Sunday, January 31, 2010

Star Trek Online

Yum. Different videos here.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Hope The Last Season Of LOST Doesn't End Up Like This...

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Sad Update

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Met With Congressional GOP Today In Baltimore...

Close, But Not Quite

Ever since I gave Sen. Pat Leahy some change from my couch, he's been sending me emails. Here one he sent yesterday:

The U.S. Supreme Court just decided to create a new "constitutional right" for corporations to pour unlimited funds into elections.

President Obama rightly took a few moments to address this misguided decision during his State of the Union address last night, saying, "the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests -- including foreign corporations -- to spend without limit in our elections."

This morning I took some time on the other side of the Capitol to address my Senate colleagues and the American people about the grave implications of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC.

Corporations have been barred from spending unlimited funds on political races for as long as you and I have lived. For good reason: The typical Fortune 500 company need only spend a small fraction of its profits on political ads to drown out the un-amplified voices of individual citizens.

This Supreme Court decision creates new rights for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.

Corporations are not people. They do not have the same rights, morals, or ideals of individual citizens. Nor do they vote or participate in elections the same way individuals do.

But the conservative activist wing of the Supreme Court -- now large enough to comprise a majority on the bench -- sees things differently. That's why they decided to ignore well-established, commonsense precedent in deciding this case, as well as the wishes of Congress. I am disappointed that these Justices, who as nominees professed their commitment to judicial modesty and restraint, could so brazenly overstep their bounds and override the rule of law.

I was particularly alarmed by Justice Alito during last night's State of the Union address, blurting out "not true" as the President spoke of the decision. It was bad enough when a Congressman from South Carolina pulled that kind of a stunt during last year's address. It is completely and utterly inappropriate for a Supreme Court Justice -- who has sworn to apply the law impartially and rise above partisan politics -- to do the same.

If we are to begin this decade anew and recommit ourselves to achieving a new kind of politics, as President Obama so eloquently urged last night, we must come together -- Democrats and Republicans -- to restore the ability of every individual citizen to be heard and participate in our democracy.

As I work with the White House and my colleagues in Congress to mitigate the harm done by this decision, I hope you will join me in taking meaningful action to help right this terrible wrong.

Thank you for all that you do to defend our democracy.

Overall, I don't disagree with the tone and his argument, but I have to point out that Justice Alito (who I'm no real fan of, BTW) did not "blurt out" the words "not true;" he mouthed it. Was it a politically-instinctive reaction a la "You Lie?" Sure. But Alito didn't yell it. No one would have known what he did if it weren't for the cameras.

Anyway, Leahy has a point. It won't be long before corporations decide to cut out the middle man/woman and run for office it/themselves.

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No Main Topic

  1. Leno would say that.
  2. Bin Laden goes economic.
  3. Good news if you're old and slightly fat.
  4. One word Republicans shouldn't use to describe themselves in today's environment is "maverick," but there you go.
  5. Not exactly the story an NFL player wants to talk about in the locker room.
  6. A possible answer to some of the global warming deniers.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Intense Political Discussion

R.I.P., J.D. Salinger

You're Never Too Old... get a degree. Example: Harriet Richardson Ames.

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Bill Kristol's Bottom Line

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tyme 4 Sum Ackshun (Political Edition)

President Obama's gotten the message, alright:

WASHINGTON — President Obama is reconstituting the team that helped him win the White House to counter Republican challenges in the midterm elections and recalibrate after political setbacks that have narrowed his legislative ambitions.

Mr. Obama has asked his former campaign manager, David Plouffe, to oversee House, Senate and governor’s races to stave off a hemorrhage of seats in the fall. The president ordered a review of the Democratic political operation — from the White House to party committees — after last week’s Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, aides said.

In addition to Mr. Plouffe, who will primarily work from the Democratic National Committee in consultation with the White House, several top operatives from the Obama campaign will be dispatched across the country to advise major races as part of the president’s attempt to take greater control over the midterm elections, aides said.

“We are turning the corner to a much more political season,” said David Axelrod, a senior adviser, who confirmed Mr. Plouffe’s role. “We are going to evaluate what we need to do to get timely intelligence and early warnings so we don’t face situations like we did in Massachusetts.”

We'll see...

UPDATE: David Axelrod tells POLITICO "no reinventing." Uh-huh.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Much For The Feud

For those who thought that Keith Olbermann might take John Stewart's rip a little to close to heart, well..

