Wednesday, February 29, 2012

R.I.P., Davy Jones

North Korea Obviously Wants Obama To Win the 2012 Election

Why else would they do this?

The United States announced a major diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea Wednesday.

Under an agreement reached in direct talks in Beijing last week, North Korea has agreed to allow the return of nuclear inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and has agreed to implement a moratorium on long-range missile tests, nuclear tests, and nuclear activities  at Yongbyon, including uranium enrichment activities, the State Department said. In return, the United States will provide North Korea with a large food aid package.

But seriously; this is a deal, maybe even a big one. Nevertheless, people should still be cautious.

Despite the stunning breakthrough, "the United States still has profound concerns regarding North Korean behavior across a wide range of areas," Nuland's statement cautioned, but added that "today's announcement reflects important, if limited, progress in addressing some of these."

Of course, if there's a similar announcement about Iran in four-to-five months, Mitt Romney (or whoever the nominee will be) may just want to forfeit.  

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I Don't Think Viginia Is For Lovers Anymore.

That's the only conclusion I can come too when you have a state where jamming a plastic medical device in a woman's vagina because she's considering an abortion seems like a rationale and necessary piece of legislation. Granted, they took out the probe, but they still passed the legislation.

And it's not helping their case that when experts are called in, men outnumber women by a ridiculous amount. Seriously, how can you have a discussion/debate where the topic involves a woman's body, and not have women speak on it? If the contraception flap from the last few weeks heard from every religion but Catholics, they'd be in an uproar (like the conservative ones have been, despite having the conversation revolve around their point of view).

Personally, I don't see how Gov. McDonald recovers from this; all someone has to do is call him the "vaginal probe candidate" and it's a wrap. And if this isn't enough, Virginia, the home of two Va Tech shootings in the last ten years, has decided that waiting a month between buying handguns is way too long. I sure hope some of these legislators are still around to see how this turns out. 

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  1. Bomb threat near a Washington elementary school.
  2. Attention Media: Mitt Romney was supposed to win.
  3. Another Al Qaeda leader, but this time we just nab him.
  4. No disrespect to Tiger's dreams, but you gotta be kidding me.
  5. Netflix shifts towards TV shows, big time.
  6. When it comes to getting Romney some New Jersey help, the governor isn't pulling his weight.
  7. Donovan McNabb apparently still wants to play.
  8. I guess it's a good thing we didn't clone them and make a theme park in real life, huh?


Meet Svante Missick

If his story isn't an inspiration, I don't know what is.


There Probably Won't Be A 3rd Ghostbusters Movie

They're missing the support from a key player. Just replay the video game, guys.

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Probably My Only Post Re: Twilight

I think they make a nice couple, but I can't shake the feeling that they'll break up as soon as the series is truly wrapped up and out of people's minds.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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  1. Looks likes there's going to be more (puts on shades) Office space. (Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!)
  2. Sleeping pills can kill you? You don't say.
  3. Gingrich and Santorum disagree on the JFK religion speech.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Ron Paul May Not Be Mitt Romney's Official Political Tag-Team Partner...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Picture This: Who To Blame For Gas Prices

Why the Economy Isn't a GOP Clarion Call Right Now

The Standard & Poor's 500-share index on Friday finished at its highest point since 2008, extending a climb that began in November...


The S.&.P. closed at about 1,365 points, up 0.2 percent for the day. The last time it was higher was in June 2008, before the worst of the financial crisis.

There, is, of course one potential rain cloud that gives the Four Horsemen hope: 

Although the market has been rising, one growing concern is the price of oil, which has been driven higher by tensions over Iran and the weakening dollar. High oil prices could crimp the economic recovery in the United States.

