Monday, August 06, 2012

Picture This: Mitt Romney's Denial, Barack Obama's Nature of Compromise and the Birther's/GOP's Hypocrisy All In One Pic

Let's break it down even more...

  1. It forces detractors to reconcile why Obama needed to provide his birth certificate while Romney's word should be considered "sufficient" enough for voters.
  2. This is coming from Harry Reid, who can't be blamed for being discriminatory (he's Mormon like Romney) or making a power move (other than having a Democrat keep the White House, which is the whole point of the election. Obama doesn't have to jump into the fray; he can just give opinions and observations.
  3. The more Romney resists, the more pressure he'll get from Republicans and the media to release more tax information (much like Obama did, although the pressure did not come from his own party).
  4. It can't be stressed how this is attacking Romney's biggest claim to fame: his business acumen. By clouding Romney's image as a legitimate, successful businessman...
  5. Romney will be focused to either highlight other aspects of his candidacy, like his time as governor (where he created the template for ObamaCare), his time at the Olympics (which was paid for, in large part, with government money) or the proverbial Personal Story (which would involve reminding people that he is a Mormon and people learning more about what that means). 
  6. It foreshadows the debates: Obama is not going to let Romney get away with things like this, and during the debates "let me get back to you" won't cut it. Romney needs to start being more definitive (ironically, a trait GWBush had in spades, even if he was wrong on most things) or he's toast.

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