Friday, April 07, 2017

Please America, Don't Fall For This

The same "intelligence community" that labeled Martin Luther King, Jr., a terrorist, said that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and decided to announce an investigation into a presidential candidate in the middle of a presidential election wants you to believe that a country most people barely paid attention too six months ago is suddenly the latest "nation in need of our help."

The same politicians who ignore African-American boys being shot by police, African-American girls disappearing in D.C., dirty water in Flint, Michigan, protesters of oil pipelines getting beat up in the mid-West...are now crying over pictures of Syrians instead of asking if those pictures are real or even dated.

A president who mocked his predecessor for considering military action against Syria and then leaving for the weekend has taken military action against Syria and then left for the weekend.

The media, who not too long ago made calling this president a Russian collaborator a part-time hobby, is now reacting to the prospect of war like teenager who just got asked to prom by the star quarterback.

America: you are being coerced into yet another unnecessary military conflict.  It will not pay for itself, the "enemy" is not the next Hitler, our freedom is not in danger. Blowing up innocent civilians a world away will not alleviate the sorrow you felt in seeing a picture of a dead child.

The American Military is a broadsword, not a scalpel.

The American Military-Industrial Complex is never satiated.

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