Monday, November 30, 2009

Eddie Jordan's Bottom Line

I Say This Every Time It Happens In Sports, And I'll Say It Again:

Firing a coach during a season does not guarantee a turn-around. I don't know why organizations continue to do this.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Around the Internets

Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Reason Why The Hulk Movies Haven't Caught On

Look no further than the latest Hulk storyline:

From Eisner Award-winning, Emmy Award-winning, New York Times best-selling scribe Jeph Loeb and legendary artist John Romita Jr, the man behind World War Hulk, comes one of the most important chapters in the Hulk mythos! FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA brings Marvel's finest together to mourn a hero-but just who's dead? And why are they murdered in the opening pages of this landmark special? It's been building since World War Hulk and it's bigger than any Hulk story you've ever imagined! Who is the Red Hulk? Who is Red She-Hulk? What's the fate of Bruce Banner? The answers begin here!

I have no major qualms so far, but then...

This is the issue that changes everything-and you can't miss the shocking ending as an unholy union may spell the end of the Marvel Universe as it ignites the most incredible of wars! And if that wasn't enough, just which long thought dead characters-yeah, plural-are back? Loeb and Romita Jr rock, smash and rearrange your world in FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA!

I hate these types of teases. We all know the Marvel Universe isn't going to end; sure the Ultimates killed so many characters you could almost hear Chris Claremont applauding, but that's because the writers (beside being rather morbid) knew that the mainstream version of those characters were going to live.

As for the return of "long though dead characters..." I just hope this is in the context of Hulk-related characters, because the storyline of any army of the dead rising up for war is already being used.

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If You Want To Blame The National Debt On The Sitting President

You need to put it into context, like this.

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Have a Cracked Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Miley Cyrus: Twilight-Hater

Not that I'm a fan myself (like Stephen King, I think the author's writing is sub-par) but Hannah-Montana is taking it to another level with her jealousy critique.

What's she gonna do about the Percy Jackson movie (which looks promising so far) when that comes out?

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Quote of the Day

I despise the idea of the “everyman” politician, the idea that we want someone who resembles the normative American running the country. The problem is that most Americans, normative or otherwise, are as deeply uninformed as Palin. There’s just too much to digest in the work or crafting good policy.

We all have jobs to go to, kids to raise and lives to live. We simply don’t have the time to be experts. But, that’s what we need but never ask of our leaders. We need people who can become well informed on the issues on which they vote. This idea that any schmuck can be a leader results in us electing people who don’t care about policy.

-- Thomas, on Sadly, No!

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Food Tips For The Holidays

Dog Plays Video Game

Thank you, Internets!

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  1. Put Angelina Jolie in the "not a fan of Obama" camp.
  2. Abe Pollin: The man who revitalized D.C.'s sports (and social) scene.
  3. Some good news for Boston.
  4. Looking for Thanksgiving deals.
  5. A link between pregnancy and breast cancer.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

R.I.P., Abe Pollin

I didn't agree with every move he made, but the man certainly sacrificed for the Wizards. MCI/Verizon Center (and by extension, most of DC) exists because of him.

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5 Completely Wasted Attempts To Make A New Brat Pack

While the infamous members of the famous Brat Pack would say that they hated the moniker, you can't say it didn't help their career, let alone the movie industry. As a movie-goer, it's nice to know when a flick will have a similar cast; it's give you comfort and lets you see actors (hopefully) portray different characters.

However some cast members wasted the opportunity that a hip, trend-setting movie (or TV show) provided them, and I now I think we have as much chance of seeing Tom Cruise at Kirk Cameron's next Christmas Party then we'll see a new generation of the Brat Pack.

Now before you see one humble blogger's list, some rules:
  1. The movie/show in question must have been geared toward teens and preteens, so Frat Pack movies don't count.
  2. In true Brat Pack tradition, the cast has to be deep. So a movie centered around four characters won't cut it (which excludes the Freddie Prinze Jr / Ryan Phllippe / Sarah Michelle Gellar / Seth Green dynamic).
  3. You can't go retro, like "Hey, did you know that all of these now-cool actors were in this one movie/show that very few people watched/followed? In other words: did you know Seth Rogen better from Freaks and Geeks or Knocked Up? I thought so; that's why Freaks and Geeks isn't on the list.

