Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thank You, Internet! (The Crazy Batman Version)

(This pic isn't even part of what I'm talking about; I just like it when Batman kicks people in the face as he's declaring his friendship towards them.)

I love the Internet; you always find something new! Part of me wishes that I knew about I-Mockery before, but you know, sometimes it's better to find a site after it's posted a few things and you can play in the archive.

Otherwise, I'd have to wait in order to get one man's chronicled record of the journey to madness that is commonly known as "All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder":

If you like comics and snark, and you haven't seen this before, and you need some laughter in your life, allow me to present:
  1. "All Suck Batman and Robin"
  2. "Frank Miller is Still Insane"
  3. "Frank Miller Spiraling Out of Control"
Trust me: even if you've never read this particular comic, if you know Batman and are familiar with Miller's work (Sin City, 300) you'll really want to read this stuff.

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