Friday, September 07, 2012

DNC Recap: The Cats Are Being Herded

A very clever person once said that getting Democrats together is like herding cats. Well, Joss Whedon must have been the producer for the DNC 2012 Convention, because this was more like "Avengers Assemble!"

Let's (courtesy of C-SPAN) go over some highlights of the 3-day event:
  1. DAY ONE:  Deval Patrick got the ball rolling with calls for focusing on education and his call for Democrats to "get a spine." Castro brothers Joaquin and Julian reminded the crowd that America is at its best when it's inclusive. The Edward Kennedy video tribute included an epic smackdown of Mitt Romney when he tried to unseat Kennedy for Senator. Michelle Obama used her personal perspective to valid Barack Obama the person.
  2. DAY TWO: Sandra Fluke reminds everyone what exactly started the ridiculous "War on Women." Elizabeth Warren does the same, but in regards to financial regulation. Former President Bill Clinton summarized the political landscape since he left office, and made a case for Obama on the ground that they share a similar vision for the country.
  3. DAY THREE: Rep. John Lewis warned of the similarities between the new "voter registration" laws that have been popping up in states (some that happen to be swing states with GOP Governors) and the Jim Crow Laws that were prevalent in his Civil Rights heyday. Governors Jennifer Granholm and Brian Schweitzer both went, politically-speaking, medieval on the GOP. Governor Charlie Crist explained why he left (aka, was forced out) of the GOP (it rhymes with "mix-dream-ism"). John Kerry took a flamethrower to the GOP's foreign policy snafus (both past and present). VP Joe Biden picked up where Clinton and Michelle Obama left off, giving the crowd insight to Barack Obama the Elected Official from a "co-worker" perspective.

Then, of course it was President Obama's turn. It was more prose than poetry, more somber than fantasy. In a nutshell, it was a "Help Me Help You" speech reminiscent of those he's given before (that hardly anyone remembers or quotes) where he reminds the audience that he's just a conduit for their desire to change the country for the better. He acknowledged his accomplishments (which much be hard because he rarely does it with any great detail), his setbacks (without directly blaming the opposition) and the reality of the situation: the country was saved, but it will take time and hard work to get things back to "normal."

If I had to rank the Top Three Speeches in terms of "Addressing the General Public/Independent Voters," it would be:
  1. Michelle Obama
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Joe Biden
And if I were to rank the Top Three Speeches in terms of "Energizing the Base/Showing the Differences Between the Parties," it would be:
  1. John Kerry
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Barack Obama
If I was the political strategist, Clinton would be the guy I'd use to de-bunk falsehoods and lies (especially in the South); I'd just let Kerry loose so he can continue to bash the Romney/Ryan ticket on foreign policy, and make sure most of these other speakers hit the Sunday Morning Circuit for the next two months. The biggest problem I see with the Democratic Party is this: win or lose, who's stepping up to the plate after Obama?

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