Thursday, March 27, 2014

Candance Cameron-Dure is Having Naughty-Naughty Naked Feelings About Her Dance Partner

So the sister of Kirk Cameron and the only member of Full House who didn't become a odd multimillionaire or fade from the spotlight says that the balancing the "sexiness" of Dancing With The Stars with her Christian beliefs is hard.

I can understand her point of view: spending hours on end grinding up against a fit, athletic-type person in skin-tight outfits can get arousing. And sometimes the moves on that show border on risque. But I'm not to sure about "sexy." Sure, there are always rumors every season about dance partners getting their groin on, but I don't really remember hearing too many reviews of the show talking about feeling weird in their nether regions.

I could be wrong here (I have been before) but I think Cameron-Dure is thinking about her dance partner sexually, and feels a little guilty about it. She shouldn't be; that's human. The sinful thing would be to act on that feeling, and I believe that by giving voice to it, she's actually doing herself a favor. Now people will be keeping a closer eye on her to see if they can "read" anything into her future performances, and that in turn may keep her on the straight and narrow.

Or, she could have already sleep with her partner and she's feeling guilty. I think it's the former, but hey; what are ya gonna do?

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