Friday, July 06, 2012

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Is Awesome...For Anyone Who Never Saw The 1st Two

Let's just dispense with the usual format here and rundown how "The Amazing Spider-Man" is better/worse than it's three predecessors:


How TASM is better: The background is given a little more substance; this helps us recognize some of Peter's character traits as well as motivations for his actions. Raimi wanted to jump right into the action, but Webb (who did direct 500 Days of Summer, after all) recognized that digging a little more could be beneficial. Overall, we get a better Peter Parker from this.

How TASM is worse: Quite frankly, involving the parents didn't have the impact on this Peter as you would think. And sadly, as a consequence we lost some of the characterization that Uncle Ben and Aunt May would have gotten, not to mention the "development" of Spider-Man (outfit, web-shooters) has to be rushed as well. As a result, we essentially get Peter Parker cos-playing in a Spider-Man suit until the Lizard-bridge scene.

Spider-Man 2

How TASM is better: Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) plays a better love interest. Curt Conners going to the dark side is more convincing than Otto Octavius.

How TASM is worse: The fight scenes in SM2 still hold up. The overall pathos of the sequel is superior, especially in how it leads to Peter resolving both his personal and super-hero related issues.

Spider-Man 3

How TASM is better: One villain (thank God). When Peter is acting like a jerk in this movie, it doesn't become unintentionally humorous. The sewer scenes a way more dramatic (read: better).

How TASM is worse: Sandman's characterization and Harry Osborn's character development are the best things about SM3. Everything else is based on your feelings about Raimi as a director and the whole "multiple villains = awesome!" theory. Unfortunately, that's enough to create a broken fan base, which led to this new Spider-Man movie being made.

All and all, we get a better Peter Parker and slightly snarkier Spider-Man in this reboot. As far as action scenes go, well, lets just say that if they had cut out the origin story and slapped "Spider-Man 4" on the opening credits few people would know the difference.

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