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  1. Attention Sarah Palin didn't want.
  2. Papa John's must love this lady.
  3. Keeping an eye on Syria.
  4. Daddy's (no longer) Little Girl.
  5. Lap dances are OK for CEOs but not politicians.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Abridged Pollitics: the 2012 GOP Primary Candidates Arguments

I think we're far enough along in the 2012 Primary to know what the message each of the remaining candidates is trying to convey to the American people:

  1. Mitt Romney: Despite the fact that I'm ridiculously wealthy and belong to a religion that's as unpopular as Islam in my party, I'm just like the average joe. Ignore my past political compromising with Democrats except when you need to make an argument that I can attract independent voters. The only thing that truly sets me apart from the other candidates is that I was part of a very profitable business, which somehow translates to me being able to run the United States.
  2. Ron Paul: I've decided to adapt Obama's 2004 primary caucus strategy in a very disturbing way: make delegates change their minds after they had already selected a candidate on their state's designated night. I love the Constitution so much that I wish to fundamentally dismantle the government it created. Please ignore the fact that I'm a homophobic neo-isolantionist masquerading as a Libertarian pretending to be a Republican.
  3. Rick Santorum: Unless you are a hard-core conservative Catholic, fuck off.
  4. Newt Gingrich: People should ignore that when I was an OUTSTANDING Speaker of the House back in the 1990's Bill Clinton ate my lunch and drank my milkshake. Despite the fact that I left two wives for the most selfish of reasons, I am an UPSTANDING and morale political figure. While I try to come off as some INTELLECTUAL history professor, my ideas make me sound like some desperate, out-of-work science fiction writer. Every AWESOME word that comes from my GENIUS mouth highlights the EXTREMELY DIRE conditions I believe THE OBVIOUSLY UNAMERICAN Obama has put our OPTIMISTIC YET NAIVE country through. I love to use adjectives for EMPHASIS.

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Quote Of The Day

"I've been an UNREGISTERED youporn user since today's MILFs were teen sorority girls."

It makes sense in context.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Riddle Me This

VA Governor Recognizes That He Really Wants To Be GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate

He's hedging on supporting the involuntary, unnecessary, "if you want to have an abortion we'll have to jam this plastic machine in your vagina first, lady" law.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pete Hoekstra Erases All Evidence Of Racist Ad He Aggresively Claimed Wasn't Racist

We Have Elected Officials Who Believe That "Abstinence Works 100% Of The Time"

Indiana Republican Goes After The Girl Scouts

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The Occupy Movement Takes The Next Step

Monday, February 20, 2012

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  1. Cocaine is to blame for teacher's murder. 
  2. Stephen Colbert set to return.
  3. Rio Carnival!
  4. Sad conclusion to a runaway story.
  5. This isn't surprising; what's surprising is that (once again) Democrats didn't see it coming and (once again) they are countering it properly.
  6. I didn't know Rick Santorum was campaigning in Nepal
  7. I really didn't know Anderson Cooper had a daytime show.
  8. Washington Avalanche update.
  9. Kevin Durant's landmark game.


Josh Marshall's Bottom Line

Even if Mitt Romney lost his home state and the GOP panicked, there is no way a late-entry candidate will be able to out-spend him so any way you slice it, he's the GOP nominee.

Between going up against the sitting President and surviving a financial juggernaut that is the "Rmoney" campaign, I'm also assuming that any GOP dream candidates are waiting for a clean slate in 2016. After all, that's what most Democrats (like Hillary Clinton) did in 2008.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Either "Forced Marriage" or a "Ban on Premarital Sex"

These are basically the choices single people face in light on this war on contraception, and for women the consequences are more dire. Regardless of how people want to frame it, the bottom line is there are people who believe sex is solely for procreation and not recreation.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Day, Another Ultra-Conservative Is Outed As Gay

For Chris Matthews, Politics Is Sport

That's why he can give Pat Buchanan a send-off while claiming they've "driven each other up a wall" in the past. For Matthews, the pundits and politicians he has on are buddies and sparring partners; if they say or believe something controversial then it's just a trade-off of the business. His brand of journalism is better suited for sports than politics, but whatever.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

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  1. Long overdue, IMHO.
  2. The most shocking thing about this story is Santorum is more pro-labor than Romney.
  3. I'm just surprised Congress is compromising on anything during an election year.
  4. And yet they never find anything like this at the airports.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Wants Mitt Romney To Win The GOP Primary?

Apparently, people running the various state elections.

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Thom Hartmann Explains How The GOP Experience A Wave Of Crazy Every Generation

Interesting stuff.

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Your Toothbrush Could Kill You

Colbert Report on a Break?

