Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enter: Rielle Hunter

This is a very interesting GQ interview with the now-infamous mistress of John Edwards. If I could rank her as far as celebrity mistresses go, I'd say she's the classiest and smartest one yet.

If there one quote from her worthy of repeating for the ages, it would be:

"People pay attention to scandal more than they pay attention to politics."

So that's the short version. For the long version, some notes/observations:
  1. Like just every other mistress, she is heads over heals in love with the guy and believes that he's completely honest with her.
  2. Her account of how she first met John Edwards and how Elizabeth Edwards found out about the affair are completely different than what's been out there.
  3. Again, she has a brain ("Who gets a cell phone for a one-night stand?")
  4. From her POV, Ms. Edwards was the shot caller in the marriage.
  5. Hunter sees John Edwards as more of a humanitarian than a politician, saying his position to embrace the latter contributed to his public downfall.
  6. On that note, she doesn't view the ordeal as a net loss for Edwards, but rather an opportunity for him to finally be himself.
  7. Edwards wanted, but didn't exactly push for, Hunter to have their baby aborted.
  8. Based off of Hunter's comments throughout the interview, it's safe to say that out of the last three Democratic Contenders for the 2008 Primary, John Edwards definitely had planned to be president for awhile (of course, the media would lead us to believe that Obama was molded and Hillary was "next in line").

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Blogger daveawayfromhome said...

Why are people always "shocked" when powerful men have affairs? Ordinary schmucks have them, of course men whose very power makes them not only more attractive (and broadens the pool of available women) are going to have them. It doesnt make it right, but it doesnt make them monsters, either, merely human. The crime shouldnt be the affair (at least to the public, Elizabeth et al might have a different view), but the dishonesty about it when caught.
We really need a politician who says, "Yeah, I did that, and, boy, do I feel stupid. Sorry I was such a wanker, there", and actually means it. I suspect that guy would gain in the polls.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rielle is "smart" all right. She is a smart oportunist who got pregnant on purpose to trap a right, powerful man. She is out for herself and didn't care if she destroyed a family.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Pryme said...

@ Dave: To me, it's like Tiger's deal: no one would care if either of these cats were single. Also, this belief that someone who's famous need not ever cheat is crazy.

@ Anonymous: You must have read the ten-page interview, because that's exactly what she said: her goal in life was to find a presidential candidate who was in third place and get herself pregnant by him while in her 40's. Oh and of course she was the only one because Edwards would never cheat on his wife with more than one woman.

12:40 PM  

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