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmmm...A Racist Camera.

That's definitely a new one.

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No Main Topic

  1. Allen Iverson on the NBA All-Star Team? Whoa.
  2. Hope people don't like cheese logs.
  3. When you elect a president into the White House, they get to pick judges who make decisions like this.
  4. Hayden's a redhead now, but still dating the 30-somethings.
  5. Talk about being in a political bubble; see what happens when you expect more than you do?
  6. Obama's power move.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

He Bit Off More Than He Could Chew...

No Main Topic

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I've Said It Once, I've Said It A Thousand Times...

When a political party is more afraid of their opposition's base then their own base, that is a fucking problem.

When this changes, progressives/liberals will see real results.

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"George Washington Was The First President Of The United States"

That's an example of an historical fact. It can back up with documentation. Not what whatever the Daily Caller is saying.

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Ah, Crap.

New director, new focus...looks like a case of "killing the Savior just to see a Resurrection."

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Meet The "All-American Basketball Alliance"

A basketball league for white people only.

The All-American Basketball Alliance announced in a news release Sunday evening that it intends to start its inaugural season in June and hopes Augusta will be one of 12 cities with a team.

"Only players that are natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league," the statement said.

Classy. And they took a shot at Gilbert Arenas. Let's get something straight here: this is discriminating against American minorities and foreigners (whether from France, Germany or South Africa).

Now what would happen if a non-white American citizen who was adopted and raised by a white couple wanted to play?

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That Didn't Take Long

No Main Topic

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

Well, At Least She Can Buy What She Wants

I really have no problem with this study.

In a trend that researchers call "the rise of wives," women are increasingly better-educated than their husbands and have emerged as the dominant income-provider in one of five marriages, according to a new report released today.

Looking at the impact of nearly four decades of social change, the report shows that men increasingly get a significant economic boost when they tie the knot -- improving their household incomes and often pairing up with a partner who has at least as much education as they do. Compared to 1970, when men usually married women with less education and fewer wives worked, these changes have contributed to a "gender role reversal in the gains from marriage," the report said.

I swear everything changed in the 1970s. It's like "Watchmen," but without the costumed freaks and sociopaths.

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What The Hell, ESPN?

You know, if this was any other no-name guy on their radio show, I'd say fire the bum. But having listened to these guys for the past year, I know they're not like Rush (blatantly racist) or Imus (a curmudgeon from a different time).

Still; people need to be reminded why these words are "taboo."

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Riddle Me This...

HCR aside, why was losing a seat the GOP had since reconstruction no big deal, yet losing a seat the Democrats had since "The Andy Griffith Show" was on the air is "the end of Obama?"

Someone tell me why the Democrats don't just use reconciliation (only need 50 votes!) more often?


Maybe The Guy Is Also Dead

I mean, we're talking about someone involved with the Edgar Allen Poe mystic, afterall:

A mysterious visitor who left roses and cognac at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe each year on the writer's birthday failed to show early Tuesday, breaking with a ritual that began more than 60 years ago.

"I'm confused, befuddled," said Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum. "I don't know what's going on."

The tradition dates back to at least 1949, according to newspaper accounts from the era, Jerome said. Since then, an unidentified person has come every Jan. 19 to leave three roses and a half-bottle of cognac at Poe's grave in a church cemetery in downtown Baltimore.

The event has become a pilgrimage for die-hard Poe fans, some of whom travel hundreds of miles. About three dozen stood huddled in blankets during the overnight cold Tuesday, peering through the churchyard's iron gates hoping to catch a glimpse of the figure known only as the "Poe toaster."

Seriously: they couldn't have found some other yahoo Poe fanatic and got him to place the roses and wine at the grave?

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"They/we resent being told what to do."

If this post from TPM is true, any "backlash" in Massachusetts has more to do with the Kennedy's political dynasty than with the Obama Administration.

UPDATE: Jon Perr gives his take, which involves an outdated Mass. Democrat model and a growing independent electorate.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

No Main Topic

  1. With only one year notched on his belt, people still feel that Obama hasn't fulfilled the promises they forced him to make (and the ones that thought he did make).
  2. Obama to make speech on MLK, Jr.'s legacy.
  3. The Golden Globes weren't exactly golden for NBC.
  4. Seeing the words "fake" and "Megan Fox" together in the same sentence is not a surprise.
  5. Weird odor leads to drug recall.
  6. How 'bout them Cowboys?


