Thursday, June 08, 2017

Quote of the Day

Whatever you think, the fact is they built a legit dynasty: they started the best long-range shooter ever (Curry), one of the best scorers of his generation who can also defend (Klay), one of the most versatile in the league at his position (Green), and then brought off the bench one of the best on-ball defenders of his generation. That’s a dynasty! They won a title, won 73 games, came within a few plays of another title! So let’s see what they can do next year.
But then they add to it the … second-best player in the league? I don’t need to go into the technical details of what this does. We all see it: Curry’s resting, Klay has an off night, Draymond’s in foul trouble, Andre’s missing threes, doesn’t matter: Durant will clean up. The last two years, it mattered: a bad night from just one star opened the tiny window of opportunity for LBJ to do his superhuman shtick. But this year they just bring in a rested Durant—Durant!—and go on an 11-0 run in 90 seconds. Or bring in a rested Curry if Durant needs a rest. Or Klay. It doesn’t matter. There will always be someone. And this will happen as long as this team is together. There is simply no opportunity outside of a fluke for them to be beaten in a seven-game series.

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