Friday, November 17, 2017

MSNBC Reveals That The Democrats Are Ignoring Their Base (Again)

H/T: the Humanist Report

Here's my question: why is it that whenever either the Democrats or the Republicans lose, the solution is to become more conservative. Republicans usually says something along the lines of, "Candidate X did not campaign on our party's conservative values" while Democrats will say something like, "We need to avoid running to the left."

Well, you have pro-corporate rich guys threatening to cut Democrats off if they dare to do anything progressives. Progressives are being purged from the ballot and from positions of influence and power. Hillary Clinton touted the fact that Henry Kissinger supporter her in the general election.These actions haven't endured the Democrats to their base and doubling down will most likely end up losing support.

(Oh, and raising a ton of money should not be seen as a sign of political success when you can't win elections).

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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Papa Johns Is Terrible (And the Pizza Ain't That Great Either)

Remember when the owner of Papa John's was complaining about the ACA (aka, Obamacare), saying that it was hurting his business. I mean, who cares if the guy making your pizza is sneezing and coughing all around the kitchen if you can get a medium for under $10.00?

Well, the guy has a new target: politically-minded athletes:

To hear Papa John’s founder John Schnatter tell it, better suppression of First Amendment rights make for better pizza sales.
Schnatter told shareholders on a conference call that NFL players’ protests over racial injustice are killing his pizza business during the games, according to the New York Daily News. He also blamed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for not putting the protesting players in their place. A prominent sponsor of the NFL, the pizza company’s position is that the protests are to blame for the NFL’s sagging ratings, which, in turn, are driving down pizza sales.
“The NFL has hurt us,” Schnatter told his shareholders. “We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this.”
NFL players and owners, of course, did resolve the issue of what to do about players kneeling during the national anthem by letting the protests continue.

Never mind that the owner never complained when things like the rise in cheese occurred, because that has a direct correlation to the price of pizza. Nope! Let's blame low sales on the fact that NFL players want to stand in solidarity with people who believe that police brutality is wrong.

Besides, everyone knowsthat wings are the ideal football food, not pizza.

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