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Around the Internets

  1. Sometimes, fans can help make movies (or their crazy plot holes, rather) that much better.
  2. Interview myths.
  3. Natalie Portman on taking Jewish roles.
  4. I think we could go without seeing these people for awhile, TBH.
  5. Nixon wanted to seduce Frank Sinatra. Can't wait until the movie.
  6. Oh my.

...and, a Facebook Funny:

funny-facebook-ballon boy
see more funny facebook stuff!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Mario Bros., Cracked-Style

More fun than swimming in a body of water full of poisonous fish and a homicidal octopus.

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NBC Exec: It's All Conan's Fault

Sure; that explains Leno's sucky 10 o'clock ratings.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Beauty & a Heart

No Main Topic

  1. Gitmo trial in D.C.? Interesting...
  2. Even with the response time, it's still not quick enough. Plus: Tiger Woods helping?
  3. Cavaliers aren't invincible.
  4. The health care bill giveth, and the health care bill may taketh away.
  5. Team Conan gets bigger.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Best Ten Animated Shows In The US For The Last Decade (or, My Crappy Submission to the "End-Of-Year/End -Of-Decade" Lists People Do)

Hey if everyone else gets to do a crazy list, why can't I? Of course, I think it's better to do them after the year/decade has already ended, in case something pops up in the eleventh hour.

So before I do my Best Animated Shows of the Last Decade, some caveats:
  1. It has to be something that aired in America for the first time in 2000. Sorry, that excludes Family Guy (which first aired in the end of 1999).
  2. Animation matters: I've seen too many good stories ruined by inconsistent animation (X-Men the Animated Series, I'm looking at you).
  3. Story matters: I've seen too many awesome-looking shows ruined by dumb stories (cough-cough Yu-gi-oh! cough-cough).
  4. Generational Appeal: It's has to be a show that could appeal to more than one age demographic, and if not, it should be just as good five-to-ten years down the road as it is now.
#10 & #9: Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action - Talk about turning the reality show world on its head. This show started by animating every teen stereotype in existence (Gwen as the Goth Girl, Justin's the Vain Hot Guy, etc.) than slowly started to give them a smidgen of depth. You can't watch the first season without getting a little attached to at least one of these characters. Problem is, there was way too many characters to really develop any them in any significant way.

#8: Xiaolin Showdown -Four young martial artists fight a boy genius and a dead witch for kooky magical items. How many times does a story like that get tossed around? Of course, having the same two villains for two-and-a-half series does wear on a viewer.

#7: The Spectacular Spider-Man - If you watch the intro, you'll notice the people behind the show wanted to go back to the old Lee/Ditka days. And some nice little twists were added for long-time Spidey fans. However, Spider-man isn't new, and much like the 90's version only so much fighting was shown (I mean, he is a superhero, right?)

#6: The Boondocks - What was once a comic at Maryland's Diamondback and then a regular in papers like the Washington Post became a quiet hit on Adult Swim. It's a well-drawn show that's not afraid to slap you in the face with political/social commentary. But like all things Adult Swim, Huey, Riley and Grandpa are victims of long breaks between seasons.

#5: Codename: Kids Next Door - An international group of youngsters using equipment that would impress MacGyver to battle every sinister adult stereotype you can imagine. All the main characters ended up getting their own "season," and there were more odd connections than an episode of LOST. Personally, what hurt this show the most was that the series was so short.

#4: The Venture Bros. - The creators said the show is about failure. In a strange way, how can going by that premise go wrong? Isn't that what the creators behind "Married...With Children" ended up doing? Except here, the failure was basically a parody of everything promised to those who watched or loved those action/adventure shows of the 1970's: cool space-aged inventions, the ability to travel anywhere and do whatever you want without consequence, and children who were smart, resourceful and never in any danger (even on an island full of dinosaurs). Other than the Adult Swim format, what held this show back was its decision (which couldn't be helped, really) to have season-long story lines.

