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Picture This: Be Glad Musicians Don't Want To Be In Video Games


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Try & Reconcile This

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Around the Internets

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Picture This: Fishing The Republican Way

Friday, May 25, 2012

Funny What Facts Can Do To a Poorly-Informed Demographic

Picture This: Student Loan Debit Is REAL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture This: Too Small To Succeed

Picture This: Is Social Security Working?

Awesome Fan-Made GI Joe Animated Story (W/ Special Guests)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picture This: Boxing With Romney

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bullets To The Chest Is The New Rehab

One Reason Micheal Steele Isn't The Govetnor Of Maryland Right Now.

The Tea Party's Re-Assimulation Into The Republican Party Is Pretty Much Complete

I Got Your "Statistics" Right Here.

Dave has a very interesting post where he ends with, "It's no wonder the nation is in decline (and don't let anyone tell you it's not); it's not just our citizens that are bankrupt."

But my friends, it's not just Hollywood that's suffering, oh no; it's also our government:

We've gone from being able to articulately argue key differences in ideology while still maintaining the long-term goal of getting something -hell, anything- accomplished to the verbal equivalent of pounding our chests and flinging poo.  

And people wonder why education is being mocked and attacked now.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Picture This: Modern Day Pillaging

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

I love these guys.

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What's Worse: Weed or Restoril?

Another Liberal Hero Bites The Dust

Up until this past  Sunday, Cory Booker was one of the few elected politicians the average liberal could rally around. That was before he went on TV and made it harder for Democrats to argue that Bain Capital specializes in wrecking companies and firing people for profit. Now? Nice knowing ya, pal!

Look, I believe it's the liberal base's job to hold the politicians and pundits responsible when they slip or sell out. But there's a difference between that and getting puffy because you didn't know where they stand on all of the issues. And surprise, surprise, not every elected Democrat or regular left-leaning TV pundit is liberal on every issue!

So my advice is check these jokers out before you fall in love with them. Me? I'll be waiting for the liberal blogosphere to turn on Elizabeth Warren for saying something more moderate/conservative in a year or two.

UPDATE: This is what I mean about doing a background check, people: he isn't a traitor; he's just standing up for his financial backer.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mormons Aren't Exactly Christians

Much like Jews and Muslims aren't Christians, really. But there are some things that people who aren't that familiar with the religion should know.

Oh and this is one link where some of the comments are worth reading.


7 Years Of Blogging?

Didn't think I'd be doing it this long, to be perfectly honest. Thanks to all of you who've visited my site, whether by desire or accident. I'll continue to do my best to be equal parts entertaining and informative. Maybe.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Picture This: The Rich & The Poor Go Fishing

Why Is Captain America Jumping Chestfirst Into A Gun?

Seriously, this is just weird for a guy with WWII experience, let alone a nigh-unbreakable shield. I hoping it's a "flashback" issue.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

White Americans Are Beginning To Dissapear

Well, actually it's the birthrate: white births are under 50% for the first time in like ever.

Such a turn has been long expected, but no one was certain when the moment would arrive — signaling a milestone for a nation whose government was founded by white Europeans and has wrestled mightily with issues of race, from the days of slavery, through a civil war, bitter civil rights battles and, most recently, highly charged debates over efforts to restrict immigration.

While over all, whites will remain a majority for some time, the fact that a younger generation is being born in which minorities are the majority has broad implications for the country’s economy, its political life and its identity. “This is an important tipping point,” said William H. Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution, describing the shift as a “transformation from a mostly white baby boomer culture to the more globalized multiethnic country that we are becoming.”

Signs that the country is evolving this way start with the Oval Office, and have swept hundreds of counties in recent years, with 348 in which whites are no longer in the majority. That number doubles when it comes to the toddler population, Mr. Frey said. Whites are no longer the majority in four states and the District of Columbia, and have slipped below half in many major metro areas, including New York, Las Vegas and Memphis. 

I wonder how the bigoted-yet-anti-abortion wing of the GOP is reconciling this.

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Wisconsin Governor Ignores Truth, Creates Own More Acceptable Reality

Of course, when your "Get Rid Of Unions" Plan ends up losing jobs instead of creating them, what else are are you supposed to do?

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More Hulk?

Quote of the Day

"A trading loss of this nature is something from which JPMorgan should learn, and I think as well regulators should look at it just to understand what happened and why it happened. But…this was not a loss to the taxpayers of America. This was a loss to shareholders and owners of JPMorgan and that’s the way America works Some people experienced a loss in this case because of a bad decision. By the way, there was someone who made a gain. The $2 billion JPMorgan lost someone else gained."

-- Mitt Romney, basically saying what happened at JPMorgan isn't a big deal. One commenter noted that Romney has basically concluded that, "the investment banking industry adds no productivity to the U.S. economy."

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He Can't Be Fucking Serious

George W. Bush is putting out a book on economic growth? Unless it includes the sentence "Elect a Democrat President to clean up my mess" I don't see how any doesn't assume he's doing this for comedic purposes.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Theory On TV-Show Longevity

I believe if the people behind a show only plan for it to be on-air for 1-to-3 seasons it will last longer. Why, because like British television, they'll just be concerned about making awesome episodes and not trying to stretch things out to keep the cash cow going. Knowing you have only 15-to-45 episodes to tell your story will lead to good plots and better characterization, leading fans to want to see more.

Then you can sell out and do crazy shit like time travel and magic (assuming that wasn't part of the cannon early on).


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Robert Reich on How Romney Got His Cash

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  1. It's called "having an old team."
  2. Color me shocked.
  3. Trust takes time.
  4. I said it before and I'll say it again: America dodged a bullet.


Mindy Kaling Has a New Show

I don't know why, but it seems like some written for Sarah Michelle Gellar, if she did straight comedy. But she doesn't and Kaling does, so I hope it works out.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Around The Internets

  1. The Avengers movie wisely chose not to go into how horny Hawkeye is.
  2. Just because Paul Ryan likes the writings of an abortion-loving atheist doesn't mean he supports her politics (or maybe he just didn't know her politics).
  3. Lego Guns; as in, "a gun made out of Legos."
  4. When does the Bible say life begins
  5. Finally; hockey games I can watch.
  6. To paraphrase Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost: That's a bitch-slap of truth right there.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Look, I have a lot of criticisms of Obama. I have been profoundly disappointed by him. But when he does the right thing, he needs to hear from the majority that we support what he did. You can't stay stuck in your cynicism every single day.

-- Michael Moore, commenting on President Obama's opinion regarding gay marriage

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Revolution Still Won't Be Televised...

But lame-ass attempts to start a race war sure will be.

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Who Wanted Dick Lugar Out Of The Way?

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  1. Don't retire just yet.
  2. When spies do their jobs, armies don't have to do theirs.
  3. Think God this guy wasn't around during the Women's Suffrage Movement.
  4. They say it's inhabitable, but if a rocket ship carrying a baby comes from there you've been warned.
  5. The Celtics need Rondo to pull it together.


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Picture This: "Job Creators"

That Didn't Take Long

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Around The Internets

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The States of Denial

POV: Krugman vs. Ron

One bright day in the middle of the night, two men named Paul came out to fight.

TPM says Krugman was a bruiser; C&L claims the whole thing was a snoozer.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New York Knicks Are Extinguished

Quote of the Day

Over at C&L, "Epinnoia" has a very good comment regarding Leviticus. In this case, the usual cut & paste would not do it justice.

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