The Faculty (1998)
The Cast: Jordana Brewster, Josh Harnett, Elijah Wood, Clea Duvall, Laura Harris
The Potential: You had one of the most electric directors and hippest screenwriters of that time. You had a story that not only reached teens, but the no-longer-teens but "I remember that!" crowd. There was some action, horror, drama and jokes both obvious and insider-ish. The teachers were all played by either known names or That Guys, and a young Wood was already a familiar face.)
The Waste: Very little advertising and two good actors (Brewster and Harnett) who seem to want to do one movie every three years. One thing that made TBP popular was constant exposure. I mean seriously, if Brewster was doing movies (and the magazine shots that accompany them) on a regular basis, people would be saying, "Megan who?" Oh yeah, and the movie didn't exactly rock the box office.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
The Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Larisa Oleynik, Gabrielle Union, David Krumholtz
The Potential: You got to see Alex Mack as the "It" Girl and the nerd from Adams Family Values as...well, a nerd. There was a dance number, a prom and female lead who played against type. And the story was a modern take of a Shakespeare story, for God's sake.
The Waste: I blame the year; it's hard to be a good movie at the end of the decade. Why? because everything that comes out in ninth year of a decade feels played out, as if the last group of people who figured out what was cool decided to cash in. It wasn't really the case here, but the movie did scream "90's" which meant for an industry (and movie audience) looking for the year 2000 and beyond meant "meh." The Brat Pack didn't reflect the 80's, it defined it.

The TV series Popular (1999-2001)
The Cast: Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Sarah Rue, Tamara Mello, Leslie Grossman
The Potential: The question was simple: What Makes Someone Popular? Considering that 90% of the cast were lookers, "physical appearance" wasn't the right response, so viewers probably expected to be treated to a series worth of deep-yet-comical attempts by the character to find the answer.
The Waste: Notice something in the cast listing? Yep, all girls. It can't be a Pack if it excludes either gender.

American Pie (1999)
The Cast: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Sean William Scott, Mena Suvari
The Potential: It was pretty much a teen's There's Something About Mary: sex, relationships, crazy far-fetched plans and a guy having an inexplicable story involving his private parts.
The Waste: Formula-wise, it was perfect. Too bad Biggs never went on to do anything else of note, Reid ruined her body and Elizabeth was more remembered for being topless than being funny. Klein and Suvari still do stuff, but you'd have to look them up by name to find out what. That leaves Hannigan and Scott: the Band Camp Girl and the Sex-starved Jerk. 'Nuff said.

Scream (1996)
The Cast: Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard,
The Potential: You had a Johnny Depp look-alike, two choices for comic relief and a story that took on the slasher-film genre in a good way. The guy who wrote the Faculty? This was his first mainstream effort.
The Waste: Campbell (despite starring in two sequels) didn't want to be typecast. McGowan fell for Marilyn Manson (natch). Kennedy thought that playing white hip-hop lovers was the next big thing. Ulrich went to TV and Lillard ended up playing interesting characters in shows and movies most people (who, unlike me 'cause I watch everything) probably never saw. What sucks about this movie was that it was so fucking popular they brought it back to theaters for a second round.

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Maureen Dowd's Bottom Line

From the WashPost: If Sarah Palin begins to act less like Sarah Palin, (and is the conservative press can continue to make their qualms regarding President Obama part of the national media's discussion) she just might have a chance of being president.

And if I could crap gold, I might have a chance to be richer than Bill Gates, Goldman Sachs and Jay-Z combined.

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Abstinence Education In All It's Glory

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Monday, November 23, 2009

From The WTF Files

Katie Couric getting down.

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Marvel Tackles Twilight


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"Ride Me Like A Throbbing Fish?"

All I Need To Know About...Vinny Cerrato

He used his radio show to discuss Dallas' aging offensive line.

This guy is Washington's GM. And apparently has no sense of irony.

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A "War Tax?"

Sure; why not?