#3 and #2: Justice League and Justice League Unlimited - These guys will probably not be on the big screen anytime soon, so this is as close as we're going to get. Other than X-Men incarnations, Marvel has pretty much sucked at trying to do the "team of superheroes" thing. The guys behind JL and JLU kinda lucked out; after developing Batman and Superman for as long as they did, and expansion only seemed logical. So after adding a young Flash, a novice Wonder Woman, a distant Martian Manhunter, a by-the-book Green Lantern and an aggressive-yet secretive HawkGirl, you had a show. And when the threat started growing and the characters got established, they expanded again. Nice touches include the HawkGirl-Lantern tryst, the shift from two-parters to just half-hour long episodes and of course the Cadmus story-arc. The negatives? The Bat-embargo, Superman having to be weakened to make some stories work and the revelation that, powers-wise, a whole bunch of these guys became redundant.

#1: Naruto - This show has every good thing the shows above it has, and very few flaws. Character development? Oh yeah. A good combination of action, drama and comedy? You better believe it. The show deals with a school of super-powered ninjas (I know, how is that fair?) but at the center is the story of the show's namesake: a kid, who when he was younger, was forced to carry a demon inside him in order to save his village. Because he's housing evil, he didn't make that many friends. But despite this, he still aspires to be a future leader of his village, if for anything, to make sure that no one there will ever be as alone as he felt. Oh, and did I mention that the kid has the ability to make like a billion clones of himself? Awesome!

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Harold Ford Tries To Trick New York

I don't have a problem with him being a conservative Democrat, but for him to try and convince Democrats in New York that he's some born-again liberal is just deceptive.

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US Army: Go Ahead and Have a Kid; We're Still Going To Get You.

There are still some people in the military who just don't get it. Why don't any of the bobblehead pundits talk about these sorts of things when stories of "criminals from broken homes" pop up?

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Texas Governor Doesn't Want Money For Education

Who needs all that fancy book-learning, anyway?

HOUSTON - Texas won't compete for up to $700 million in federal stimulus money for education because the program "smacks of a federal takeover of our public schools," Republican Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday. The funding is from the U.S. Department of Education's "Race to the Top" program, a $5 billion competitive fund that will award grants to states to improve education quality and results. The program, created in the economic stimulus law, is part of Democratic President Barack Obama's efforts to overhaul the nation's schools.

Perry has been critical of the federal stimulus program and the federal bailout of the nation's financial institutions. He previously turned down $555 million in federal stimulus money for the state's unemployment fund because it would have required Texas to expand its unemployment benefits.


Perry stood next to Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott and representatives of teachers' unions and said taking the money would force the state to adopt national education and testing standards and result in Texas losing its autonomy in educating children.

I don't remember anyone making that claim about No Child Left Behind, which the stimulus helps to fund.

UPDATE: Perry's a fucking hypocrite? You don't say.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blood In The Water...

Facebook Funny

see more funny facebook stuff!

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Let Me Count The Ways...

Considering the language, I'm shocked that Goodfellas came in 9th on this list.

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Quote of the Day

"...Yet despite his historically poor standing with the public, and despite the fact that his party had just been trounced in an electoral landslide, and despite the fact that former VPs were never considered to be newsworthy just two weeks after they packed their White House bags, there was the Politico brain trust in February 2009, sitting at Cheney's knee ("Suddenly a man of leisure ... his own mood was relaxed, even loquacious") and treating him like he was still vice president -- treating him like he was a popular vice president. Treating Cheney like a man with all the answers."

-- Eric Boehlert, on how Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin are receiving unprecedented media treatment for their status (one being an ex-VP, the other a losing candidate). Good stuff. If this isn't proof that the myth of the "liberal media" is just that, I don't know what does.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Michael Eric Dyson Pulls No Punches

I can't say I agree with everything Dyson said regarding Obama; for example: candidate Obama had a very well-received speech regarding race and makes little since to drag out a variation of it whenever some prominent person or celebrity says something ignorant. If the president comes out and makes a statement everytime something even remotely racial occurs, it will erode his stature on the issue; think of it like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

He does, however, need to pick his battles more carefully instead of always trying to be "above it all."

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The One Thing The Obama Administration Is Doing That Rush Limbaugh May Agree With

Hint: it involves drugs! (via)

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Harry Reid Gets Some Unexpected Backing...

Movie Stuff

Arrgh...director Sam Raimi and actor Tobey Maguire are out for Spider-Man (the studio is rebooting the franchise); the new A-Team has a kick-ass trailer.

