Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Could Still Lose the Presidential Election

I'm not going to try and write a long, detailed diatribe regarding Secretary/Senator/Former First Lady's chances. I'm not going to even talk about the primary really, even though now the shoe's on the other foot (i.e., in 2008 she was behind Obama and didn't want to give up while in 2016 she's all but kicking Bernie Sanders out of the race).

Her camp claims that Bernie and/or his camp is being mean to her. Her camp wants his to stop, and preferably apologize via dropping out.

OK; fine.

Well here's my simple observation: if she thinks Bernie is "being mean," then she will lose in the general election. Donald Trump has cut through the Republican Primaries like a buzzsaw. That guy does not care who he offends, and his base and supporters will feel no sympathy for him attacking Clinton. There's a chunk of the Democratic Party (made up of liberals/progressives, die-hard Bernie supporters, Black Lives Matter supporters, etc.) who won't support or endorse her, and may not even vote for her.

Clinton has courted Jeb Bush donors, so it's not like she's publicly lamenting losing the base of her own party. But that move, and the implied attitude, is just the type of thing that will turn people off when she starts crying about how Trump dared to disqualify her because she has lady parts.

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