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  1. Meanwhile, with the real Big Three...
  2. The Joker would be proud.
  3. Funny how with all the talk about some violent revolution in America that comes from some outlets, those same guys never talk about the real thing.
  4. Yuck.
  5. You don't say.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Memo to Washington Redskins

You can't punt your way to victory.

That is all.

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Someone Wants Out Of Their Disney Contract

WTF, Miley Cyrus; WTF?

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Around The Internets

  1. Everybody needs love, right?
  2. If you're like this at work, odds are you eat lunch alone.
  3. When your teams are struggling, you need something positive to look at. For me, it's the dancers/cheerleaders.
  4. Of course, it's always something the guys are doing wrong.
  5. American Gothic, as interpreted by the Internets.
  6. I have finally, finally, finally found a site to use when blind dates tell me their height/weight.
  7. Inventors don't always get the credit they deserve.
  8. Well played, David Fincher; well played.
  9. "Don't Tase Me...Mom?"


Saturday, November 21, 2009

R.I.P., Abercrombie & Fitch?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cool Spider-Man Rumor

If people thought Sam Raimi was joking when he said between watching The Dark Night and making Drag Me To Hell he's recharged for another Spider-Man film, check this bit of juicy fruit: Julia Stiles may be the Black Cat in the next flick.

I have one small quibble, though:

Personally, she'd be a great fit. Stiles is an underrated actress and unlike [Rachel] McAdams (who's about to star in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes), hasn't had a leading lady role in a franchise film. Yeah, we saw her in Bourne, but playing Black Cat would get her out from behind a computer screen and bouncing across building tops!

First of all, has it been confirmed that Kirstin Dunst is fired? (Actually, the better question would be: if Dunst is still in the next film, will she have a media-melt-down like Gwenyth Paltrow did when it was revealed that Scarlett Johansson was going to be Black Widow for Iron Man 2?) Second of all: To be honest, there really aren't that many franchise movies out there, and most cater to a male audience anyway (read: not a lot of female characters outside "love interest"). Movies like, say, The Bourne Franchise. Nevertheless, Julia Stiles is no rookie when it comes to being the leading female.

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Pick a Lineup, Any Lineup

Upon reflection on the Wizards-Cavaliers game, I realized the biggest boon to Washington may not necessarily be offensive. After all, they have very capable scorers in Arenas, Butler, Jamison, Miller, Foye, Young, and Blatche. And while the team needs the Tri-Force to win the big games, a lighter roster should be more than capable of putting away the scrubs.

No, the most significant change for the Wizards is their defensive potential. Consider the following lineups (going in order from PG to C, in in cases when more than one player can work, the preferred player goes first):

  1. Traditional Lineup: Crittenton/Arenas, Stevenson, Butler, Oberto, Haywood. Your standard NBA lineup...I say "standard" because as good and valuable as he is, Jamison is not a traditional power forward.
  2. You Want Small-ball? I Got Yer "Small-ball" Right Here: Boykins, Arenas/Foye, Stevenson, Jamison, Blatche/Oberto. There are still those teams (they usually have no reliable post players) that will try to go small. Let 'em.
  3. Let's Get Physical: Boykins, Stevenson, Butler, McGuire, Oberto. This is the closest we have to a rough-'em-up lineup; if the squad ever gets into a rock fight, I'd really like to see these five on the floor together.
  4. Stand Tall: Arenas/Stevenson, Miller/Butler, Butler/McGuire, Blatche/Oberto, Haywood/McGee. Sure, we could start Haywood and McGee, but i wanted to be somewhat realistic; neither has the offensive skills to play power forward for a significant length of time.
  5. The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: Arenas, Foye, Miller, Jamison, Blatche. If I ever hear an announcer say, "And the Wizards are on a 20-point run!" this is the squad I imagine seeing.
  6. All A-board: Miller, Butler, Jamison, Blatche, Haywood. So far, they are the team's best rebounders. If the coach wants a board, this is the group that can do it.
The possibilities are almost endless; just about any man-to-man or zone defense can be utilized. My hope is that the Wizards can get opposing teams to about 95 ppg by January.


Obama Wants Children to Play

Compare And Contrast

Charles Krauthammer: Even though I believed that the George Bush/Donald Rumsfeld-led war in Iraq was never going to have any significant setbacks at all, I have little-to-no confidence in the American judicial system.

