Friday, April 02, 2010

One Reason Why I Haven't Read An X-Men Comic Since 2000

They, as a group, don't seem to have a problem straight-up murdering mofos anymore. I mean look at that picture: Colossus (the artist) and Nightcrawler (who was training to be a friggin' priest last I checked) have effectively killed everyone in those two vans. Psylocke I can understand; she's a damn ninja telepath. But Kurt and Peter? WTF?

So I now have to choose between the comics (which have gone insane) the cartoons (which can't show but so much violence) and the live-action movies (which are now basically vehicles for actors and actresses as opposed to decent story-telling) to get my X-Men fix. Again; WTF?

Thanks for the update guys.

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