Friday, May 09, 2014

The GOP's 3-Pronged Attack For Winning Congress & The White House!

It seems to be the following:
  1. Attack Obamacare (Obama's biggest domestic initiative)
  2. Benghazi! (Obama's foreign policy)
  3. Attack Hillary Clinton (potential Democratic frontrunner)

Instead of rallying around potential Republican candidates, the party has decided to attack their opponents (again). Why? Because (1) their potential candidates are all flawed; (2) their political ideas are either stale or unpopular; and (3) the President has moderately successful despite their machinations.

Well, so far attacking Obamacare has been epic fail. As for Bennghazi, even if Obama didn't just respond with that with "Osama bin Laden," there's things like this:

  So all that's left is attacking Clinton, who's still on the fence about running...not to mention that we are so far removed from the Bill Clinton Administration anything pulled from that era will seem like ancient history (and remember, this will be coming from the same party who wants Democrats to stop attacking former President Bush and "get over it.").

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