Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cyclops Pulls a "Charlie Sheen" To Get Magneto to STFU

A little background: apparently the Phoenix (an almost all-powerful entity that possessed former X-Man Jean Grey years ago, made her crazy and had to be put down by Professor X's alien princess girlfriend) is back and looking for a new host: Jean Grey look-alike Hope Summers (adopted by Cable in raised in his there's-always-a-war-going-on future before being dropped of on the X-Men's doorstep as a teen). The X-Men (mostly Cyclops) saw this as a chance to get the whole Phoenix-makes-red-heads-crazy thing right for once; the Avengers (who are actually showcasing a roster of popular Marvel heroes for once) believe that this idea's doomed to fail.

The X-Men, being contractually-obligated by the rules of a crossover, go ahead with their plan, basically calling the Avengers jerks for staying on the sidelines during all the previous X-Men crossovers only to step in now. In the end, the nonsensical fighting results in the Phoenix possessing five X-Men: Cyclops, scantly-clad telepath Emma Frost, Namor (think a cool, mutant version of Aquaman), Colossus (who was already strong in his own right, and just received a power boost from being the new Juggernaut) and Majik (Colossus's little sister who was trained by a demon to be a sorceress). The last three got their asses handed to them (two of them by Spider-Man!) but every time that happened, the Phoenix power went to the remaining survivors.

So as we have it, Cyclops and Emma Frost have (in Marvel terms) near god-like power and (mostly Cyclops) a desire to make mutants respectable again. Enter Magneto, Mr. "Mutants Are Superior, & If Humanity Can't Deal With That They Can All Die" himself. Currently he's a "good guy," which is Marvel's way of saying they haven't come up with a story to justify him being a megalomaniac again. He's...concerned...about Cyclops' new attitude.   


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