Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Media Scrutiny for Bill O'Reilly Is Different Than Brian Williams Because No Real Journalist Takes Bill Seriously

At least, that's the message I'm picking up from this story on Bill Maher's reaction to the way the media has treated the two.

If this is true, are we saying that because so many people think Fox News commentator are either (1) liars, (2) lousy journalists or (3) both we should just let what they say go? That we should just accept that a certain population actually believes the lies, and not bother to enlighten them? That the other news organizations will have to not only endure more scrutiny, but endure it under the false label of being "liberal?"

Because if the answers to all of these questions is, "yes," while the people who have common sense and use critical thinking will eventually move on to more pertinent matters, dropping this will just reinforce conservatives who believe in Fox News. Sad thing is, it's not about them being conservative, it's about them having journalistic standards.

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