Friday, October 12, 2012

The Armor-Piercing Question That Romney Needs To Answer

It's not anything about the 47% or the bailouts. It's not directly directed to abortion or same-sex marriage. It's only tentatively connected to foreign policy.

The question that needs to be posted to Mitt Romney is this:

"During your run for Senator for Massachusetts, you claimed to be a liberal-to-moderate Republican. During this Republican Primary, you said that your were a 'severe conservative.' I believe the American people need to know for sure: are you still a conservative Republican, or are you now a moderate Republican again?"

It has to be phrased in that manner, because there are only really three responses:
  1. "I am a Conservative Republican:" This means that Romney is accountable for everything the right-wing base of his party is saying and pushing. Women's Rights, Tax Cuts for the Rich, Saber-Rattling. Follow Bill Clinton's advice and tell the public that Romney plans to re-introduce the policies of Bush/Cheney.
  2. "I am a Moderate Republican:" This means that Romney was being honest in the primaries; why? It also implies that Romney actually agrees with Obamacare, which is more or less an expanded version of Romneycare; so he can know be forced to explain why his policies are better. In this scenario, he has to give details and specifics.
  3. Any Response That Does Not Answer The Question: This means that Romney cannot be trusted. Independent/Moderate/Low-information voters aren't really attracted to political parties or ideologies, but what really pisses them off is a candidate that is only telling them what they (the candidate) think they (the voter) want to hear to get their (the voter) vote. Every elected Democrat will have a field day with this argument because it's the one argument that can resonate across the electorate.
In short: the Obama campaign needs to ask the "Who Are You?" question, but in a way that invokes a response that Obama can use to his advantage.

And for anyone asking whether Romney needs to do the same thing, I say: Fox News has been doing the job for him since the 2008 Presidential Elections.

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