Tuesday, August 22, 2017

If You're An Older Black Man in the Marvel Netflix Universe, You're Probably Going to Die

I was hoping that this unfortunate pattern would be broken with "The Defenders," but alas, once again, an older black man died on a Netflix Marvel show.


Of all the pros and cons of the team-up series and each character's respective shows (and personally, I still think the good outweighs the bad) this is the most annoying.

To wit (most of these guys can be found under tvtrope's MCU:New York citizens entry):

  1. Daredevil: Ben Urich; choked to death by the Kingpin (with his bare freaking hands, no less). Urich and Karen Paige were both digging into Fisk's history for dirt, but Karen managed to slip past Fisk's radar. 
  2. Jessica Jones: Detective First Grade Oscar Clemons; shot in the head by Will Simpson. By the time this had happened, Simpson was hopped up on pseudo-super soldier performance enhancers, not to mention an obsession with keeping Jessica's step-sister/best friend safe. Clemons was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3.  Luke Cage: Henry "Pop" Hunter; shot up in his own freaking barber shop by an overenthusiastic underling of Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes. Pop had made an arrangement with Cottonmouth to exchange some stolen money for the thief's life. Cottonmouth even told his underling to only go on the offensive if said thief tried to run. The thief never tried to run, but the underling felt shooting up a barbershop would send a message. Oh, and this was like in the second episode. 
  4.  Iron Fist: Lawrence Wilkins; shot in the head by Harold Meachum. Yeah; a guy getting shot by someone who was supposed to be dead makes for an interesting story. And Wilkins was basically a jerk, but still.
I have my issues with all of these deaths. Urich and Pop were killed basically to drive Daredevil and Luke Cage into action in their respective shows. Clemons was killed to show how evil Simpson had become. Wilkins' death came at the tail end of Iron Fist's season, and his death did little but make Danny Rand (and the Meachum kids) path back to running Rand less rocky. 

But the fact remains: all black men, all older than the main characters, all dead.

This is why I hope Nick Fury or War Machine don't ever show up in these shows; they wouldn't last past Episode 7. 

So who died in Defenders to keep this trend going? Well I won't spoil it yet, but he's technically the the oldest person of African descent to ever be in these shows, and he was very knowledgeable (Jessica would probably say a bit too much).  Don't lose you head trying to figure it out!

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