Saturday, September 16, 2017

Privilege Is NOT a Way Of Life

I say this for those who believe, like apparently 39% of Americans, that white people are "under attack" in America.

Of course this is a stretch in logic. There are plenty of reasons (given in the link) why by any reasonable metric this feeling is unfounded.

But I supposed that is the crux of the matter: something is making people feel this way. Because white people are not being rounded up, separated from their families or targeted by the authorities.

If 9-11 happened, like, every month, in cities that were predominately white and the terrorists behind it were sending videos after each event claiming that this was because of white people, then that could be called an attack.

The only thing that can be arguably in danger is white privilege. Not the ability to argue with a police officer without fear of getting shot. Not having to worry about someone placing bananas or nooses on the door to your children's dorm-room. Not being labeled lazy because you can't find work, and if you do, not having to hear that you got the job because of your race.

So yeah, white privilege may be in danger; but not white lives or a white person's way of life.

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