Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Lakers Chose Mike D'Antoni Because...

Well, the possible reasons include:
  1. Kobe doesn't want Phil Jackson to coach again.
  2. Jackson made too many demands for the Lakers' Top Brass.
  3. Mike D'Antoni's style is more fast-paced, which Kobe seems to prefer.
  4. While Jackson did deal with the egos, the plays were more or less designed by Tex Winter, who is no longer around. 
  5. D'Antoni has more to prove than Jackson.
  6. D'Antoni is cheaper than Jackson.
  7. The Lakers may have had to undergo a bigger roster change with Jackson, aka, Reason #6.
  8. Jackson only likes coming in when a team is on the brink of winning a championship, and the Lakers aren't close.

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