Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Main Topic

  1. “I don’t know that it’s any different than a situation where you’re driving down at the end of the game and you gotta make a decision on if you kick a field or go for it on fourth and 1, knowing that the other team is going to get the ball back.’’
  2. "I took him out of the game because I wanted to talk to him about not getting back on defense."
  3. “Legislative majorities come and go. This health care bill is forever.”
  4. "The Washington Capitals are not the target of this investigation, and there is no evidence that steroids were provided to any Capitals players. This has been a thorough investigation, and we are satisfied that law enforcement, the NHL and our own internal investigation have not led to any link of steroid use by Capitals players."
  5. "I've got to use every pen, so it's going to take a really long time."
  6. "Women who decide to be physically active may also decide to eat healthier and do other things to maintain a normal body weight. This study doesn't tell you it's the physical activity."



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