Monday, February 27, 2017

They Keep Saying...

People who claim to be progressive yet support the Democratic Party Leadership keep saying the same things...

They say that liberals and progressives need to back the moderate/conservative Democratic candidate because they can beat the Republican.

They say that there needs to be more moderate/conservative Democrats to show that, "We have a big tent."

They say that these same Democrats who end up vote for Republican legislation did so because they were tricked or manipulated.

They say these same Democrats who vote for the cabinet and judicial picks of Republican presidents did so because either "something worse was coming" or "they must respect the office of the POTUS."

They say that progressives should not say anything disparaging about elected Democrats who vote against their base's interests.

They say that Democratic candidates with conservative economic policies should still be endorsed because they supported civil rights.

They say that it's the fault of progressives and liberals if a conservative Democrat loses to a conservative Republican.

They say that everyone in the Democratic Party needs to unify against the GOP...but only after the progressive candidate loses.

I say this: until the Democrats begin to embrace progressives instead of dismissing them, they will continue to be GOP-lite.

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