Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Post-Racial America"

I remember a few years back when conservative pundits were saying that Barack Obama's election proved that America had finally moved forward in terms of race relations. I also remember how the conservative media immediately went on a political temper-tantrum that caused our government to be, at best, stagnant.

Anyway, I came across two different stories regarding "post-racial America." One is about a black man who has been converting people out of the KKK.  It's a brave mission he's undertaken, and I hope he can continue it unabated.

Then there's a story about a Texas councilwoman who believes that the reason schools are doing poorly is because black people are on the school board. She's standing by her comments.

So this is a snapshot of America right now: a black man risking his life to show members of one the most racist groups in American history the upside of tolerance, and an elected official claiming that black people corrupt each other as well as government overall. Let Freedom Ring.

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