Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TPM Charts Help Explain Why Mitt Romney Hasn't Gained Momentum

Currently, the story is "Governor Romney puts down the supposed 47% who don't pay taxes," who actually look like this:

Thing is there have plenty of opportunities for Romney to pounce, but he royally screwed up everytime:

Just look at that. He had five easy-to-manipulate job reports, the VP pick, a foreign trip and the RNC. Obama only really had the DNC going for him, and with August a being notoriously bad month for presidents (as opposed to January, when it's all about the POTUS), he was definitely in a more vulnerable position. Yet at every turn, Romney managed to bumble, stumble and fumble. 

(For a perspective on this, read anything about the 2004 election; there wasn't one John Kerry gaffe the Bush Administration didn't jump on. And supposedly, some of Bush's old staffers are part of the Romney campaign.)

Which begs the question: how did Mitt Romney ever succeed in the business world

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