Thursday, February 03, 2011

9 G.I. Joe Vehicles That Could Equal Easy Victory: Part Two

MEAN DOG: Gotta love a vehicle that can split into three separate pieces, even if the enemy isn't likely to just wait around while you do it. Well, at least the big ass cannon is compensating for a general's small manhood. Some people don't realize how important things like that are in weapons design.

HAMMER: Who wouldn't want an attack jeep that can literally shoot anyone and anything from any direction? Sure...there's some question about friendly fire, but I would say that the only friends of the owners of this vehicle are riding in it.

RETALIATOR: This is one helicopter that doesn't lie. See, it's "retaliating" against the people foolish enough to shoot at it by dropping bombs on them as it flies overhead. Something tells me that the bomb dropping device does not include an "OFF" switch either.

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