Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Batman Characters As High School Students

(Full-scale can be found here)

Put me in the "This Would Be Awesome" Camp, but only if they had done things like:
  1. Made Scarecrow older (him, Jim Gordon and Dr. Hugo Strange should be teachers)
  2. Replaced Barbara Gordon with Huntress or Vicky Vale (Ms. Gordon's closer to Dick Grayson's age, right? Even if she's not, she's too young to be in high school with Bruce Wayne).
  3. Bruce's rogues would had to have some kind of animosity towards him, but not outright hatred.
  4. Weren't afraid to dip into the fact that we're talking about one (relatively) sane-yet-driven teenager in a high school full of disturbed minds.
Alas, this show was not meant to be. But the fucking potential is almost incalculable!

In the meantime: I'm calling a T-shirt shop.

(P.S.: The source of this awesomeness.)

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