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I Just Don't Get It

I understand using the same director to continue a movie storyline; we've all seen movies that go (way) beyond the standard trilogy.

I understand bringing in someone new to helm a reboot; you want to use similar characters with a different twist and a fresh perspective is the best way to do that.

So, why, oh why, is Transformers doing a "reboot" with the guy who directed the first three films?!?!?

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Meet Kenneth Frazier

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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(pic via)

  1. Go Terps!
  2. Why the GOP wants the economy to do bad.
  3. What race problem?
  4. This will give anti-Warren people will pounce on.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lakers Have To Deal With Their Crazy, Underperforming Talent

He's lost a step offensively (no biggie) and defensively (his calling card) and now after 13 seasons his role is changing...but he's not ready to accept it.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Spider-Man's a Transformer Now?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Downside of Elected Officials Going To CPAC

They get drunk off the crowd, and then think they can go back to DC and promote the most radical things.

BTW, the GOP does not currently hold a majority in the Senate.

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  1. A despicable variation of political ads that both major parties are guilty of using.
  2. Rats may kill you if you're not superhuman.
  3. Know what you can and can't get away with in the workplace. 
  4. If that second blind item ain't Kirk Cameron, I'll eat my shoe (not really). 
  5. Who polices the police?  
  6. Government programs are helping the groups they're designed to help.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

The New Orleans Hornets Are So Lucky

Why can't the Wizards get this guy to do the intros?

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jagged Little Pill

The House Speaker may be using the health care birth control issue for political gain  legitimately concerned about the health of women, but he may want to know that between those on the college level and the country's largest Catholic hospital people seem to have already addressed many relevant concerns.

Besides, the Tea Party is concerned with fiscal issues, not social ones, right?

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Michelle Rhee Takes Her School-Reform Scam To Alabama

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Because It's "Lying Rape" That's The Problem

Seriously: WTF, Ron Paul?

It's been said before that this guy is a fascist disguised as a Libertarian pretending to be a Republican. Now I have an idea why.

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To Know Him Is Too...Well, Let's Just Say He Probably Wishes People Didn't Know him That Well

New Avengers Trailer

Cool. And a fan theory about the "army" Loki's using!

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Tale of Two Titles

The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 in tonight's Super Bowl.

Here's how the New York Times put it: Giants Edge Patriots to Win.

Here's how the Boston Globe (which is actually owned by the New York Times, I believe) put it: Another Giant Heartbreak for Patriots.

So the the New York: it was a squeaker. For New England: the beginning of the end?

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(pic via)

  1. Reese is still doing rom-coms?
  2. Celebrities on the Web.
  3. Newt's a hypocrite
  4. Kim's desperate
  5. More actors are turning to TV after winning the big movie awards
  6. Ah, Gwyneth Paltrow.  
  7. Archie Comics is just turning into one big "What If" comic, with the exception that these What If stories seem to be more interesting than the main continuity.  
  8. David Brooks probably wasn't expecting this.


Saturday, February 04, 2012

He Likes Being Able To Fire People

Mitt Romney gives the debate coach (who saved his ass in Florida) the heave-ho. Looks like Romney's insiders did not like being overshadowed.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Republicans Are Lying About Obama & The Deficit

Can't say I'm surprised.

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Hulk Got Separated From Bruce Banner, Grew a Jesus Bread & Now Has To Fight Banner's Army of Mutant Animal Children

Katie Willert of Tackles the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"

Long overdue, if you ask me.

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Unemployment Is Now at 8.3%

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Explains Why People With Pensions Should Vote

Chris Rock Explains Why He's Willing To Pay Higher Taxes

School Declares War On Grinding

Because dry-humping fully-clothed on a dance floor is way more dangerous than teens actually fucking.

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Adding G.I. Joe: Retaliation To My Summer Movie List


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Picture This: The "Negative Woman"

No Main Topic

  1. I actually surprised that a game show like this wasn't done before.
  2. "To Catch a Predator," Maryland-edition.
  3. Mystery Inc., would be able to figure it out.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Vanity Fair Recognizes That Women Of Color Still Act In Their 2012 Hollywood Issue

R.I.P., Don Cornelius

Cue the Comic Fanboy Outrage

DC is doing a series of prequels to "Watchmen."


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