Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Obama Not Moving Into Wisconsin To Help Is A Political Move


  1. If Scott Walker wins, the Republicans will have to stretch to make a connection between the Wisconsin Recall and the 2012 Presidential Election. As it is, many of them are trying to make the case that what happens tonight is not an indicator of what will happen in November. Obama getting more involved makes this Obama vs. Walker, and transitioning from "Scott Walker" to "Mitt Romney" (who's already given Walker props) would not be hard for the Conservative Radio/Blogs/TV crowd.
  2. Obama's presence would become a counter-argument to the fact that Walker is getting a lot of outside financial help.Republicans would argue that Obama represents "outside help," but from a political point-of-view.
The more the election is centered around the people of Wisconsin, the better it is politically for the country in the long-run. Remember: "all politics is local."

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