Monday, April 03, 2017

The Walking Dead Season Seven Finale: That Tiger Went Tiger (SPOILERS)

I think I'll just write about the first, mid-season and final episode of the TV shows I watch, staring with The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!!!):

  1. The tiger Shiva is well-trained, ain't she? 
  2. I like Eugene as the works-for-the-bad-guys-yet-sympathizes-with-the-good-guys guy. He's really too smart and cowardly to be effective as anything else.
  3. Dwight apparently left a little toy soldier note for Darryl/Rick's group. How he figured anyone would find it right after the fight is anyone's guess. 
  4. Saw the Heapsters/Scavengers double-cross coming. Why? We never had a moment on the show where they showed any sympathy. Compare scenes with them to all the scenes with Dwight this season.
  5. I would have believed Negan more if he had threatened to kill Rosita or Aaron. Carl? Really?
  6. I've read some people complaining about how Michonne handled her fight with the Scavenger sniper. People tend to mix up her killing prowess with Carol; Michonne is awesome with walkers but with people she struggles like a majority of the group (see: her fight with the Governor). 
  7. I like how Maggie's speech tied everything that's happened to the moment Glenn saved Rick in Season One. Two bad she didn't give the speech during the mid-season finale.
  8. I think this is the first time King Ezekiel was straight-up killing people. I always pictured him as a G1 Optimus Prime type (as opposed to a Michael Bay Optimus Prime type). 
  9. Speaking of which, if they had paid homage to the Earth battle in Transformers: The Movie, I would have squeed like a little kid.
  10. Actually, the Saviors leaving to fight another day was very G1 Decepticons, if you really think about it. 

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