Eugene Robinson: The odds that Khalid Sheik Mohammed will be doing "Jihad Hero" during his trial, or even escape like a Batman villain out of Arkham Asylum is very unlikely.

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One (Of Many) Reasons I Don't Watch Chick Flicks

Free Man

Allen Iverson's available, ya'll!

I never thought I'd say this though: The Wizards don't need him. Actually it's cool that I can say that.

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Cue the Right-Wing Freakout

Haroon Saleem of Granite Falls, Washington won the election for the city's mayor. And he's...*gasp*...MUSLIM!

But for some reason the townsfolk don't seem to be too bothered.

Saleem said he was nervous about being accepted, and hired a white assistant manager to ease local concerns when he opened his bar in 2000.

"I was kind of scared, you know," he says.

But he was embraced virtually from the start.

"That tells you how good and great of a community Granite Falls is," he says with a slight accent. "They didn't care ... I am who I am, and people love me for that, and I just love people. People know that I am smart, I am a businessman. In the big scheme of things, all these qualities have made me, got me to where I am today."

So if a small town in America can (for the most part) embrace someone who's of a different religion, why can't the party who claims to speak for small town America do the same?

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin Destroyed Oprah

Only a few days after the ex-Governor appear to plug her new book, Oprah decides to quit in 2011.

Coincidence? I think not.

Seriously, though: how weird would it be if Palin gets into the talk show game, and became the new Oprah?

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My Silly Wizards/Zelda Analogy

Wisdom: That's Jamison. He's the "old warhorse;" the cranky old man who been there/seen that.

Power: That's Arenas. He's got the star power, the charisma, and the attention of the opposing team's defense.

Courage: That's Butler. He's not called "Tuff Juice" for nothing.

I think last night's game showed that all three are key to victory, particularly in regards to the postseason/upper echelon element. Last year with just Jamison and Butler we saw a squad that lacked the special treatment that a team's best player receives, both from the opposition and the referees. Early on this season we saw a sullen star and his tough-yet-inconsistent teammate trade quips via the media instead of keeping that talk in the locker room. And while we haven't seen much of a Arenas/Jamison duo here, I'm sure it would be just as incomplete a product.

I guess the bottom line here is this: to call Arenas, Butler and Jamison the Big Three is not really accurate because that implies that any one of these guys can take over a game and have a Franchise Player-type performance. Between injuries, age and a new coach/supporting cast that's just not the case now (if it ever was). In all honesty, the team has one really good Second Banana and two better-than-average Third Bananas who, by default and design, have been labeled as something that's just as good individually as combined.

Nope. They are more or less the Tri-Force; three unique, specific pieces that are most effective together. Which means that once one of these guys goes away permanently (either by trade, injury of retirement) an entirely new core will be needed. According to Comcast Sportsnet, Jamison is outta here in two the clock's ticking.

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All I Did Was Google "Ninja Doctor" On a Whim...

...and I got this. And this.

Thanks, Internet!

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No Main Topic

  1. Nice to have an AG who's willing to talk to the people, especially the families of the 9/11 victims.
  2. The Senate tries to get healthy...and Reid marks an invisible line in the sand.
  3. Fighting for the right to bare laundry.
  4. The President wants answers.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Satire and Reality Are Too Close Together

Sammy Sosa's Skin Treatment Is Catching On

Quote Of The Day

"It don't put me in an awkward situation at all because I think I'll put myself up against anybody in the NFL [on] any day of the week. I think Ladell is a great guy, I think he's a great player, I think he's a great teammate for what he gives on the field. You never hear anything from him, he just goes out and [plays] hard and gives you everything he's got, so he deserves an opportunity. But at the same time, I don't think that takes away because he's playing good. I mean, we've been both capable of making plays. I think to be able to use us together would be even better. You know, I'm not a selfish guy, I'm not being selfish---oh, give me the ball, give me the ball, give me the ball. If Ladell is gonna help us win, it don't matter to me man, I'm all for it. But as far as me losing my starting position, I doubt that."

-- Clinton Portis, reacting to the team's vastly improved running game during his absence.

