Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quote Of The Day

I thinks it's mostly a two fold problem.   First of all, they can't look any more foreward than the 24 hour newscycle topic du jour.   They also tend to put far more weight on the narrative than the data/facts.   When the polling came out that overwhelmingly showed the public was on Obama's side, the politicos still couldn't give up the ghost because the polling came from "those number crunchers and nerds". 

Second of all, they still desperately cling to romantic narratives about the "silent majority" out in the rural heartland of America.   God fearin' folks doing an honest day's work  for an honest day's pay, working the land with the sweat off their brow, blah, blah, blah, one cliche after another.    They just can't bring themselves to admit that the romantic American Gothic narrative no longer exists.   Those people they romanticize are largely fear mongering mean spirited bigots, and now completely out of touch with American Mainstream. 

The meanwhile, the new "silent majority" is a 37 year old, college educated, religiously ambivalent, software developer in suburban Chicago.   Not only does he/she not get their romantic narratives from the beltway politico talking heads, they largely ignore their existence. 

"Inman," on why pundits stick to their narrative despite recent poll numbers.

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