Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Personal Foul on Tony Parker"

Dude; what the fuck?

Text messages? TEXT MESSAGES? Do these sports cats learn anything? Why are y'all still using cell phone for your jump-offs? They record everything.

And your teammate wife? What. The. Hell? You're supposed to share the ball, not the wife.

And certainly the most important thing: how could you do this to your wife? Have you seen her fucking show? It's all about older MILFs banging their poolboys and their daughter's boyfriends. She's sees young meat everyday, and she's an attractive female, so you know there's at least been some mild flirtation..but she wasn't sending them booty-call requests, was she? She kept her shit under control. But you? You? You go ahead and hook-up with a teammate's wife?

Again: What the fuck?

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