when it comes to race.

Baseball, football, basketball. Hockey, NASCAR, golf. Tennis, horse racing, soccer. "Black firsts" have happened, in most cases, generations ago. When you think about it, it's amazing that African-Americans are so mainstream in so many sports yet had to wait decades before one could crack the U.S. Senate (let alone the Presidency).

On the other hand, it's taken along time before we started seeing black coaches and GMs, and I can count on one hand the number of black owners there are out there.

Maybe black people were seen as "safer" if they're just swinging a bat or making a no-look pass. Maybe there's the gnawing, persistent myth that African-Americans don't make good leaders/managers that too many have accepted as fact or truth.

Or maybe it's that if politics, (like sports) adheres to the rules and don't bend or break them for any particular group, anyone is capable of accomplishing anything.

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They're Still Stealing Elections

Don't be fooled by this massive, historic victory. Greg Palast has the details.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Comment of the Day

From Sadly, No! (Freaks And Goobers, Oh My):

Let me tell you a little story; it’s a story of 4 years ago. At that time I was lurking on Eschaton, back before it had truly become a set of throw-away one liners and links to other people, both from the host and in comments. Early exit polls had given Kerry up to a 5% lead as I recall, and during the morning spirits were high… Indeed, one (but just one) of the regular asshat trolls there even had the decency to say “It looks like you’ve pulled it off, well done.” But then, as the day wore into the night, the evidence clearly began to shift… and as it did, the usual sociopathic trolls became more and more in evidence; I’ve forgotten most of their names by now, but one I’ve unfortunately ran into again recently, still exactly as offensive, hate filled as he was on that day, our old friend Toby Petzold pouring his spite onto left wing blogs even now. But back to 4 years ago; concerned with nothing more than justifying their insane evil against real and perceived enemies, as the day wore on the tone across liberal boards became increasingly dragged down and poisoned. Did these freaks allow even the possibility of tolerance or acceptance? No… they wanted to rub our faces in it. Humiliate us. Hurt us. And when, at some disgusting time in the morning for me, when Kerry finally conceded, began 4 years of gloating and vindictiveness, both from the easily enraged supporters, but from a Bush administration that desperately courted them in order to maintain what slim control he had, both over the country and his own factitious party…

And now here we are, 4 years later. The same people, mostly under new assumed names, although Petzold continues to shame his own ancestors by using his genuine surname as mentioned, are back again… this time without even the hope of a victory to cheer, just nothing left but impotent rage and hate. Because they know this time, this time they lose. This time evil and hate is finally going to be defeated. And it’s going to be GLORIOUS to see the ick-moon of theirs wane, and the light of day finally begin to rise. And we owe them nothing, no sympathy, no compassion, nothing at all because they have proven, through torture at Guantanamo, and violence and stalking and harassment in our cities, and just plain unconscionable behavior anywhere they could find us online, that any sense of human frailty and dignity is utterly anathema to them. And today, their power to be sociopaths ends… unless we allow them to to
take it again.

So take this time now, before the polls close, to call anyone you know who might not have voted yet, to ensure they do. Let’s make it a liberal landslide. And yes, let’s rub their pug-faces into their own impotence everywhere they dare show their faces for now… but tomorrow perhaps, let them eat pie, for spewing hate across these blogs will be all they will have left, and let us deny them even that.

Let us leave them alone and weak, in a world where a black, liberal man is President, with a soon to be revealed Democratic majority.


And we hope, that you choke. That you choke…

Now, I might not rub conservatives faces in it, but I will walk a little taller.

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Ignore the Exit Polls

Here's why.

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Why I Love This Election

Because the GOTV effort has transcended the normal means of communication. I remember when Rap/Hip-Hop started becoming mainstream, and some white people started freaking out that their "little darling" was rocking to "Hip-Hop Hooray" or "Gimme One More Chance." Was it because of the violence and misogyny (that exists in other forms of music, BTW) or because of the passion (that, quite frankly, is way different than the passion in say, rock or country).

Anyway, the progression of Rap/Hip-Hop, combined with a frustrated liberal faction of the Democratic Party and the emergence of a young, empowering politician of color has resulted in things like this:

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Let's Get Political...