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No Main Topic

  1. One on hand, they did have a nine-year run. On the other hand, the guy (and his attitude) was the most entertaining thing about the show.
  2. New York to foodies: hold the salt.
  3. Gee, McGwire; you sure?
  4. You are never too old to go back to school.
  5. Iranian professor killed in terrorist attack.
  6. R.I.P., Miep Gies.
  7. You go, Conan O'Brien!
  8. China's "making it rain."
  9. Keyshia Cole on her family issues.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Men, when a woman is working in a position where your attraction and interest in her is directly proportional to her income, understand that flirting is simply part of her job. When a Hooters Girl, a cocktail waitress, a club dancer, an exotic dancer, or an escort behaves as though she is interested in you, more often than not it is because she knows that that feigned interest will result in a higher tip and return business. Don't take it to heart, especially when she refuses to give you her contact information or nail down a time to meet up outside of her workplace.

via the Hooter Girl (this is something I tell my buddies all the time).

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I'm A Little Confused Here...

What's Obama's Biggest Problem?

No Main Topic

  1. You can't say that Hillary Clinton doesn't keep busy.
  2. In case you were thinking race issues in America were bad...
  3. Expect to here a lot more about this in Super Bowl ads.
  4. Looks like the new 'Skins coach understands his environment.
  5. Fighting foreclosures on religious grounds.
  6. Shorter Conan: Why should I be punished for Leno's sucking?
  7. Don't want to sound negative, but this will not end well.
  8. A connection between too much light and headaches.
  9. TMI.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Around the Internets

Pat My Head AND Rub My Tummy?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things Villians Tend To Say Before They're Defeated

In no particular order:

  1. "What is s/he doing?"
  2. "No one can save you now..."
  3. "Today must be my lucky day."
  4. "That's IMPOSSIBLE!"
  5. "'Look behind me?' That's the oldest trick in the b-"
  6. "Finally...victory is MINE!"
  7. "How did you survive?"


Let Me Get This Straight...

Companies associated with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld (and the guys themselves) can profit off of two wars (one unnecessary, the other mismanaged) and Republicans barely say a peep, but when Michael Steele wants a little coin from his new book the GOP cries?

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Friday, January 08, 2010

LOST Fans: 1; POTUS: 0

Guess they did have some power after all. Wonder if the GOP will go after them like they did the Tea Party people?

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NBC: Killing A Savior To Save a Dinosaur

Jay Leno is a funny guy, but I don't think he's "standout funny" like Chris Rock or George Lopez or Sarah Silverman. One of many reasons why I that he's getting bailed out (while Conan O'Brien getting the short end of the stick) with this supposed retro-switcheroo.

Bottom line is this: Jay Leno survived as long as he did because of the Tonight Show brand, not because people liked him (as the ratings seem to show). O'Brien has been seen as a fresh look for late night (along with Lopez, actually) despite following Leno for a number of years. Why? because O'Brien was funny without the branding.

NBC's mission to appease Leno and save some cash (they couldn't be bothered with coming up with some 10 o'clock shows) has blown up in their face, and it's messed up that someone as talented as O'Brien has to pay for it.

UPDATE: Conan has apparently been given an ultimatum.

UPDATE2: Conan isn't happy; Fox may get involved.

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Thanks, Internet!

Because of a handful of web pervs, Natalie Portman won't do anymore nude scenes.

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Spider-Man Update

No Main Topic

  1. Can never have too many Zelda games.
  2. When Elvis turns 100, will we stop celebrating his birthday?
  3. BCS winner. Yay.
  4. Whatever; when gas was $4.00 nobody in the media seemed to give a damn.
  5. Why are some LOST fans getting upset with President Obama?
  6. Some good news for the people of California.
  7. The King of Pop and Lady Gaga; I can see that.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Rachel Maddow's Bottom Line

Conventional Wisdom regarding Democrats retiring is dumb.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Universally-Speaking, We're In The Minority


In their quest to find solar systems analogous to ours, astronomers have determined how common our solar system is.

They've concluded that about 15 percent of stars in the galaxy host systems of planets like our own, with several gas giant planets in the outer part of the solar system.

"Now we know our place in the universe," said Ohio State University astronomer Scott Gaudi. "Solar systems like our own are not rare, but we're not in the majority, either."

Gaudi reported the results of the new study at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in Washington, DC, when he accepted the Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy.


The find boils down to a statistical analysis: in the last four years, the MicroFUN survey has discovered only one solar system like our own -- a system with two gas giants resembling Jupiter and Saturn, which astronomers discovered in 2006 and reported in the journal Science in 2008.

