Thursday, November 18, 2010

The R.L. Checklist

Totally awesome at first glance? CHECK!!

But upon multiple viewings, you notice some odd things like:
  1. The guns don't look real; as in, "The guns look like Deadpool and Lady Deadpool bought them at Toys 'R Us." CHECK
  2. The tips of the arrows in Deadpool's back should be protruding out of front of his body a little bit. CHECK
  3. Or, how about the fact that even though these two are both deadly assassins known for using guns and swords with relative efficiency, they still choose to use bows and arrows? CHECK
  4. Considering where they are currently aiming, neither will shoot/cut the other. CHECK
  5. If those are supposed to be "handguns," they're a tad long. CHECK
  6. Deadpool is drawn like he's standing over Lady Deadpool, while Lady Deadpool is drawn like she's falling? CHECK
  7. Lady Deadpool's right arm is slightly more toned than her left? CHECK
Now by no means is this Liefeld's worst. It's just that he has this knack for wowing on the initial take-in, if you like that sort of thing (and during the 1990's a whole bunch of people did).

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