Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Main Topic

  1. "It's not the Achilles heel of our aircraft carriers or our Navy — it is one weapons system, one technology that is out there," Van Buskirk said in an interview this week on the bridge of the USS George Washington, the only carrier that is home-based in the western Pacific.
  2. I’m not going for the Euro pop [sound] on this album,” Brandy told The BoomBox. “I like different styles of music, and that pop style is fine. It’s the type of music that makes me move. But I just don’t want to forget about my core audience. Just look at Usher. He did all his R&B in the beginning. Now he is playing around with the pop sound. And there’s nothing wrong with that because for years he gave us what we wanted.”
  4. “The president talked eloquently in his State of the Union address about the need for innovation,’’ said Robert K. Coughlin, president and chief executive of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. “This change in the budget would actually hinder innovation and position employees in foreign countries to manufacture generics.’’
  5. Them's fightin' words.
  6. Iran's government to protesters: Not so fast.



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