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No Main Topic

  1. Well, this answers the question, "Are there homeless sex offenders?"
  2. Pirates never really go away.
  3. Expected reaction to the new mammogram guidelines.
  4. At least these guys are hiring.
  5. For Obama's second trip there, China was less than receptive.
  6. Optimism's a good thing, especially for a guy like Harry Reid.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

People Died On "Jonny Quest"

A lot. Just accept it.

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Fear Not KSM, Or a Terrorist Trial In NY...

Military PR: You're Doing It Wrong

So there's at least two instances of the Army essentially saying, "Fuck your kid, you gotta go fight!" and a recruiter who thought it was a great idea to seduce a 14-year-old girl.

Even though both conflicts started under Bush, Obama had a chance to truly turn a leaf by going after reports of abuse and definitively addressing Gitmo (as in: closing it down). He hasn't done either to the point where these types of stories have gone away, and I suspect that now he's CIC they'll be a lot more stories coming out of the woodwork...and he'll get all the blame.

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No Main Topic

  1. Of course this has nothing to do with Belichick's ego; why would anyone think that?
  2. Stuck in the middle with you.
  3. Wrong Answer.
  4. Ravens pull through, continue beef with Browns.
  5. Boatload of actors + 79 CDs = one expensive-sounding audio Bible.
  6. Happy motoring.


What's In A (Sports) Name?

Apparently not much, according to the Supreme Court.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Your Own Personal "Am I Going To Hell" Test

Click here. If you laughed, you now know the answer.

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Eating Is Half The Battle


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Chalk up another national-security threat -- this one looming with each excess pound, failing grade and drug bust affecting young adults.

An alarming 75% of Americans ages 17 to 24 would not qualify for military service today because they are physically unfit, failed to finish high school or have criminal records. So says a new report from an organization of education and military leaders calling for immediate action on the early-education front.

While some experts voiced doubt that obesity and other societal ills would keep three out of four young adults out of the ranks, the report titled "Ready, Willing and Unable to Serve" was endorsed by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark and top retired admirals and generals.

Gee, if there was only some way to, I don't know universally give this age group some kind of care to be healthy and fit enough for service (should they want to go that route).

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Note To Self: Start A "Cheerleading Insurance" Company.

The next time they get fired up to bring it on, cheerleaders may want to think about wear some kind or protective gear:

Published as a series of four separate articles on cheerleading-related injuries in the November issue of the Journal of Athletic Training, the study focused on general cheerleading-related injuries, cheerleading stunt-related injuries, cheerleading fall-related injuries and surfaces used by cheerleaders. Data from the study showed that nearly all (96 percent) of the reported concussions and closed-head injuries were preceded by the cheerleader performing a stunt.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

And Now For Sports

Around the Internets

  1. These foods can help you stay young...
  2. ...because young is good.
  3. Either test your drinking knowledge or relive your college years.
  4. Why most guys join Facebook.
  5. WTF, Google?
  6. Be frugal, not cheap.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oleksiy Pecherov's Doing Just Fine

The ex-Wizard is getting some minutes, learning the ropes with the young Timberwolves. I'm sure in three or four seasons Wizards fans will be saying, "Why did we trade him?"


Only Obama Could Go To China

Had no idea how deep the racial issues were in China...just another example of the significance of this current president.

This kinda sums up the story:

Chen Juan, 27, a secretary in an English training school in Beijing, regularly uses skin-whitening products and carries an umbrella on summer days. "For me, the whiter, the better. Being white means pretty," she said. "If someone looks too black, I feel they look countrified and like a farmer. . . . Being white is prettier than being black."

"In my impression, black people, especially Africans, are not clean enough," Chen continued. "To be frank, I just feel black people are too black. Definitely, I wouldn't consider having a black guy as my boyfriend even if he were rich."

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Caron Butler's More Clutch Than Gilbert Arenas?

If Recent Congressional Amendments Are To Be Believed

Republicans not only don't want to prevent rape (their objection to the Franken Amendment), they want the victim to be forced to have the child (the flap over the Stupak Amendment).

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Sarah Palin's Book

seems to be pretty much what people expected it to be: a motivator for her fans, a joke for her detractors and convoluted for everyone else.

