Monday, June 26, 2017

For Trump, It Starts and Ends with Mexico

Grieving family members of an immigrant murderer? Deport them. That has been a stance President Trump has taken since almost before he gave serious thought to running for office, and these families are some of his most loyal supporters.

Sure his bans have be challenged (and are now going to Supreme Court) but he's stuck to his guns on this issue, and they will stick by him.

Unless, of course they live in Indianapolis:

A promise made before Christmas is fizzling before the Fourth of July.

In December, then-President-elect Trump told hundreds of workers at the Carrier manufacturing plant that he had worked out a deal to save their jobs.

But it's not working out that way. A steady downpour today did little to wash away the fact that the jobs of 600 union employees are going south.


Blasting companies for moving American jobs abroad was a feature of the Trump campaign, and saving the Carrier jobs was touted as a sign of Mr. Trump's bargaining prowess.

"You're going to have a good Christmas," he said at the plant.
But the truth is that 400 of the 1,100 jobs Mr. Trump mentioned were white-collar positions that were never going away. 

And where are these jobs going? Mexico, of course.

Good to know that all of those "killers and rapists" Trump is kicking/keeping out will have jobs that Americans used to do.

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