Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

"He's one of those nincompoops who think running a government is just the same as running a business. But now his business-running is starting to look a bit dodgy, so what's he got left besides a couple of years managing the Olympics? Being governor of Massachusetts, during which he implemented the prototype of the Affordable Care Act (and bragged about it all day - until Obama started pushing the ACA), and during which MA was #47 in job creation.

So, Mittens, what have you got? A business you don't want to talk about. And a health care plan you now hate. And a really shitty jobs record. That leaves being an Exalted High Muckitymuck in the Mormon Church, which you also don't like to talk about, and the Olympics.

The Olympics. That's it."

-- "The Velveteen Ocelot," commenting on this DU post about how the Obama campaign has essentially taken Mitt Romney's strongest selling point away.

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