P.S.: Yes; the best (and quickest) way to fact check a book is to split it up amongst different reporters, not force one person to read the whole thing.

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Not Exactly "The Wire," But Still Entertaining

Really, Politico? "Spending Binge?"

Politico claims that Obama's plan to focus on fiscal responsibility may fall on deaf ears due to a "spending binge."

What constitutes said "spending binge?"

Even if Obama succeeds - and that’s a big if - it will be tough for many Democrats to sell themselves as deeply concerned about spending after voting for the stimulus, the bailouts, the health care legislation and a plan to address global warming, four enormous government programs.

Hmm... let's briefly review each of these "binges:"
  1. The stimulus was done to keep half the country from being evicted from their homes and selling our bodies for a Big Mack and fries. However, because the GOP bitched and moaned, Congress ended up passing a relatively small package that only kept us afloat, rather than put us over the top. Oh yeah: it was the crappy economy Bush left that necessitated this move anyway.
  2. The bailouts started under Bush; he punted to Obama, who was forced to finish this unsavory deal. It didn't help that he was peer-pressured into making a Wall Street guy in charge of the whole mess.
  3. Obama ran on Health Care Reform. Because both the stimulus and the bailouts were not part of his plans for the Administration, this is really the only initiative he can be blamed for. Then again, the majority of Americans want Health Care Reform.
  4. "His Plan for Global Warming?" As in: "he hasn't done it yet?" So how should this count as a "binge?"
So by my math, we have two initiatives/problems he inherited, one he campaigned on and one he hasn't even started. Yet Politico wants us to believe Obama's been basically spending money like he's Peggy Bundy. Whatever.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ft. Hood Gets The Jessica Lynch Treatment

This is what happens when you don't wait for the facts to come out and jump on the first story you hear.

Shortly after last week's Ft. Hood shooting massacre, Sgt. Kimberly Munley of the Killeen, TX, police department was widely credited as the heroic cop who brought Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's rampage to an end by shooting him four times while being wounded by gunfire herself. A Ft. Hood official told the media that the diminutive Munley, who was shot in both legs and one of her wrists, fired on Hasan twice, which then drew his attention to her, and then fired again while she was on the ground. But now it appears as though that account was inaccurate and that another Killeen police officer, Sgt. Mark Todd, was actually the person who fired the shots that brought down Hasan.

P.S.: I don't blame Jessica Lynch for what the military and the media did with her story, she's a brave woman and we're a better country for her; but nonetheless her name has become synonomous with "hero propaganda."

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Why Does FoxNews Want Ft. Hood To Be Classified As "Terrorism?"

Because, like the endorsement of the Tea Parties and the Birth Certificate, it's about attacking President Obama's credibility.

If Ft. Hood is terrorism, than we've had a our first terrorist strike on U.S. since 9/11 (ignoring the fact that our embassies are technically US turf). And if that is true, and it happened during Obama's presidency, he can be blamed for anything from negligence to "not keeping us safe like President Bush."

UPDATE: C&L has their own take, which also makes sense.

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The Power of the Coach's Tantrum

The New Game: Palin or Prejean?

Who said, "I knew God had a plan for me?"

Play the game here.

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New York State of Mind

Could Jay-Z's new song ever replace Sinatra's as the theme of New York? Possibly.

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Sometimes You Just Can't Recreate The Magic

Buffy was, an essence, everything cool about the 90's (which is why is wasn't destined to last long). Angel was the perfect blend of the Ann Rice/Twilight vampire story mixed with the 30 Days of Night/Blade vampire story, with the detective genre thrown in for good taste.

That being said, Firefly and Dollhouse were just not meant to be. Whedon relied too much on the TV cred he earned at the WB and though it would carry over to FOX. And as for Dollhouse specifically, I can't be the only one who saw an episode and thought, "How did Faith lose her memory, and why does Fred have a slashed face?"

Of course, in true fashion it's not Whedon's fault.

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LeBron James Is All Heart

After six seasons of wearing the # 23 the "King" decides that no one in the NBA besides MJ should have that honor.

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Apocalyptic Math...

Poor nutrition + swine flu deaths = Children of Men?

I really need to find some "The kids are alright" stories.