"We've only found this one system, and we should have found about six by now -- if every star had a solar system like Earth's," Gaudi said.


No Main Topic

  1. If this is true about Sen. Dodd, a lot of liberals should be pissed.
  2. Cell phones can be a good thing, apparently.
  3. The indefinite suspension of Gilbert Arenas, combined with the second of a back-to-back and a championship-hungry Cavs team proved too much for the Wizards to overcome.
  4. Women: staying single may keep the weight off.
  5. When will people learn that other countries don't work like America does?
  6. Obviously, Hume doesn't know the difference between Buddhism and Scientology.
  7. X-Box is ready to answer the Nintendo Wii.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All In The Family

Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan's son, is joining the 'Skins as the offensive coordinator.

Not that I don't think he can do the job, but as others have said, "What if, for whatever reason, the offense stinks? Does Kyle absorb any of the blame?"

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Talk About Diehard LOST

Another Offseason "Win" for The Redskins

Bill Romanowski says that "a Superbowl is coming...":

...and Jay Glazer says that new coach Shanahan will have complete control:

<a href="" target="_new" title="Glazer: Shanahan to the Skins">Video: Glazer: Shanahan to the Skins</a>

We'll see; the press conference is at 2pm.

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Lionel Richie: The Untold Story

Courtesy of "The Boondocks:"

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No Main Topic

  1. Que the Democratic panic.
  2. Nothing like a gun charge to get you to play some inspired basketball.
  3. Strange story of a missing Florida lottery winner. Maybe he left because it's getting so cold there?
  4. Another candy recall.
  5. A returning Fred Taylor gives the Patriots hope.
  6. Iran must not realize that there are influential people in America who want to blow them up. Fortunately for them, those people aren't exactly in power right now.
  7. When's the last time a First Family been exploited and commercialized this much?


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Washington Redskins Get A New Coach

Welcome, Mike Shanahan!

Mike Shanahan must go.

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Mr. Smith Goes Off On A Washington Wizard

When STEPHEN A. SMITH talks, people should listen. Here's part of what he had to say about GunGate:

For every foolish act like Plaxico Burress, Ron Artest or Arenas, there’s a Grant Hill, Shane Battier or LeBron James — guys who will be employing Black athletes one day, either in an executive or ownership capacity.

But their behavior is not what is influencing Black America’s youth, specifically its cultural ambience. It’s the culture of tattoos (jailhouse or otherwise) enjoying increased prevalence and notoriety. This hyper-masculinity syndrome. This alpha-male environment that stimulates the worst in an educated individual like Crittenton (Georgia Tech), preventing a sensible young man raised by both of his parents from walking away from a crazy incident that could cost him millions in potential earnings. Even worse, it’s jeopardized the career of Arenas and his six-year, $111 million contract, plus an additional $50 million deal with Adidas allegedly over a gambling debt that amounted to less than $500.

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How Can You Talk About A Forrest With All These Trees Around?

Republicans should be less worried about how the Democrats are going to craft a watered-down health care bill and be more worried about the fact that just as many House Republicans are retiring as Democratic one. On a related note: who knew Congresscritters actually retire?

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Oh, What To Do...

David Letterman on Gilbert Arenas

No Main Topic

  1. Why is Iran's dismissal of John Kerry a blow to Obama?
  2. Everytime I think the Miami Heat are slipping, they do something like this.
  3. Something for Drudge and the right-wing blogs to obsess over.
  4. According to Micheal Steele, Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to the GOP since Reagan was president.
  5. I'm starting to think that Tila Tequila is bad luck.
  6. Re-open for business.
  7. Put the New York Giants in the "making changes" column.


Monday, January 04, 2010

You Learn Something New Everyday

Did you know that the US used to have a ban on immigrants with HIV/AIDS?

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No Main Topic

  1. Not surprising.
  2. The last thing I want to hear is talk about "having to go into Yemen."
  3. Shorter Ben Bernanke: It ain't my fault.
  4. Guess I'll have to go see this movie now.
  5. What happens in Vegas...


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Around The Internets

  1. Just about everything can be used for just about anything.
  2. "One day our grandchildren are going to be playing a song called “Six Penises In Your Birth Canal (And You’re a Corpse [The Sha La La Song])” and we’ll look back on this as a more innocent time for music."
  3. I'll never trust a another picture again.
  4. Movie Theaters think so little of us.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

May your new year be as awesome as this picture.