Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reminder: The GOP's Biggest complaint About Obama Was That He Was Obama

So we see here that the GOP just loves it when Republican President Donald Trump decides to get all bomb-droppy, but when Obama was thinking about it, the opinion was vastly different:

The Washington Post follows up on this, lest we think that the previous President's part affiliation (or race) wasn't really a factor:

There was actually another Washington Post-ABC News poll that tested views of what the United States should do in response to Syria using chemical weapons. It came in December 2012 — before the 2013 chemical weapons attack. It was a hypothetical.
The question: “What if the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against its people? In that case would you support or oppose U.S. military involvement in Syria?”
In response to this question, fully 67 percent of Republicans said they would support military involvement.

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