Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the End of "Countdown"

As much as I hate to accept the news, the ugly truth was that Keith's show was at its best when the GOP had total control. Why? Because, simply, the rest of the media was afraid to challenge the Bush Administration for fear of being accused of being called unpatriotic.

Now? Personally, I think it was still good (and the ratings seem to agree) but between liberals' frustration with Obama's more centrist moves, a GOP appeasing an unruly base and this new call for civility a lot of what made Keith unique (sticking up for liberals, being angry, yet in a more focused manner) became diluted. I'm sure some Comcast or MSNBC head was looking at a lineup that included Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Clarence O'Donnell and thought, "why do we need Keith anymore?"

That being said, I really hope Keith finds a home somewhere else soon, and in the meantime uses the Internet to keep in touch with his fans and supporters. Despite the myth that he was "just another liberal on MSNBC," Keith was one of a kind. Neither Schultz, Maddow nor O'Donnell could have pulled off that free clinic donation drive. Only the man behind the Special Comment could have mustered the resources to do that.

Good Luck, Mr. Olbermann.

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