Wednesday, January 24, 2018

People May Give You Money If They Like You; They Most Certainly Won't If They Don't

So Mo'Nique wants people to boycott Netflix because they wouldn't pay her what she thinks she is worth. She further theorizes that Netflix isn't paying her what she's worth because she is a woman of color.

So on the basis of her argument, we need to exclude two groups from Netflix's growing list of comedians/comediennes: white women and men of color (excluding white men should be a given here).

So here's an short list of Women of Color With a Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Special:

  1.  Anjelah Johnson
  2. Ali Wong
  3. Aditi Mittal
  4. Cristela Alonzo

There's a few more (even of Mo'Nique herself) but they are all specials that were not contracted by Netflix. 

And here's's list of roles Mo'Nique has had.

If I was Netflix, I would see Mo'Nique as a fairly popular comedienne who despite winning an Academy Award, has also publicly blasted some notable Hollywood power-players (like Oprah and Tyler Perry) and has not recently worked on anything even remotely eye-catching. She was offered a deal with that in mind ON TOP OF being a black woman. If she had Oprah's rep and image, she would have been offered big bucks and being rubbing people's faces in the success of her special. For better or for worse, she was offered "Prove That You're Worth the Big Bucks" money. 

So does being likable play a role in getting a payout, especially when you haven't been that active in the entertainment circuit? Um, yeah

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