Friday, June 10, 2016

"He's he’s not an athlete who made a mistake: he’s a criminal who can swim."

Brock Turner, student athlete of Stanford U and aspiring Olympic swimmer, has been serving his six- month sentence for being convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious woman.

He tried to blame his raping nature on alcohol, his school and women in general. Unfortunately for him, the prosecution has information contradicting his claims at being an alcohol novice. In other words: he fucking lied.

USA Swimming has pretty much made him a pariah.

His father claims that this is much ado over "20 minutes of action."

Six months is lenient. Considering the discovery of his hard-core partying, his proclivity to blame everyone but himself and his dad's disgusting attempt to equate rape to the proverbial hook-up, Turner deserves everything a delusional criminal would have coming.

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