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Stephen Colbert, From The Clan Colbert

No Main Topic

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shocked, I Tells Ya!

Think Progress' title says it all: "RNC health insurance plan covers abortion."

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It's Hard Out There For An Ex-CEO

How do they manage?

Paul Joegriner hasn't worked since March 2008, when he was laid off from his $200,000-a-year job as chief executive officer of a small bank. But you wouldn't know it by appearances.

His wife, Marzena, shuttles their two young children to private school every morning. The family recently vacationed in Virginia Beach, Va., and likes to dine on Porterhouse steaks. Since losing his job, Mr. Joegriner, 44 years old, has had several offers. He's turned each down in hopes of landing a position comparable to what he held before.

The family's lifestyle over the past year and a half has been propped up by a $200,000 severance package and another $100,000 in savings -- funds the family has burned through rapidly. By Mr. Joegriner's own calculations, the family will be out of money in six months if he doesn't find work.

"It will be D-Day," he says. "But on the outside, no one has any idea that we're in trouble."

Mr. Joegriner is a member of what might be called the severance economy -- unemployed Americans who use severance pay and savings to maintain their lifestyles. Many lost their jobs in 2007 and 2008, and thought they'd soon find work. Now, they're getting desperate. Last week, lawmakers passed a bill extending unemployment benefits up to 20 weeks. Unemployment benefits, which typically last about 26 weeks, were expected to run out for 1.3 million people by the end of the year, according to the National Employment Law Project.

It's too bad that when other people who aren't CEOs get the axe, they can't live their accustomed lifestyle for at least a year.

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NBA Stuff

  1. If you're a fan of any Washington team, than you should know 26 is not really your friend.
  2. Byron Scott has been fired by the Hornets.
  3. The Wiz can't afford to start feeling sorry for themselves.

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They Call It "EBF3"

but people will come to know it as the grandfather to the real-life replicator.


If You Have Kids...

...or know someone who does, you should read this.

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About the Next Generation... may not exist if we don't change our eating habits.

A third of deaths in children under five in those countries are linked to poor diet, a report by Unicef suggests.

It also reveals 195m children - one in three - have stunted growth, even though rates have fallen since 1990.

Unicef said the number of underweight children also remained high, with many countries struggling to hit official targets to halve the figures.

An estimated 129m children are underweight.

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  1. In other words, "If we're going to be the party representing the working class, we shouldn't be depending on rich candidates and funding from wealthy donors."
  2. Kudos to Taylor Swift.
  3. US ambassador: only fools rush in.
  4. Considering who his successor was, this was a bold move for Medvedev.
  5. Bostocalypse returns.
  6. Porn on a plane...and the bus...and the metro...
  7. Lucy Liu's new movie and good cause.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Than Meets The Ride

No Main Topic

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fox News Corrects Fox News

Back In My Day Teachers Just Slapped Your Hand

Well, actually it was more like back in my parents' or grandparents' day. Either way, I never knew a teacher to make a student clean up after another student's piss. Thank you, 21st Century.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Around The Internets

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quote of the Day

I'm beginning to wonder if he could win a game of rock-paper-scissors against an actual rock.

-- vysotsky, after observing Glenn Beck's inability to understand the game Connect Four or use it to make a proper analogy.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When People Say That Doctors Don't Care About Patients Having Enhanced Medicare

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday School Sure Has Changed Since I Went There

Then again, this is Texas we're talking about:

OCTOBER 28--A Texas middle school teacher used a fictional "secret society" to lure teenage girls in to having sex with him, according to an arrest warrant. Robert rosseau, 37, was arrested Monday by San Antonio cops and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Rosseau, pictured in the mug shot at right, taught "Science, Keyboarding and Bible" at the Christian Academy of San Antonio, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Around the Internets

  1. Try getting the remote now!
  2. Cats & Dogs merging together; mass hysteria!
  3. How rude.
  4. If anyone would know how to fix Wall Street, he's one of them.
  5. This "Bob Marley" guy doesn't seem too trustworthy.
  6. Say what you want about other countries, but they can do anti-smoking ads.
  7. Places I won't be going to for my vacation.
  8. Holiday jobs.