Thursday, September 21, 2017

As Long As You Don't Hurt Their Bottom Line, You Won't Get Fired

"I find it absolutely amazing that people think a huge company like Comcast spends its time telling a weekend cable host what to say."

- Joy Ann Reid

How about a huge company like ESPN? What if someone there made a comment that could put the company in hot water?

Obviously, Ms. Reid has heard about Ms. Hill's comments and has given her opinion on them. But I can't help but notice that her angle of commentary is that "Trump White House = Bad For Wanting Jemele Hill Fired" and not, "A Huge Company, When Pressed On, Can Influence Their Employees; What Was I Thinking?"

I mean, it wasn't too hard for the Root to come to that conclusion.

Trump voters and Trump supporters like sports. ESPN is all about sports. If ESPN employee of note makes negative comments about Trump, of course his sports-loving supporters will be riled up, and of course a group like ESPN will scramble to cover their butt.

Because whether it's entertainment, political or sports, the corporate news is about ratings and profits.

So for example, if Ms. Reid would tweet that the TPP was a bad idea (instead of the opposite) or about how having only six companies owning all of America media isn't a good thing or about how people really hate Comcast for doing crazy things like getting dissatisfied customers fired for complaining about poor service, I'm pretty sure the "bosses" would schedule a "chat."

I mean, didn't Phil Donahue, Ed Schultz and Melissa-Harris Perry also work for MSNBC for a time? Why did they all leave?

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