Russell Brand on the Queen's Funeral

 As balanced a take as we're going to get:

Quote of the Day

"The mounting social inequality is fueling protests around the globe. The global ruling class is determined to prevent these protests from employing the weapon that can bring them down — strikes."  -- Chris Hedges, on what the working class needs to do in order to truly resist the oligarchy . 

Richard Medhurst Shows Why People Should Be Careful About Praising Tucker Carlson

 Sure, people can go on Tucker Carlson's show to talk about being anti-war or push civil liberties, but they have to acknowledge how the guy will totally rewrite European history for the sake of white supremacy .  Seriously, you will learn more about the Partition from watching Ms Marvel on Disney + or reading tvtropes than from listening to the popular-yet-consistently-inaccurate hosts on FoxNews. 

Does Systemic Racism Contribute to Things Like Bad Drinking Water?

  Another day, another city suffers for being majority poor and/or non-white : JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Carey Wooten spent nearly seven weeks hunting for safe drinking water for herself, her two children and three dogs after clocking out each day as a Taco Bell manager, so Gov. Tate Reeves’ announcement that the water is clean again in Mississippi’s capital came as welcome news. But the crisis in the city of Jackson isn’t over, even if its boil-water advisory was lifted on Thursday. While the state plans to stop handing out free bottled water at sites around the city Saturday night, the city said water pressure still hasn’t been fully restored, and state health officials said lead in some pipes remains so worrisome that pregnant women and young children should still use bottled water. [SNIP] Jackson had already been under a state health department boil-water notice for a month when torrential rain fell in August, flooding the Pearl River and overwhelming the treatment system. Water pressu