  1. If is being honest, we may need to buff our anthem up.
  2. Michael Moore's message.
  3. JP: remember 2006.
  4. OW doesn't want to think about 2012 for awhile, but unfortunately for him, the conservative base of the GOP doesn't work that way.
  5. GG makes his predictions.
  6. If Obama wins, there are things white and black people shouldn't do.
  7. Media Matters on how the news has completely missed the finer points of the Latino/Hispanic vote.
  8. has some Election Day myths to think about.
  9. Dave is so tempting me to play another "GRAVEROBBER!!" card.

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No Main Topic

  1. Campaigning like the world depends on it.
  2. Don't let the polls make you lazy. Vote!!!
  3. One of the reasons you need to vote.
  4. Just a reminder that race is still an issue in America.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Politics: The Hip-Hop Version

Jay-Z breaks it down, with edge and class.

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That Didn't Take Long...

Over in DK, I posted:

GOP and conservative pundits will blame the co-opting of conservatism for any major loss the party suffers. They'll claim that people like Bush (and McCain) weren't authentic and ruined the brand.

And thanks to Sadly, No! I discovered that:

As we sort of discussed in the bloggingheads session, I think one of the things that many of the New Reformers (I want Yuval to start wearing a cape!), have yet to really grapple with is how Bush was supposed to be their guy. He was the "reformer with results." He was the guy who advocated not limited government but "strong government." He was the one who told Fred Barnes that Buckleyite conservatism was no longer relevant. The left is desperate to paint George W. Bush as the personification of pure rightwingery. In every single debate I have with Peter Beinart he insists that Bush was the most doctrinaire conservative ideologue we've ever had, well to the Right of Reagan. Sometimes, when I listen to, say, David Brooks I get the sense he agrees.

Suffice it to say, I disagree with that, strongly.

And I think a great many conservatives do as well. One reason why the Limbaugh faction is so strident on much of this stuff is that they/we gave the reformers a shot under Bush. And look at what it got us. And on an emotional level, I find it understandable. Brooks, Frum and others were very enthusiastic about the Bush administration at one time. Now, the argument sometimes seems like the Reaganites are to blame for innovations they never championed, while the would-be innovators are abandoning ship at precisely the moment the GOP needs all hands on deck. All the while, John McCain is even more of a New Reformer type than Bush. But because some of these folks think Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in a dress, they can't even back the guy at the top of the ticket in a race against the most leftwing president in — at least — a generation.

Since he wrote that roughly two hours before my post, I guess it really isn't a prediction. Nevertheless: "sigh."

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Here are some videos that have gotten me thinking about our current election.

Remember Dave Chapelle's "Black Bush?"

Idiocracy's Presidential Speech, which sounds alot like McCain promising to balance the entire Budget and creating peace in the Middle East in under four years:

And who could forget Mays Gilliam's debate from Head of State (and I so wished Obama had said what Mays said right before the end):

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An Example of How John McCain's and Barack Obama's Campaign's Differ.

Notice the symbol McCain uses for his campaign signage. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear McCain wants people to think he's a Rear Admiral even though the records state that he retired as a Captain. The medals he's he's been awarded with look nothing like his campaign "icon." While it's common knowledge (at least in political circles) that he wanted to be an Admiral like his father and grandfather, I really don't think that the fact that he's a Captain and not anything higher is a bad thing.

If Barack Obama was a typical, petty, character-attacking politician, I'm sure his campaign would have pointed this out by now. After all, Obama's been accused of not wearing flag pins and not covering his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, and he's politically justified to play tit-for-tat.

But then again: if he did he wouldn't be Barack Obama.

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Voting From Space.

It's called "the future," everybody.

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No Main Topic

  1. Dirty tricks.
  2. The GOP finally think about defending congressional seats.
  3. Fighting for Ohio.
  4. Economic issues help...
  5. Murder in Long Beach.
  6. Circuit City unplugged.
  7. Just because I root for the 'Skins, don't think that this news makes me happy. After all, we have to play the Giants too.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Remember When Politics Were Simple?

What the hell happened?

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